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  Nov 2019 Jacob Reilly
Zack Ripley
It's none of my business
To ask what's in your heart
Or what's on your mind.
It's none of my business
To know your story
Or the things you've left behind.
I don't even know you. So I know it's not my place to care
But I'm willing to listen if you're willing to share
  Oct 2019 Jacob Reilly
It's better to talk to a deaf man
Than talk to a person with a deaf heart

It's better to walk with a blind man
Than walk with a person whose eyes can see but are oblivious
A deaf man cannot hear the words you speak but strives to connect with your feelings.  We know that "listen" and "hear" are two different things.

A blind man cannot see but uses his senses to know what is happening around him. He still can lead the way for he has a direction.
Jacob Reilly Sep 2019
Leave me here
On the floor
Reaching out
Wanting more
Watch you leave
Through that door
From my soul
My love, it poured
I called your name 
But what's that for? 
As you left
My heart had tore
Because you are my lover 
And I was your war
Find yourself, before you let others into your life.
  Aug 2019 Jacob Reilly
Bright appearance
Blue eyes
All those little lies

Treating me like nothing
Sometimes there
Acting like you care

Maybe you do
I know you’re not here anymore
And with that let me say
I no longer mourn
  Aug 2019 Jacob Reilly
Sander S Vatn
I am colourblind
Still green is green
Red is red
And blue stays blue
Those are constants
So why are the Roses black?

I am quite the heathen
Yet good is good
Justice is justice
And treasure is treasure
So why am I still willingly blind?

I fancy myself a poet
That beautiful is beautiful
Hope is hope
And that love is love
So why do I write in invisible ink?
There is much to say, yet I think the poem can bring a meaning to all without my comments on them.
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