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waking up next to you
the way you look at me
i can always tell when you're lying
and you know when i'm about to cry
we can finish each other's sentence
but you still surprise me every day
you know how to make me laugh
i know what you want
we want the same thing
true love
he's the one that i want
he's the one that i need
he makes me happy
he makes me mad
he makes me cry
he makes me laugh
he clears my mind
he opens my heart
through rain or shine
it's him that i love
forever my love
it's him
he's the one
i love you austin
The entire realm
Of your
Beautiful bare-naked body
Is eternally engraved
In my mind.

Every bump,
Every bone.

The little freckle
On your left cheek
That catches my eye
Every time you speak.

All the scars
On the edge of your thigh,
One prominent one
Where my fingers would always lie.

The edges and curves
Of your heavenly hips,
All of which
My lips never skips.

The taste of your skin
I still feel from within,
But it's never the same
Till I feel you again.
 May 6 Jacob Reilly
I am not a writer
nor am I something great
but all I know
Is that I loved you
even from far away

How I wish it was me
you wrote that song to
Or it was my hand
that cuddled you

How I would turn back time
just to say I Do
Don't let Fear blind you from the blessings infront of you
Of all the loves in the history of the world, ours was a one that could not be.

Like a newborn child dying the moment it is born, like a flower dropping to the ground the moment it blooms, like a fire put off the moment it begins burning,

Our affections were robbed of a life!

But maybe that is why, this blank space, this nothingness would cherish our love...
Because out of all the loves that stood, ours stood out more.

It was not a smooth trail of ink that took the shape of letters.
It was a blot of ink, a gigantic one that could not take a form and yet left behind a stain for the world to remember-Of a love that stirred hearts only to put them to sleep!
The many tales of love ❤
Thank you for reading!
 May 6 Jacob Reilly
His heart is of gold

It bled so, so easily, though

 May 6 Jacob Reilly

from darkness we emerged
a fragile little dream;
the wonders of the universe
and all that she had seen.
our bodies each a vessel
from a time before our own;
suspended between a sunbeam
a world we call our home.
and yet, the beauty of it all
is the clock upon the wall;
as when nothing else remains
only the stars, remember our names.

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