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Oct 2017
Last night,
She held the ocean's hand,
It was his warm hand,
So soft, giving and inviting,
Nothing like the mysterious depths
That she understands,
His tide was laced in her veins,
In every emotions and nerves,
For with his exhalation,
She was taken elsewhere,
And she wasn't frigthened
Of what lies beneath,
Because he has seen her face,
Even the mask she tried to hide.

Last night,
She cried and he kissed her lips,
Even if she was hundred percent water,
He drank her before she drowned,
In the warmest depths of her soul.

Last night,
He was the ocean,
That's meant to be crossed,
She understood that it is a palace of life,
That can save her from her own fate,
The waves were created inside his mind,
Guiding her effortlessly,
Out into the everlasting blue,
And she has reached her safest shore.

They were the waves of the ocean,
Going back and forth,
Crashing into one another,
Drifting ever closer.
Written by
ㅡjatm  23/F/Philippines
     Lior Gavra and Robin
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