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Aug 2022
Watching you grow up is better than I could expect. A bittersweet masterpiece grown with colors left unseen by the naked eye. But the flames I see in your eyes prepare me for futures where the sun still sets on stories that will never hold you back from your purpose again. I fold corners in this scrapbook of your memories so I’ll never forget how easily contagious your emotions are. You are incredibly made: handpicked from this garden, marinated with the finest spices, crisp and flaky on the outside, sweetly tender on the inside, and perfectly served as a victory. You are my success and I am your successor. May tomorrow’s sunrise dance across your lips and kiss every freckle on your shoulders before leaving your dreams to trace the valleys you rest in. Wake singing the psalms of heaven written with your heart in your hand. You are the one that brings me back to love. Pray you keep finding what you’ve been missing and that your strength never fades. Part your seas, shake my world, build our throne. I believe in you.

Love you,
Went from feeling alone to being welcomed back home, and I found a restoration of my identity, a reminder of my self-worth, and a reflection of my myriad blessings in this life. Took too much for granted and lost it all, but still I am here today. May I humble myself to admit my wrongs, apologize, and give back to those I’ve taken so much from. To one step forward, God-willing.
Written by
Jacob Reilly  20/M/Home
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