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Nolan Willett Jun 2019
The door has been opened, the curtains lifted
That which is unseen now I see
And though through my life I have drifted
In woeful ignorance of its majesty
It’s beauty unknown to me
My soul is now uplifted
Wrogue K Nov 2018
How do you,
tell the person you pushed away
that they didn't reach out enough
after you asked for some space

Is it really my fault?
Am I really to blame
for the passive aggression we misplaced

Slip. Slip. Slip through my fingers
Do I let you fade away?
Btw, it was you who ran away.
WordsHelp Nov 2018
“I love you, unconditionally.”

But yet you hurt me with words and actions.

“I love you, unconditionally.”

You use me for yourself and treat me like an object.

“I love you, unconditionally.”

Your jokes, though you think they are nothing, dig deeper every time.

“I love you, unconditionally.”

Your hands don’t feel like love anymore.

“I love you, unconditionally.”

Your eyes aren’t filled with happiness anymore.

“I love you, unconditionally.”

When do I draw the line?

“I love you, unconditionally.”

How long do I let my unconditional love hurt, deceive, and break me?

“Do you love me...unconditionally?”

And to my new love?

“I love you, conditionally.”
Many people say love should be unconditional...but when it is hurting you, changing you into something you are not, and destroying you from the inside out should you continue to say you love them unconditionally. People may say it isn't really love, then, if it isn't unconditional, but I think there should be a few conditions that come with love...
There's no point in splitting hairs
No point in pointing a finger
It's done
The pages are all torn
Trashed and scattered
And dragged through the gutter
Like yesterdays garbage
And all that rope
I supposedly gave
A phantom
There never was a rope,
A leash, nor a chain
Those things are not for sale
At the well
No there never was a rope
Except perhaps
For  the one attached
To the water bucket
From which
We still
Quietly sip
The miles
Of sea
And storm
And time
As long as we stay
This way
This well
Will never dry up

2016-2017 for the attempt to make unconditional, the conditional.
From my collection Bits And Pieces/Slamming on the Hollywood Freeway 2017 amazonbooks
Heidi Ludwiczak Feb 2018
Midnight run
running my mouth...
uttering my thoughts,
You stayed quietly
Absolutely you turned your back like---
I don't exist, you shut down.

Midnight run,
my mind restless --- unsure of my nefarious notions
slowly creeping the words of insecurity

"you make me feel this way"

Midnight run,
I'm out of breath
I'm out of time
I'm out of love

Midnight run,
My heart is gone.
Love misconstrued to be clingy, selfish and taking. While the true meaning is not to be attached but giving your self fully. But in our world, this is what we called love, two way street of only the good things --- and the bad well, love is a hard concept of life. Whichever way you view love, then that's what it is.
Hanna Mae Mata Oct 2015
If you want me
to do the dishes,
you need to leave
your heart
beside the sink.
AD Mullin Sep 2014
You are the song of myself... That's why we resonate. But there is duality... Otherwise we're just ******* ourselves... We're the children of the Big Bang ... When you become the lightening rod for yourself, then we can *** together ... Forever ... Under the guise of J.H.Christ.... Why J.H.? Because there was a J.A., a J.B., a J.C. ... And this time, if we get it right, then we get to live forever zzz

Never get it right the infinite of eternity is hell ... God gave his only begotten son so the vampires would have something to feed on ... Puritanical is impure ... Perfection is flawed zzz eternal sleep... Vamps don't live forever, we do! U and I on the eye... Get to create heaven here on Hades .... in Walt Whitman's my self -->
Written for my other self @ 11:39 am MDT ... because I love her unconditionally

— The End —