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 Oct 2018 ㅡjatm
SC Kelley
Love is like a book in many ways,
And you are the author.

There is a beginning which can be shaped in many ways.

A middle or present which is carried out based on the first chapter.

But whether or not there is an end is up to you.

If you write the rest of the book good enough,
Then the rest of it never has to stop.

If it's the perfect story,
It can be written in volumes.

Each letter spun together,
With the heartstrings of a desperate lover.

Every word written in care with tears,
From her heartbroken cheeks.

Every paragraph dripping,
With the eternal hope for the future.

Despite the low point of some chapters,
There will always be a turn of events for the better.

This creates a story that can go on for thousands of lifetimes,
Like that of the love, he holds in the highest esteem for her.

Love is like a book that never ends,
Only if it is true and pure.

~S.C. Kelley
For My Love
 Oct 2018 ㅡjatm
Speak Slowly
I write to you, to you my dear. I write now but I'll read to you soon, I hope you'll hear me then. I need to get it off my chest, words I want to express. I'll tell you three things, to express your worth to me. I hope you keep this close, to free up doubt in anytime of your life. I hope you think of me, when you read these three poems.

To you my dear, I fear that anyone who comes to know you, will discover you're true beauty. Not just looks, not just pretty eyes but a beautiful soul behind that lovely personality. I love how you care so deeply about me, seemingly so when you are troubled yourself.

To you my dear, I adore how kind you are. You see, I find myself smiling every time you do any small good thing around me. I appreciate your deepest qualities and your kindred spirit. Even when I see your inability, I can't help but adore and love you.

To you my love, the enchantment of being with you, are moments I enjoy most. Latent with so much love and chemistry, I cant wait to see where our path goes. I'm so fond of the idea of 'us', I wonder where this river flow will go.

To you
From me SS
Day 25
 Oct 2018 ㅡjatm
if you are going to fall in love with me,
you must know that i cry. a lot.
i cry during rainy days, sunny days, or on a monday morning.
i cry everytime i watch a happy movie and everytime i cut onions,
but do know that i cry harder every time i talk about the things that have hurt me, even if they don’t hurt anymore.

i need constant reassurance.
for i am afraid of being left behind, of being unloved.
i will probably tell you all the things i hate about myself
while you disagree with each one of them
but i still won’t believe every single word you’ll say.

i got used to shutting down the people who care about me.
it will be so hard for me to open up,
but all i’m asking you is to stay patient, and give me time to adjust.
you might think i’m rejecting your company,
but don’t blame yourself, i appreciate you.

so listen, if you are going to fall in love with me
understand that i’ve been through the worst
but still, i’ll love every inch of your skin unconditionally
a head’s up for my future lover
 May 2018 ㅡjatm
We are living in a mysterious world

Some people would say ...
"You can reach the stars, nothing is impossible."
Some would say ...
"Don't waste your time in reaching the stars, It is impossible."

Some people would say ..
"Dream High, you deserve better"
Some would say ...
"Stop being ambitious, donT dream too much"

Some people would say ...
"It's just a test, don't give up."
Some would say ...
"It is not for you, let it go."

Some people would say ...
"Follow your heart, not your brain. Your brain is rude, it can feel nothing.
Some would say ...
"Follow your brain, not your heart. Your heart is a fool, it knows nothing."

People can give you advice.
But in the end , it's your decision that matters.

*If you will listen to this world,
you'll have no direction because ... *

*We are living in a mysterious world.
For all the person who have been played by LIFE .
 Oct 2017 ㅡjatm
Liz Delgado
The pencil scraping along the paper, forming a masterpiece taken straight from the mind and the nerves along my spine was a lullaby.
And so I drew a gorgeous, full moon and shaded its craters,
I drew furious ocean waves because my Science teacher told me there was a relationship between the moon and the ocean.
It was so intriguing to know the closer the moon, the more revolting and furious the waves.
But my Art teacher also told me that art is a form expression.
I was expressing my feelings, explaining our situation, and my brain and hand agreed to compare us to the moon and the ocean because that's what we were.
You were always so beautiful yet distant; watched and loved by everyone, but explored by few.
I was always so revolting and mysterious, no one willing or able to reach the depths and hollows of me; better maps of the surface of Mars than my vast ocean floor.
We were so distant and different yet I needed you to be.
You were always waking up every emotion I thought I had been drained of; turned my lowest tides to crashing, fierce waves; always dependent of your full or new state.
You are my moon and I am your ocean; so different yet it feels so right.
The ocean wasn't so realistic until I felt salty tears of it run down my cheeks,
there was no more silence.
I was at low tide, and I needed my moon.
 Jun 2017 ㅡjatm
Here For You
 Jun 2017 ㅡjatm
I know the stars are so far away
and you don't have wings to reach it
I know the sun is too bright
that it blinds your beautiful eyes
I know the night is so cold
and you need a little sunlight on the sky

but darling,
I know you have nowhere to go
I know your eyes are wandering
to those sunflower fields,
to that bright blue sky

and I know you will not trust my words,
or even my poems
but you can look through my eyes
and you will realize
that I don't mind become that sunflower
or become that soft cloud in the air
or become the rainfall that's tearing from the sky

because I want you to know
that I will always care about you
that I will always be here for you
that I will always kiss your scars
whenever you want me to
and I will always love all of your imperfections
 Jun 2017 ㅡjatm
Lara Charlotte
Where there was black
The sun shines through
Its rays of light
Now clear the gloom

An artist's canvas
So blank and small
Now bursts with colour
Upon the wall

Where tears would stream
The smiles do play
Laughter now lives
And is here to stay
 Jun 2017 ㅡjatm
Matthew Goff
Liking her a sunflower crown becomes new religion
She introduced the sun to me
In the flamboyant light of her style and being
Myself, already a worshipper
As I’m sure she’s princess of the wild tribes
Now they’re passions for the sunlight shades
Slow spinning with blonde desire towards the
casual dance of new attraction
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