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Victoria Garcia Apr 2015
I don't go a day
without thinking about you
and where everything turned wrong
I don't know what's worse
whether you think of me the same way
or if you don't
Victoria Garcia Sep 2015
It's been 1 month and it pains me to breathe and I'm trying to act like I'm okay but I can't help but feel all of my emotions at once. I don't know how I'll make it without you by my side. I took a chance with you and what was I expecting while bargaining with the devil?

It's been 2 months and it's like learning to walk all over again. I'm still shaky but I can stand on my own. I have a fear of falling and getting hurt but I do it anyway because the world doesn't stop for anyone and I need to get a move on.

3 months have passed and I have to pretend that I don't notice that you're happier than you were with me. You finally cut your hair like I begged you to and stopped biting your nails. I've taken up the occasional cigarette to rid the taste of you on my lips. It's nice to have something inbetween my teeth than your tongue and feeling the stress leave faster than you did. 

It's been 4 months and I wake up shaking and screaming your name until the echo soothes me. My dreams are haunted by you and I can't escape you in my reality. I've dyed my hair and changed mindset. I'm not the naive ***** I was before.  I don't let people walk over me and tear me to shreds.

Half a year has gone by and I'm still searching for something to fill this void. I miss you terribly and there's not enough drugs in the world to give me the high you gave me when we kissed. I saw someone who looked like you the other day and my heart froze. My initial reaction was to hide. I couldn't stand the thought of you seeing me and the look of disappointment in your eyes. I didn't want to hear how great your life has been without me.

Luckily it wasn't you.
Unfortunately it wasn't you.
Today marks 1 year that youve been gone. I dont crave you. I dont even miss you. Withdrawl is worse than the drug itself. Im moving on and I dont need these shackles anymore
Victoria Garcia May 2016
Maybe I should come with a trigger warning
Or I should I warn everyone I'm going to pull the trigger
Victoria Garcia Aug 2015
I gave you the key to my heart
And you lost it on the way to her house
Victoria Garcia May 2015
Should I be prepackaged in rolls of bubble wrap
Placed nicely in a box labeled FRAGILE
wrapped in layers of caution tape?
Should I come with an instruction manuals and tagged "HANDLE WITH CAUTION"
To others I'm easily broken
But to me I'm incredibly durable
Maybe the only sign I should have is
Victoria Garcia May 2015
"Was this love even worth it", she asked with blood shot eyes and a slight quiver in her voice "Is it better to never have loved at all than to feel the cold void of the one you love leaving?"

"Perhaps" he whispered "you need the winter to appreciate the spring and you need the drought to appreciate the rain. These things go hand in hand. It is better to say you survived than to have never tried"
Victoria Garcia Oct 2015
You kissed my collarbones
and whispered my name
like it was a secret
You told me I made you feel alive
but you drank anyway
You pushed me away
and left me out in the cold
I've never known darkness like this
Now im stuck here
Thinking about the fall
And how easy it is
to confuse love with desire
But you never looked back
Not once
Victoria Garcia May 2015
You smiled at her and kissed her
like she was saving you
when we both know
you never needed saving
You held her hand tighter
than you held onto your pride
and we both know
what that means to you
When she walked into the room
it's as if everyone else was invisible
and we both know how you loved
the spotlight
She made you happy
She made you complete
Why couldn't I have been that for you?
Victoria Garcia Sep 2015
I was a bookmark in between the sheets
saving the place where you used to be
but you're not here anymore
and it hurts
Victoria Garcia Sep 2015
I didn't believe in Heaven
until I was tucked in your arms;
breathing in the warmth radiating off you
You were the forbidden fruit
and it was too tempting to deny

I didn't believe in Hell
until I saw you with her
I danced with the devil
and doubted all demons that whispered
my darkest insecurities in my ear
Jealousy creeped in
and I sold my soul trying to keep you
but I was cheated and you left with her
leaving me beneath the ground
we once stood on together

I didn't believe in God
until I was screaming His name
at 3:27 in the morning;
praying he'd lead you back to me

— The End —