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Mommy why, i was just barely opening my heart to  you
Mommy you see me through the screen beating my life to you
120 beats per second ,faster than your heart mommy.
Mommy, I feel your smile broaden
Mommy I will love you conditionally
Moommyy what is this clamp mommy ,
please don't it hurts it hurts please mommy

Seven Weeks , Three Days Pregnant

I lost you my precious , Words will never define the darkness I feel in my heart . The darkness of how unloving my heart became, How heartless humanity was around me like infectious leech. Letting you go was the consequences of the bite. Please forgive me,  I made the biggest mistake in my life. The one mistake, where you won't grow up to learn from. What was left of my heart became stone cold , I let go my true shot of happiness, but I couldn't bring you into a world of brokenness and despair. You deserve better, but better than you will ever receive from me. One day I hope you understand. I promise you , my love lies deep in my veins.  I love you ,Heaven needed you back and I regret not standing like warrior and fighting for you. I never will wash dirt on my back,I can never stop apologizing for the vicious attacks you endured by me . Every sunrise and sunset I will forever mourn the death of my own humanity against you.
*One last breath
,Mommy, I love you Forever
I'll float down the river ,patiently waiting for ocean to wash me into abyss , humming to the lullaby,I would have sang to you my precious gift.
this was the hardest piece I ever had to sharee , its raw , its painful ,and i was never prochoice abortion
 Feb 2016 Victoria Garcia
you are art.
from the freckles that dot you skin like stars
to your green eyes that are burned into my mind
your caramel coloured hair and tanned skin
that I have come to know and love
your laugh is dorky but there is no sound more lovely
you make me smile and God I thank you for that
you are everything familiar and warm
you are *beauty
      you are safety.
            you are home.
   - l.w.
 Feb 2016 Victoria Garcia
and one day you won't hurt as much
one day you will no longer find yourself on your bathroom floor
at two a.m.
contemplating life
debating on swallowing the colored pills in your shaking hands
one day you will be happy
one day the silver scars will no longer line the inside of your wrists
one day you will no longer need that to cope
you will be a better person because of what you are experiencing
and although this sounds like the ******* that is said by everybody
it is true
this sadness that engulfs you is temporary
and one day you will make peace with your soul
- l.w.
Thinking about him is now a habit.
A bad habit.

I scream his name in my head until having headache.
I always have headache.
 Jan 2016 Victoria Garcia
I lied to my mother about talking to you because last time I told her we talked, she cried.
2. My biggest fear is that no matter what I do, I won't ever get over you.
3. Everywhere I go, I find you. I suppose it's because I carry you in my heart.
4. I didn't believe in soul mates until I met you. You didn't complete me, you complemented me.
5. Sometimes I can't sleep because I'm thinking of you. Other nights I don't want to sleep because I know I'll dream of you.
6. You make my hands shake and my stomach hurt. I don't think love is suppose to feel this way.
7. I miss you even when you're not away. I hate it but it's always been that way.
8. Sometimes I think we were meant to be. Everything was right except our timing.
9. It's been two years too late but I still look for your face in a crowded room.
10. You felt like home but if there's anything I've learned recently, it's that home is so very temporary.
11. I never knew craving touch was a thing until I saw your hands.
12. You are the whirlwind of thoughts I could never put into words.
13. I write about you like you put the stars in the sky.
14. I don't want to forget you but somedays I regret you.
15. I don't always like you but I always love you.
What keeps me up at night is you.
People seem to be
when they say
to me
          thank you
for your service.

Perhaps they are.

But if they knew      
what I

Heard men screaming
for their mommies that I
          still hear,

the ****** and
charred flesh I still

the dreams of gore,
not glory, I still

I think
they would
the truth:

better you,
          than me,

Which may be
all they are really saying
My daughter name is Brie Sarita. She used to write poems on here. She passed away Oct 10th 2015. Funny just looked at this site and her last poem was on Oct 10 2014. I just wanted to share
She was not just a ****** she was my daughter. and I loved her. She was just 20. I tried to save her. But love is not enough. I would trade in anything for Now thats it to late. fool I was
Drawing images using some words
Telling some stories that are unheard
Stealing the moment, freezing the time
Killing the beast that vultures the mind

Spilling blood, the pen is our knife
Collecting traces from this mysterious life
Connecting dots to create a line
Polishing stones to make it shine

Our words are riddles, a must to decode
Giving multiple key for them to unload
The meaning of some could make readers insane
If wrongly unlock it will conquer their brain

We are a shape-shifter just like the cloud
Painting angels and demons to enlighten the crowd
Hoping they’ll listen to our joy and our pain
Wishing they’ll get the lesson of our every rain

Mysterious Aries
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