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May 5 · 327
Moonlight Echoes
Jacob Reilly May 5
The first time your love has to be hidden, you'll understand that "I love you" is a commitment.

You've always told of abstract loves: people, dates, fun that never yet happened. But he... he's different. This boy is not abstract. He's your first. Your first, and your secret.

The first time you met was an early day for you both, but beautiful nonetheless. The first date; the first time you've ever shown this vulnerable side of you. Holding hands and flying high -- so high you are in the clouds. You've never felt so free. Nothing, nothing holding you back. When he closes in to hold you as the horizon approaches -- as you fall into a state of carefree desire, brace yourself. You can't help but think, "where will we go next, him and I?" To-be scenes so vivid flood your imagination. And you know what? It's quite a sight, to look forward to a future brimming with life; a future so bright it makes your heart soar, as if heaven itself was right at your feet. You could try forever to describe it but... you smile because what's next to come is everything you never knew you've always wanted. This is it. Right here, right now.

Your first art project with another person, your first theatrical event & first request to be someone's boyfriend just as the clock strikes midnight, your first everlasting pitter-patter of your heart over someone so deserving, your first Valentine's day that you aren't contentedly alone but are happily in a relationship, your first shower with another person, your first haunted attraction experience, your first sleep-over & first waking up to someone so lovely, your first sneaking a boy through your house & first hot tub adventure whilst your family sleeps, your first "time" with him, your first midnight rendez-vous, your first SeaWorld fun day & first Busch Gardens extravaganza & first circus adventure, your first time meeting his sister, your first sharing of aspirations to someone else, your first asking him to revise your homework with you, your first dinner date & first saying "I love you" in the back seat of his car as tomorrow sends you back home, your first planning of a vacation that too soon will be postponed, your first planning a week together once school is out to sleep-over and everything else, your first discussion that ends as an argument, your first crying over someone who loves you under conditions only, your first make-up "act", your first Ikea trip, your first waking up too late for another more-or-less important commitment but to you he was the most important, your first serious phone call, your first break-up.

Your first time saying "I still love you" in your dark, lonesome closet, awaiting a reply, an echo, something. But you know that your love is unconditional, while his has its limitations; unrequited love will never yield your dreams. The pain of losing him is not abstract, it's concrete. This pitter-patter love won't go away. 

No... the first time your love has to be hidden, you'll understand that "I love you" is a burden.
Sep 2019 · 722
The Battle
Jacob Reilly Sep 2019
Leave me here
On the floor
Reaching out
Wanting more
Watch you leave
Through that door
From my soul
My love, it poured
I called your name 
But what's that for? 
As you left
My heart had tore
Because you are my lover 
And I was your war
Find yourself, before you let others into your life.
Jul 2019 · 521
Jacob Reilly Jul 2019
Beauty, is not what is here...
it is what is lost.
Jul 2019 · 163
Jacob Reilly Jul 2019
There are sounds
Which shatter
The blankest of thoughts
Transforming the shadows
Into the flowers that blossom

Morning fields
With fog so thick
Raindrops shatter
The complacent dirt
A cool breeze passes
Through the blades of grass
As your fingers
Brushed through my hair

On dark mornings
I lie awake
I rise
I sit by my window
And I wait

With great patience
For there would be no other sound
Than your voice
To shatter the silence
Of my heart

The draft of the window
My mind on you
My eyes shatter into puddles
From trying to remember
To keep moving
To keep it inside of me and let it burn me
To carry it in my palms for as long as I can

In the absence of your warmth
I am left to fend
I will wait
I will wait.
Jan 2019 · 343
La Vie est Un Bateau
Jacob Reilly Jan 2019
La vie est un bateau
Qui ne doit pas couler
Mais qui ne peut voler
Flottant sur l’eau

Sur une jolie toile
Il avance tranquillement
Grâce à la voile
Et au vent changeant

Mais parfois ça devient rugueux
Et l’équilibre devient instable
Et les vagues sont grandes
Et le bateau ne peut pas supporter la tempête

Il s’enfonce profondément,
Plus profond, encore plus
Et au fond
Le bateau est oublié

Mais pourquoi ? Pourquoi le bateau a-t-il été oublié ?
Parce qu’il n’y avait personne qui l’attendait.
Il a erré dans le monde
À la recherche de quelqu’un qui l’accepterait

Personne ne l’a vu pour qui il était
Mais c’est ainsi que la vie est parfois
Et ainsi, à jamais le bateau doit reposer
Sur le fond de l’océan.
Dec 2018 · 389
The Beauty of Numbness
Jacob Reilly Dec 2018
Well... sometimes I wish I could be alone, and sometimes I really feel alone. And it's a nice feeling for the most part. But having people who you can trust and be open with and love is always a nice thought. Despite the fact that most of the time they leave you stranded and isolated... but that's the beauty of numbness
Dec 2018 · 527
Jacob Reilly Dec 2018
Lately... like for the past 9 years, I have been on an emotional roller coaster that I've been screaming to get off, but I can't get off, and it keeps going and going, and no matter how hard I try to get off of this stupid ride, I can't get out of my seat. And I keep trying and trying and nothing is working and nothing ever works and I don't have enough motivation to try anymore, so I lose all of my hope and I am tossed and turned and this ride continues... and there are times when it slows down and the track isn't bumpy and I'm not thrown as much, and I don't feel as sick... and then the loopy loops and the hills and fast speeds and everything else starts to pick back up again. And I keep hoping for the ride to break down and stop and finally be over... so I don't have to suffer, anymore.
Nov 2018 · 586
Jacob Reilly Nov 2018
Heart of glass... slipped and shattered.
Sep 2018 · 1.4k
The Smile
Jacob Reilly Sep 2018
I smile to keep my pain and suffering hidden away from the people who make my life a living hell... Because they don't realise the effects that they have on the people who they hurt. Sometimes, the pain gets so bad, I don't smile. I just keep a neutral face... without emotion because emotions are what lead to other issues.
Sep 2018 · 432
Jacob Reilly Sep 2018
Why do people hear my mumbles... but never my full sentences?
Why am I never good enough for anyone or anything?
I try so hard... so hard that it hurts sometimes...
Well... most times actually.
All I ever do is try, nothing more nor less.
It's not like I'm capable of doing it anyways...
Well... I am capable... I just haven't gathered myself to commit to anything just yet.
Why is it so hard to be accepted in this world?
One day, I won't have to try anymore. I won't even have to worry about it...
Until then...  I just hope to forget what "love" should be...
And believe the reality of it.
Sep 2018 · 318
Jacob Reilly Sep 2018
As time passes, memories flicker like a flashlight that is fighting to keep its' strength. My senses are vivid; I don't want to feel. Thoughts; I wish I could forget. But you won't.

— The End —