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Jacob Reilly Oct 2022
OCEAN: part your waves for me to breathe
Show me bubbling brooks I may one day believe.
Your progress sparked hope between skies and land,
A safe place for my body to rest in the sand.
But my words break you, we’re stuck in a crash
My breath now clenches your fine, cold ash.
Jacob Reilly Oct 2022
WIND: blowing to move on, not to stay.
Whirlwinds of beauty and disaster on display.
Told you oceans of secrets, to which you reply
"Just keep blowing me, I’ll reschedule my flight."
Hot air balloon, your hand in mine
To think I once believed your heart could shine.
Jacob Reilly Oct 2022
SUNRISE: tongue-tied by your grace, all you demand
Is that my tomorrow awakes in the palm of your hand.
I may never understand the winds of your intentions,
But you shined your light right through my dimensions.
Caught eyes of others, their shimmers irresistible.
The double standards predictable.
Jacob Reilly Sep 2022
In one bite of the forbidden fruit
This heart started pumping a different course
Chased memories of last Summer to the root
Learned to breathe in reverse
Vessels stretched open to accept your loot
Surveyed the universe
And returned home before the music went mute
Jacob Reilly Aug 2022
Watching you grow up is better than I could expect. A bittersweet masterpiece grown with colors left unseen by the naked eye. But the flames I see in your eyes prepare me for futures where the sun still sets on stories that will never hold you back from your purpose again. I fold corners in this scrapbook of your memories so I’ll never forget how easily contagious your emotions are. You are incredibly made: handpicked from this garden, marinated with the finest spices, crisp and flaky on the outside, sweetly tender on the inside, and perfectly served as a victory. You are my success and I am your successor. May tomorrow’s sunrise dance across your lips and kiss every freckle on your shoulders before leaving your dreams to trace the valleys you rest in. Wake singing the psalms of heaven written with your heart in your hand. You are the one that brings me back to love. Pray you keep finding what you’ve been missing and that your strength never fades. Part your seas, shake my world, build our throne. I believe in you.

Love you,
Went from feeling alone to being welcomed back home, and I found a restoration of my identity, a reminder of my self-worth, and a reflection of my myriad blessings in this life. Took too much for granted and lost it all, but still I am here today. May I humble myself to admit my wrongs, apologize, and give back to those I’ve taken so much from. To one step forward, God-willing.
Jacob Reilly May 2021
The first time your love has to be hidden, you'll understand that "I love you" is a commitment.

You've always told of abstract loves: people, dates, fun that never yet happened. But he... he's different. This boy is not abstract. He's your first. Your first, and your secret.

The first time you met was an early day for you both, but beautiful nonetheless. The first date; the first time you've ever shown this vulnerable side of you. Holding hands and flying high -- so high you are in the clouds. You've never felt so free. Nothing, nothing holding you back. When he closes in to hold you as the horizon approaches -- as you fall into a state of carefree desire, brace yourself. You can't help but think, "where will we go next, him and I?" To-be scenes so vivid flood your imagination. And you know what? It's quite a sight, to look forward to a future brimming with life; a future so bright it makes your heart soar, as if heaven itself was right at your feet. You could try forever to describe it but... you smile because what's next to come is everything you never knew you've always wanted. This is it. Right here, right now.

Your first art project with another person, your first theatrical event & first request to be someone's boyfriend just as the clock strikes midnight, your first everlasting pitter-patter of your heart over someone so deserving, your first Valentine's day that you aren't contentedly alone but are happily in a relationship, your first shower with another person, your first haunted attraction experience, your first sleep-over & first waking up to someone so lovely, your first sneaking a boy through your house & first hot tub adventure whilst your family sleeps, your first "time" with him, your first midnight rendez-vous, your first SeaWorld fun day & first Busch Gardens extravaganza & first circus adventure, your first time meeting his sister, your first sharing of aspirations to someone else, your first asking him to revise your homework with you, your first dinner date & first saying "I love you" in the back seat of his car as tomorrow sends you back home, your first planning of a vacation that too soon will be postponed, your first planning a week together once school is out to sleep-over and everything else, your first discussion that ends as an argument, your first crying over someone who loves you under conditions only, your first make-up "act", your first Ikea trip, your first waking up too late for another more-or-less important commitment but to you he was the most important, your first serious phone call, your first break-up.

Your first time saying "I still love you" in your dark, lonesome closet, awaiting a reply, an echo, something. But you know that your love is unconditional, while his has its limitations; unrequited love will never yield your dreams. The pain of losing him is not abstract, it's concrete. This pitter-patter love won't go away. 

No... the first time your love has to be hidden, you'll understand that "I love you" is a burden.
  Nov 2019 Jacob Reilly
Zack Ripley
It's none of my business
To ask what's in your heart
Or what's on your mind.
It's none of my business
To know your story
Or the things you've left behind.
I don't even know you. So I know it's not my place to care
But I'm willing to listen if you're willing to share
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