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 Sep 2015
All artists are born with magic in them,
They use it to create beautiful things out of thin air
Though I've found that none could ever compare
To that of the wonders by your hands

You were born to shape the world
To twist and bend it to your design
I was surprised when you choose me as your canvas
Molded me to perfection and titled it 'Mine'

You once told me that I was your muse
A body so full of untapped beauty
That it was criminal to hide

I told you I know I'm not much
But I'm all yours, so take me
And rearrange me into something worth your love

You made me feel beautiful and I loved the attention
You told me to close my eyes and use my imagination
And when you gave me wings and told me to fly
I did so without any hesitation

If I would've just opened my eyes
I would've seen the truth
An artist lives off the high of creation
And once they've finished they're through

While my back was turned
And I prepared to take the fall
You were off to find another canvas
Another muse to use up
 Sep 2015
they record the untold stories
about those moments about us
how they were shaped the way you like
the first time we met that lovely night
then they got awfully long
as long as our endless fighting song
until I cut them off again
so they stop tickling your nose
when you cuddle me like chain
but my favorite memory they record
is the fact that you're there
watching them grow overtime
brushing them off of my face
kissing them softly before I sleep
filling their space only with your trace
 Sep 2015
Bassam A
All my prayers with you..
No doubt that you are strong..
You are the land of all love seeds....
The source all of good deeds...
Yes you can do what ever you please ..
Darling, we take honey from the bees ..
Please ignore the critical, they are all political
Clime on my shoulder and see the light
With or without me, you breath the freedom despite
Forgive me if I fail...
I know your heart is not for sale.....
Stay with me ...
You are the best gift from
the one who created the love tale
 Sep 2015
Bassam A

Destiny starts with a step


Rain starts with a drop


Love starts the feeling sad


You started my love non-stop

 Aug 2015
Bassam A
When I look at you ... I see my image looking back at me ...

If I shine my light on you to expose you ..
I blind your beautiful eyes ...
but I also blind myself! ...

If I break you with my hands ..
I cut my self and bleed ..
And won't be able to put you back like before ..

If I take care of you and shine every spot ..
I only see myself image with clarity ..

I am going to look at you from now on as I look at myself

Cause .. you are my sweet lovely mirror ...
 Aug 2015
Bassam A
The Ocean will swallow all of us

Yet will not rise one inch!!

But my love to you .. is more than

all the oceans in the world combined

Yet will not decrease it a pinch!!
Josiah Jack
never uttered a sound
when they dragged him away
from the scene.
when his poor body
was eventually found,
the treatment endured,
had been mean.

With no tongue in his head
they had left him for dead.

With a month
on his back,
he did indeed
Only sin
“he was black”
hence forth
this weary state.

They attacked in the night,
hooded and white.

All in all
he was
to be
breathing at all,
all because
he was plucky,
all because
he stood tall.

A ***** they said
should lower his head.

Were they hooded
for fear?
Were they hooded
in shame?
Most likely,
once covered,
they could hide
of their name.

If things were so right,
why hide out of sight?

Bravery isn't
a word for the ****,
this word comes to mind.
Bravery comes
when there's only one man,
not one
with ten more stood behind.

I will strike in a pack
with someone watching my back.

Their plan
was to ****,
this man
Josiah Jack.
Perhaps they
get a thrill
when someone
cannot fight back.

They get real loud
when they join with the crowd.

knew well
that if he
raised a hand
his kin folk
would feel hell
from this
unruly band.

So he did not fight
but gave in to his plight.

They think
they were hidden
beneath that
white hood,
Josiah's hearing
is sound
and his
memory is good.

So when things are forgot,
he will take of his lot.

That's exactly
what happened,
as they lay
in their bed.
The flames hurled
with fury
the sky
filled with red.

This man barbequed them like fish on a rack
and no one put it down to Josiah Jack.
13th July 2015
© Copyright Christopher K Bayliss 2014
 Jul 2015
Thawann Q Ogle
Eighteen Years To Life

It looks as if a storm had just passed through here. I can't find anything; not even my mental state. I'm starting to think this entire thing over. If only I had kept to my negative state of thinking I wouldn't be in this mess. I'm starting to realize that emotions can get the best of you. Your feelings are very dangerous toys to play with, hurt is an emotion that we often come in tack with, and happiness is more spiritual than it is of physical. Im learning that you have to stick to who you are or whoever you plan on becoming. My mental aspect is blinded by my emotions. I feel as if I'm going get hurt by this man. I feel as if i will go through something I could have prevented. I always say hurt is an emotion that most times we are forced to activate; but what happens when you know something wouldn't work ? Do you still try it anyway? Try it just to say you did ? Or is it the feel? Is it the high ? What is it ? Well for me it was a good looking 41 year old man with a young soul, great sense of humor, and practically a bad temper. A temper that can be controlled so is it so bad after all ? It's bad because it doesn't work out in my favor. It's bad because his silence is ridiculously loud. He's very hard to read and as I try to maneuver  my way around his emotions he begin to tell me things that I choose not to believe; so is he really hard to read or am I just making it hard for me to read ? Not because someone say they love you means they do. Let their actions speak to you verbally. And with no hesitation you start to feed your heart this deadly poison called love. But wait come back....what if they said "I love you" and their actions do tell hopes of a happily ever after ? Then your force to become blinded by something that you don't believe in. If you know the ending why not adjust the beginning ? His words and actions have a strong alibi. Let him go I could miss out on a lot love has to offer. Keep him; chances are I prove myself right of my instinct from the beginning but do keep in mind that hurting is okay. I said I would never date someone with children; I looked past four. I said I would never date a man too older than I am and I swept eighteen years under the rug. I said I would never have *** with someone I met for a week. He made love to me so good; I begged for more. I say and have said a lot and have yet to say more but when your emotions get the best of you and your judgement is clouded by your curiosity, vulnerability, and lust. Please do tell..... Do I challenge life's theory on love or should I walk away free from love. Please advise; should I become a prisoner of love or should take the deal and walk away a free woman.
So I closed my eyes stretch my arm out and carefully place the needle in my arm.
I overdosed on this drug called love

Thawann Q. Ogle
Short story.
 Jan 2015
Bassam A
One day ..

I will come and ask for your hand

A day that cannot wait ...

We lock the door with a key
And go inside ...

Oh my ... what I will see ..

...Oh my ... what I will hear ...

... Your sweet voice ...
That harps the heart ...

Your glamorous beauty ...
Thats full of warmth
And tenderness ...

Ye prettier than the beauty ...

... My eyeful darling ...
 Jan 2015
aimee s
So here's the scene:
11:30p.m. on New Year's Eve;
A bedroom, dimmed lights,
And me—in bright pink pyjamas
Which looked completely ridiculous
With my hair and skin.
Life tip: Gingers and bright pink?
Best avoid.
In fact; I don't know why
I was wearing it in the first place—
I don't even like bright pink.

This is not the point.

The point is me;
Sitting at my desk
And writing in my journal
About how emotionally crippling
The past year had been;
Hoping I’d wake up to a better tomorrow—
Only to find the same harsh reality,
Over and over.
And God! What a toll it took on me:
Mentally, physically and spiritually—

When it happened.

It, like a large invisible hand,
Slapping me hard across the face and shouting:

Are you done being miserable?

And maybe that was all I needed to hear.

Once I read that perhaps
You couldn't decide to be happy,
But you sure as hell could decide to be miserable.
And maybe that was one of the truest things I have ever read—
Because that was exactly what was happening.

There is only so much that medications can do,
And only so much that a person could advise,
When your mind is set on:
I don't want to get better.
I don't deserve to get better.

And that’s when I saw it:
A tiny spark,
That was always there but for some reason
I had decided not to see.
And in that moment,
It filled my eyes with blind hope
And I decided:

I am going to let it happen.

I deserve to be happy.

I went to bed that night;
A small smile on my face
And this tiny spark still glowing so bright inside of me.
And that’s when I heard it.

When all was still, except for
The air that filled my lungs,
And the beating of my heart
In synch with the rhythm of the universe:
I heard it.

It was a purpose.
My purpose.
It has only been a few days now,
But I know I was right.
Because I’m doing okay.

It’s not that I have gained immunity to pain,
Or that some magic has been endowed upon me:
It’s just that I’m not afraid of hurting any more.

And that's just it—
The simple story of how I’ve come to learn,
The most important lesson I have ever learnt, to date.
 Jan 2015
Musfiq us shaleheen
When the time has returned
Hearts can't go out from you
Lost love seems to be a footprint
Decayed stone is a sign of thy

The last laugh
The flute
Putting forward the images of the day
Today it has grown a big miss for the poet

Spots at matches
Someone calls the untimely
I See
You see
Everything becoming change

Quick change
You and me
The Trees
The Hills
The River

Your restless mind
Grew cold
Even fastest cyclone
Became cool

Leaves fallen
Grew again
Spring came
And moved away

She came
She sang
Again she went away
Never hold back
Just left this footprint

The last laugh
The flute
Putting forward the images of the day
Today it has grown a big miss for the poet
@ Musfiq us shaleheen
Footprint, Today it has grown big miss for the poet
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