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guess it all started
exactly a year ago
with my Instagram

I faked what I saw
just the simple asanas
like handstands and planks

but before too long
I realized the potential
for getting stronger

went from there to apps
High-Intensity workouts
designed for building

I was skeptical,
but in a few weeks I saw
a bit of a change

found new appetite
and a lot more energy
in every morning

but I soon got sore
so it was back to the 'gram
for a solution

found meditation
along with a bunch of quotes
that got me started

and next thing I knew,
it all became natural
headphones really helped

fully invested
I went all in, went *****-deep
and got rewarded

and I stopped posting
didn't matter anymore
I was addicted

work once avoided
became opportunities
to become stronger

for an hour a day
at the very least, I trained
even on off-days

for 20 minutes
I also meditated
to relax myself

I found contentment
and although i'm sore as hell,
I'm way happier

at twenty seven,
I have reached the very peak
and i'm still climbing
J Nov 2018
I will let you go
So that we can grow
Separately on our own
It hurts to pull you through my fingers
But I need them back, I’ve seeds to sew
Jodi jennings Jun 2018
I set my alarm for early.
“To go for a run” I say.
“I need to get fitter”
The alarm wakes you too
Your body makes it’s way towards mine
And suddenly all I care about
Is how easily I can fit,
back into your arms.
Zero Nine Sep 2017
Back again to the black skin over heavy sands
Back in action at the totem effigy
Poised for fight or love
The brother/sister
I've become

Standing tall
Under weight of worlds long felled
Sleeping sheets wake, hold the bones again
From old days
Fly the knife hooks, ship and sail
Speeding, open, for the circle's end
recently set up a heavy bag on the back patio. years out of practice and out of shape, yet it all comes back.
Naomi Hurley Jul 2017
Parched skin becomes moist
With dew drops dripping down the back of my neck
And beneath my *******

My face deepens like a ripe peach
As flesh disappears
Skin dissolves into


A cool exterior warms
And my body is tingling, trembling,
Buzzing like a thousand fire ants
Swarming around my thighs
My arms
My core

Encapsulated in sweat,
This shell is a temple
One that thrives on progress

I am *****

I am filthy

I am strong.
Workin' on my fitness.
Lydia Apr 2017
But it's not.
Most of it is in my muscles that refuse to move anymore
Deadweight, simple pain pulling like gravity is its mother
Some of it is in my burning lungs that don't understand how much I want to keep going
I don't want to die here
I don't want them to find my collapsed body with a stopwatch marking a nine minute mile
Some of it is in my broken sneakers and ripped clothes because this isn't my first show
I've been here before
I fully understand the heavyheartedness of sweat stains that scream longevity and socks that I might as well throw away
But I will see that gym tomorrow
My body will burn and burn and I will burn with it
But there's a fireproof lining around my head
Of course it's not all in my head
My head is the one thing keeping my feet hitting the ground every beat of the music
Or picking up the weights at 6 am
Just a little exercise motivation. Please comment :)
Now, I am not a huge man

I'm not large by any means

In fact it is surprising

I still wear normal jeans

My pants don't have elastics

I still use normal towels

But, my BMI stats tell me

I'm a word that has three vowels.

It started just this morning

When I got upon the scale

After getting back my numbers

I felt like a beached whale

Our scale is something special

Uplifitng messages it did send

Today when I stood on it

It said, is it you and your fat friend?

I thought this can't be right

I saw the numbers there

I've gained ten pounds since Christmas

But, I'm ****** if I know where

I thought that the old batteries

Just needed to be changed

But, the numbers were the same again

That **** scale is deranged

Most times I eat real healthy

No fried foods and lots of greens

But I keep on getting fatter

And I don't know what this means

I entered all my numbers

My height, and weight increase

And when my BMI was figured

It said "Son, you're obese"

Now, I do not ride a scooter

I wear an xl shirt

But seeing that word on the chart

Well, man....that really hurt

I watch shows on my tv

of people in bad shape

They weigh in at 600 pounds

And to them I am a grape.

My knees may hurt, my back is sore

But that's not from my weight

They hurt from my arthitis

Not from my  rotund state

Obese, to me is something

That I swore I'd never be

It's a tag that is real hurtful

And it is one I have to see

Each time I get upon the scale

And then go to the chart

It comes up as obese each time

It really breaks my heart

Now, exercise and I are friends

We met once in the past

But we always seem have a fight

And our friendship does not last

I've tried diets that do wonders

They make the pounds fall off

But after twenty pounds of loss or so

My body starts to scoff

It says "you know you're fooling no one"

"A skinny you's just fake"

"So, come on down off the treadmill"

"And let's go get some cake"

So exercise is not for me

There must be other ways

To lose the weight that I've put on

One I can do in days!

I'm looking for a short cut

To break me from my obese rut

So, I chose Liposuction

Where they stick a tube inside my gut

They said "you are a candidtate"

Like, there was choice that had been made

I knew I had to get the weight off

If I wanted to get laid

They took me in a little room

And had me lie down on the bed

Then they put a tag on my big toe

I said " case I wake up dead?"

They said it was to tell them what to do

I said I way 300 pounds,

So if I know, why don't you?

They drew some lines upon my gut

and down on to my thighs

I said don't touch nothing down there

It's exactly the right size

They told me that the lines were just

To show them where to ****

Again, I thought below my waist

And I thought "just my luck"

They said a hose would **** the fat

That my body had in store

I thought, that's only so

I can fill it up with more

They said that it would hurt some

And I'd be sore and bruised

Then they showed me a few pictures

Those people looked abused

I siad, no thanks, I'm outa here

I'm gonna lose it right

I didn't put it on that quick

And I won't lose it overnight

I'll change the food I'm eating

And I'll go and walk a bit

I'll use the stairs a little more

And this time I won't quit

But, as I thought of liposuction

And that really neat machine

To own something that ***** like that

Would be so ****** keen!

Now, I'm working on my weight loss

And folks, here is the scoop

I' dropped two pound this afternoon

I just had a good ****!

Just exercise some caution

If your scale says you're obese

For I'm in this fight beside you

And our weights will both decrease!
James Walker Mar 2016
Click clack
the plates are
stacked again
do they always have to
drop them?
I understand
the need to feel
the drive to express the self
so day in
day out
the iron is pumped
the veins are filled with the
blood of men turned
warriors but they leave
warriors turned men
A day at work
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