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Jun 2019 · 219
Terrible Thing
ㅡjatm Jun 2019
She sees the ocean
In your beady eyes,
And she wonders
What you see in her.

She wonders if you know
How deep the sadness goes,
And how she carries it
Just beneath her skin.

She fears you'll walk away
When she leaves you with nothing,
But the bitterness and broken
Shattered pieces of her soul.

She is trying so hard to hold tight,
Just to keep herself sane and whole.

But then the time came
When you started,
Seeing all the things
She sees in herself.

And that was the most
Terrible thing for her,
Because she was aware
That you won't s t a y.

And she was right.

You l e f t her.
Jan 2018 · 499
Bona Fide
ㅡjatm Jan 2018
Every time I hear your voice,
The sky always voluntarily opens,
For it is raining different musical notes,
All over the vast universe,
Causing it to give birth,
To beautiful butterflies on my stomach,
And the moonlight complimented your every note,
Every inch of you.

Every time I hear your voice,
I entirely freeze,
Because there's lightness in your words,
As I place them into my heart,
And every day that you show me,
Another page in your journal,
I can’t help but fall for you,
Line by line.

Every time I hear your voice,
All the beautiful thoughts,
You also pin them to my heart,
Especially when you say my name,
That even in the rush of darkness,
You are still on my mind,
And sometimes I record your voice,
So that I could visit your words,
And dream all over again.

I fall apart and melt,
At the every syllable you speak—
And your voice is very enigmatic,
I contemplated,
Whether I was asleep.

But it is so real.
Bona Fide means real or genuine.
Oct 2017 · 498
Drifting ever closer
ㅡjatm Oct 2017
Last night,
She held the ocean's hand,
It was his warm hand,
So soft, giving and inviting,
Nothing like the mysterious depths
That she understands,
His tide was laced in her veins,
In every emotions and nerves,
For with his exhalation,
She was taken elsewhere,
And she wasn't frigthened
Of what lies beneath,
Because he has seen her face,
Even the mask she tried to hide.

Last night,
She cried and he kissed her lips,
Even if she was hundred percent water,
He drank her before she drowned,
In the warmest depths of her soul.

Last night,
He was the ocean,
That's meant to be crossed,
She understood that it is a palace of life,
That can save her from her own fate,
The waves were created inside his mind,
Guiding her effortlessly,
Out into the everlasting blue,
And she has reached her safest shore.

They were the waves of the ocean,
Going back and forth,
Crashing into one another,
Drifting ever closer.
Sep 2017 · 390
ㅡjatm Sep 2017
And tonight we sit on a rooftop,
Sharing each other's beautiful soul,
Understanding the undivided silence,
As we fill the gaps with small laughter,
And I will watch your silhouette,
Slowly devour the moonlight,
While you tell me stories of places,
We have never been,
And I will watch your mouth,
Form words as you explain,
The universe to me.

You make me smile in a garden,
So you could watch all the flowers bloom,
I want to hold you tight,
And create our own gravity,
Darling, you are just so made for me.
Aug 2017 · 1.1k
My dear Sunflower
ㅡjatm Aug 2017
The sun is rising so high and if she could,
She would plant sunflower seeds,
On every inch of her body,
So that one day,
She would become so beautiful,
Standing still with her strong petals,
Her face drinking in sunshine,
Through its rays of light,
Giving hope to everyone,
Especially with the way her eyes
Says hello when she smiles,
Completely clothed with passion and strength,
Laughing without fearing,
About what tomorrow may bring.

She also knows that one day,
Her stems will become soggy,
With fading leaves and falling seeds,
But the sun will silently tell her:
"Hold you down there my dear sunflower,
Please breathe because if that day comes,
You could be a dead flower for a bookmark,
For you can slowly glance up from the page,
And could still bring hope like you always do."

Apr 2017 · 521
Sad-eyed Girl
ㅡjatm Apr 2017
His heart belongs
to the sad-eyed girl
who knows her worth
but never asks for it,
who knows that sun will fall
no matter where she is;
the one whose music is only fit
for slow dancing,
the one who will hold him
like her favorite book
and never let go.

Apr 2017 · 928
Beautifully Written
ㅡjatm Apr 2017
Your mind is a tunnel
that never ends
and I need to slip inside it
immerse myself for a while
for I may never know
what I might find there
but one thing I know for sure
one thing I already found out is..
about you being a writer
a poet
who has written on me
who has written a part of my life
and darling,
you have done it..
so beautifully.

Apr 2017 · 885
Let Her
ㅡjatm Apr 2017
Let her be your reflection,
Your shadow,
Your favorite flower,
Your gentle light;
Lead her further into you,
To the mystery of you.

She wants to be lost in you
In the symphonies
Of your sunrises and sunsets,
She needs to be everything else,
Like how the wind presses against you;
Just let her be a part of you.

Apr 2017 · 661
Sadness in the air
ㅡjatm Apr 2017
He is written on her bones
his love flows through every single of her veins
and every night she's been crying
thinking of the dream she had
of him trying to make sense of everything
and she doesn't know what's been going on now
for it's getting harder and harder
with the silence
with them together
without being together.

She's sure he is not okay
and neither she is
for there is sadness in the air
they are both breathing
from far away.

Apr 2017 · 387
ㅡjatm Apr 2017
Before she met you
her world was a complete
black and white.

But you spoke in colors
in waves like spilled ink
and showed her the in between-
the gray of life.

She can't seem to wash you off
for you flaunted her that there were even more
that there are reds, oranges, and greens;
lighter and warmer colors.

Love, peace, happiness, and life.

But then you left her and
she learned even more
you taught her of
blues, yellows, and purples;
colder, gloomier, and darker colors.

Sadness, broken heart, and anxiety.

You have lost track of a girl
with sunflower-shaped dreams
and you left her having no idea
that you were her favorite color
yet she's grateful
of how much you taught her
about the colors of this world.

Jan 2017 · 661
ㅡjatm Jan 2017
You show up
and nothing else matters
here with you settled down
in the calm of morning garden
the sun is sitting beautifully
in this very roof.

We are the dream
that never ends
flowers in my hand
arms embracing me
and I've never wanted
to kiss you more in my life.

They say everything
that's in front of you
leads you home
but you're here just behind me
and I don't want to go
anywhere else.
Jan 2017 · 789
Longing For You
ㅡjatm Jan 2017
The moon is sitting
hauntingly beautiful
on her window
lovely wisps of pink scattered sky
glancing at her behind the trees
she imagines your hands
on her night skin
and she wants to write poetry
on your palm
she wants to write anything
about the oceans and the stars
and she wants it all
to mean something.

And tonight
she misses you so bad.
Dec 2016 · 620
ㅡjatm Dec 2016
I am a closed book
full of feelings and emotions
and I have let you in
for I want you to read my story
and fill the blank pages.

For I want your quivering hands
to be the one flipping
and ripping my pages out.

For I want to experience
all of the hurt,
the joy,
the sorrow,
the love,
the sadness,
and the desire,
with no one
but you.
Dec 2016 · 2.1k
My beautiful man
ㅡjatm Dec 2016
Sitting beside the river
With the soft glow
of a crescent moon
My thoughts are as light as clouds
Thinking about the day
You exposed me to your forest
How it was the first moment
I caught a glimpse
Of your heart.

And the day you have let me in
The day you have carefully held my love
Dearly close to your heart
Was the first moment
I ever called a man..
Nov 2016 · 1.5k
My Raven
ㅡjatm Nov 2016
The drummer of my heart
plays the drum
to silence the voices
in his head
in depths of hell
and while the beat
of his drum thumps
he plays the stars
as his drum set
and became
the very rhythm
of my soul.

The drummer of my heart
and the heartbeat of his drum
has got me through
the coldest nights
for his tune makes
my heart race
in excitement
enough to revive
my soul.

And now he's in charge
of each beat
of my heart.
Sep 2016 · 817
To her future man
ㅡjatm Sep 2016
She will touch you with her words,
She will draw the few constellations she knows across your skin,
She will hold your hands while listening to old songs,
She will let you see a part of her you've never seen,
She will make you reach deeper to her mystery,
She will be an atomic explosion inside your chest,
And she will consume you.

Just please,
Drown her with your love,
Because her soul is too strong and potent,
To be half loved..
Sep 2016 · 894
Walking Catastrophe
ㅡjatm Sep 2016
Didn't she said,
That you are her poetry?
A poetry that breathes,
Something that cannot be
Emplace beneath.

You are unintentionally,
Breaking her reverie,
And now you are turning her,
Into a catastrophe.
Mar 2016 · 1.1k
Find Me There
ㅡjatm Mar 2016
Beautiful soul who writes beautiful words,
I fall in the gravity of your ravishing words,
I just want to reach your gentle hands this time,
That could bring calm to my stormy mind.

I am a sun and my love might burn you,
But really, I'm just trying to love you,
You're a star that's breath-taking to see,
I hope the last poetry you'll write will be me.

We dream under the same moon,
Maybe I have loved you too soon,
I want to hear you laugh and wait in vain,
Just to see how your smile stops the rain.

Please don't look away,
I have something to say,
My gaze do fall upon every flower,
You will find me there.
Mar 2016 · 641
Another Lost Soul
ㅡjatm Mar 2016
She lives between the words,
She drowns herself in the ocean of words,
She writes her feeling down,
When everyone's asleep in town.

She's afraid for the world to know,
That she loves you so,
She felt magic with you,
And she wonders if you feel it with her too.

She is a book with tattered pages,
Waiting to be read for ages,
The books on her shelves loved her so,
And she is just another lost soul.
Jan 2016 · 1.9k
Crowded Mind
ㅡjatm Jan 2016
It's like the crowd in a concert,
These feelings that I have for you,
They're tough to control and rackety,
They're wild and can't be underestimated,
It's simply obstreperous.

4:56am and you're breaking my reverie.
But this seems good, continue it anyway.
I want this solitary time with you.

Whilst you're annihilating my mind,
I wish to confess something,
But with denegation, I'm frightened.
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
ㅡjatm Oct 2015
We were strangers
Who came with words,
We have a flawless storyline
And wrote our own lies.

Those ravishing words
That turned into
An ocean of aesthetic lies,
Then I drowned and can't swim.

We're now inarticulate
And we both share
The same ghost
Contradicting everything special
That we lost in a blink.

I was the moon and stars
Who swallowed his darkness,
He was the setting sun
Who have put me down,
I guess I was in love with an idea.
Sep 2015 · 1.5k
Poetry Indiscretion
ㅡjatm Sep 2015
Poetry doesn't need to rhyme
For every single time
Considering that poetry is emotion
That's evidently in motion
And I desire to write something subtle
Where I'll be thinking hard for a strange title
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
peculiar morning thoughts
ㅡjatm Sep 2015
I do seek bliss in books
And I keep on wondering
How does it feel
To read in the prison
Being inside of
A wall with railings
And a singular bed
Having the bleak mood
With sporadic atmosphere
But i conclude that
If you commune into passion,
It would still enrapture you as ****.
But I don't wanna get arrested, prison seems enigmatic sooo...
Sep 2015 · 980
Words from a distance
ㅡjatm Sep 2015
We're 7 thousand miles apart
But won't mind the distance
Since it's just a number.

You compose beautiful words
In a completely perfect sentence
In such a way as I read them,
I was able to touch
What they made me feel.

Those words that touched me
More than fingertips ever could,
Those lovely words
That can get the insides
Of my heart to dance.
Aug 2015 · 885
first time
ㅡjatm Aug 2015
the first time that i wrote poetry
i find my locution cliché
because it was always winter
in my heart but you were the oxygen
i never knew i'd breathe in
and i have loved you since the day
you have touched my nights
so stay a while with me
in this room where i lay alone
as we hear each others' heart beat
for greg.
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
piece of art
ㅡjatm Aug 2015
you're obscure yet i know you
you've gotten so used to pain
and it is your favorite emptiness
that creates the most beautiful art
well, you dont like learning art
and it is overwhelming
because you're making it

there's so much good on you
that my pencil can tell,
my poems long to be read
by your dear voice
and i write them with
my missing heartbeat
Jul 2015 · 1.6k
I will remember this day
ㅡjatm Jul 2015
I can still remember the day
I made you read
The poetry that I wrote
And you said it was sweet

I can still remember the day
I said that you were so enigmatic
But I felt alleviated when
You said I was beautiful,
So does my poetry.

I can still remember the day
That you said I was platonic,
It was the same day
I've distance myself from you
It was the same day
I felt alone
It was the same day
When I left you
Just because you said,
I showed no romance.

I will remember this day
Where I write this poetry
As I ask myself,
Is this no romance?
Sadness thru poetry
Mar 2015 · 2.1k
stars and art
ㅡjatm Mar 2015
the stars were trying
to impersonate
your eyes tonight,
and art is trying
to make someone
love you,
the stars and art
were so convincing
that it made me vow
to cherish you
like you are
the most expensive
piece of art
and the most
unreachable star
that ever existed.
Mar 2015 · 1.1k
that kind of feeling
ㅡjatm Mar 2015
you give me
that kind of feeling
i want to repay,
by doing
a poem for you
every single day,
i want to
especially write it
along the sea bay,
because you haunt me
in a very good way,
and i will let you fall
with empty words
that i say.
Mar 2015 · 1.8k
missing someone beautiful
ㅡjatm Mar 2015
did you ever see
someone who
is so beautiful
and astonishing
that you can't breathe?
that is you, love
and i miss you,
especially your smile
that's sweet as candy,
and im craving
a gaze from your
hazel brown eyes.
I miss him so much, my heart is aching for him.
Feb 2015 · 1.3k
love and misery
ㅡjatm Feb 2015
you are such a misery,
like a deep blue sea,
you are slowly killing me,
like the sting of a bee.

there's a reason why,
when i look at you in the eye,
all that i can do is sigh,
because you left me high.

with the brightest sunshine,
i will make the words rhyme,
i want you to be mine,
even if i run out of time.
I don't know why but I feel so overwhelmed when I wrote this poetry of mine. Hope you guys will feel the same way! :)
Feb 2015 · 780
my first and last
ㅡjatm Feb 2015
you are
my first and last,
the moment
that i open
my eyes
in the morning
you will be
the first thing
that im going
to think of,
and late at night
when i fall asleep,
you will be
the last thing
that im going
to dream of.
this is my most favorite poetry that i have ever written, hope you guys are gonna appreciate it! :)
Feb 2015 · 747
a dream of you
ㅡjatm Feb 2015
i once had
a dream of you,
you were right
beside me,
you were very near
and i was afraid
to hold and touch you
because i know the truth
that it's just a dream
and will never come true,
because you might be gone
the moment that
i open my eyes.
Feb 2015 · 800
you are a poetry
ㅡjatm Feb 2015
you are a poetry
that i would like
to write
all over again,
you are the pen
that i need,
to write them
all over again.

— The End —