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Cayla frazier Sep 2015
Wrapped in your warmth
Snuggled to your side
your arm draped over me
with pride you cannot hide.
I am yours and you are mine
Forever with you is where I want to be
To cherish each day
For all eternity.

forever his
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
Altering your mind to keep
Thoughts out, may alter
your heart from letting
Feelings in...
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
I woke up to a beautiful day,
full of life and love.
You open my eyes to its beauty,
showing me your amazing grace.
I can feel your light run through me,
warming my heart and soul.
You make me a better person,
just by you loving me.
I do not fear falling,
I know you will help carry me.
You guide me through my life,
walking beside me all the way.
Always with Me
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
I woke up changed..
                                      finally coming out of the dream,
seeing past all the lies..
Cayla frazier Jul 2015
Long ago you vanished from me,
with silent words you were gone.

We drifted apart for reasons unknown,
for gods plan was yet to be seen.

But like a summers breeze,
you have been brought back to me.

Instantly we are connected,
like two soul destined to meet.
Cayla frazier Jul 2015
The wisest men say
never wish away your days.
Pushing everyday to thrive
never taking for granted your alive.
Cherish the good days to
banish all the bad.
Always turning you eyes to the skies
soaking in the positive waves,
washing all your pain away.
Knowing your not alone in the world,
together finding a way to cure the hate.

Cayla frazier Sep 2014
I feel trapped inside,
unable to free who  I want to be.
I try and Fight, lose more than I gain..
But I still fight..fight through  my pain.
Cayla frazier Oct 2015
Yesterday came and went
With only the memories that are crushed in
my mind.
Everyone reminded me that its ok and
that I am stronger for having the courage
to leave and want more for my life.
Even though I have moved on from what
became of us, I reminded of the failed parts  
of my life.
Cayla frazier Dec 2015
There is a crack in my Armor
its beginning to let the dark creep
back in to my life.
I keep trying to patch my life
but my fingers are  numb from trying
from trying and failing..
how can it be so hard to fix
who I am, I don't want who I used
to be.. I just want to figure out who I
even am anymore..
I feel shattered on the inside..
cant remember the last time I felt whole.
Cayla frazier Jan 2015
The hands on the clock are creeping by
like fog across a road, slowly reminding me of
how much time I truly waste.
Cayla frazier Aug 2014
The Darkness creeps in,
into my mind and soul.
I know after awhile it will take its toll.
I must continue to fight, hold it off...
but how long can I stay strong or
will it consume me??
Cayla frazier Dec 2014
Opening my heart again is danger..
to my mind..heart and soul.
Am I ready to risk it all again??
Each time I do it takes it's toll..
Cayla frazier Nov 2014
I can feel the darkness trying to find me,
tracking me down to pull me under.
I continue to run towards the light,
But it finds me before I can save myself.
Always inches away from a happier time,
to just be pulled back to the dark castle in my head.
happiness is a myth
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
My ink runs deeper than paper.
It runs on my skin and heart.. mapping my character
and giving me my art.

People stare at my ink, on paper and skin..
casting judgement of both now and again.
Cayla frazier Oct 2014
Do you even know the truth anymore
Or are you that deluaional ??
The darkness that spews out of your
mouth will not break who I am anymore.
So if need to lie to make yourself
happy or try and destroy my good name,
Then I will pray for you..
Pray you find peace in your delusions
That I'm the reason this is over..
Cayla frazier Oct 2014
Did you know I prayed for you?
I asked everyday for happiness,
and you turned out to be just that.
Somehow restoring my life day by day,
putting me back together one piece at a time.
Cayla frazier Apr 2015
They take and I give
they take and I give
Taking, taking , taking

I slice at my wrist to give more,
Remember to go down the tracks and not across... but nothing comes out, they have drained me..drained my life..
Cayla frazier Feb 2015
When my eyes close at night
I dream of  ways my life could take flight.
My mind runs with ideas of how
I could have been different from
the past to now.
Its always changing
never the same.
I never know which way to take
to shift my dreams and raise the stakes.
But changing in my dreams isn't really living
because I'm proud of the life I was given.
Learning to love myself one day at a time
Cayla frazier Jun 2015
Swiftly I come to you
like a shooting star in the sky.

Swiftly I come to you
praying our passion never dies.

In your arms is where I
want to stay..
Never losing grip
for Eternity if I may.

Cayla frazier Apr 2015
Lying here watching the clouds go
slowly by, wondering why do I
even try??
I fight myself when boredom comes
of whether what I do is enough...
how can I fly high in the clouds
to spin out of control towards the ground.
Cayla frazier Oct 2014
I filed for my freedom from you today,
paying the fee so it can be done.
awaiting 30 day before I know,
that i can finally be done with you.
You hurt me more than i ever could imagine,
but im healing everyday..everyday im away from you.
My friends, family and god give me the strength to move on,
the strength you took from me is restored.
I have no fear or anxiety, I filed those away.
Cayla frazier Jun 2015
Are those tears..or the rain
mix them together lately
there all the same.
salty droplets of my pain
pouring from my eyes and
the skies...flooding my pillow.
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
Get over the fact that I have tattoos..
Get over the fact that I'm overweight..
because I know im an amazing and
talented person, who doesnt need or
want your approval..
Cayla frazier Jan 2015
My heart is haunted
by the ghosts of my past,
the struggles of my present,
and the unknown of  my future.
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
My soul feels older than my years..
like its lived for centuries before me.

Maybe that's why I think different,
feel different than the world I'm in.

Compassion, hope and love run through
me, helping me push through this world
of hate.

Accepting myself and those around me for
who they are and not conforming with the
Cayla frazier Nov 2014
How can a month hurt worse than 5 years??
HOW did  you bring me to the light to just watch me F  A L L..
I cant find my grip to bring my self back up,
Forever doomed to live at the bottom.. A L O N E..
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
They worry if I'm alright,
If maybe I'm depressed.
Flooding me with love
and support, trying to
show that they are there..
But I'm fine, I tell them, that
they don't have to worry.
I'm slowly finding my own
way, its just taking a little
time....To figure out that I
am worth a the fight, that
I deserve to be happy..
Without the darkness trying to
flood my thoughts and dreams.
So I smile and same I'm fine
and the hardest part is
believing my self..

Cayla frazier Sep 2015
The first time can be scary
not sure you made the right choice.

Unfamiliar sounds and smells
gives you a rush you can never forget.

But with every new one
you slowly become submerged in this world.

The ink lets you express your heart
or heals your soul.

For a moment time stands still
and your at peace.

Accepting yourself and choosing
to live the life you want.

Cayla frazier Aug 2014
Beside me he peacefully sleeps,
not knowing the fears I secretly keep.

The fears that silently tear me apart,
those I keep hidden within my heart.

Not knowing how it will all turn out,
is the roughest part without a doubt.

Doctors tell me there is always hope,
but nothing really helps me cope.

My fear of never being able to say,
that we have a baby on the way.

-cayla frazier
Cayla frazier Oct 2014
In just one night...
You found
the butterflies I had lost.
You cleared the clouds that
hid my heart.
You gave me hope
after the storm.
You showed me the
way to shore.
Cayla frazier May 2015
how can a word and action
be so simple, yet be
the hardest thing to give someone.
the one thing we can feel
so deeply, but lose in a
single breath.
the best characteristic of the
all, but is lost with
those who break you down.
then there is L O V E..
four little letters that
can hold all the others in it
make them fall by the
way side and never be
the same again.
Cayla frazier Aug 2014
There may never be a knight on
A white horse.
Never a castle hidden far away.
Never hear the sound of little
Feet running around.
Never being Beautiful, smart, or
Rich..learning to live with those.
Why dream of things when
They could never happen anyways..
Lower expectations keep the fear and
Pain from defeating me
Cayla frazier Nov 2014
My white castle was just a mirage..
Fooling me to believe that there is a happily ever after.
The ivory walls are turning black and crumbling to the ground..
The sky is darkening, pushing the light away from me..
Its useless to chase the sun, when u know u should let it go ..
Cayla frazier Dec 2015
The chaos in me wont subside,
I try and push myself, make myself FEEL happy.. be happy
but I cant control the Riots inside my head.. causing destruction of
my heart and deteriorating my mind..

I hear people talk to me.. or rather at me, telling me to take my time
that I just need to focus on me.. but how can I focus with all the noise
in my mind.. its deafening ..

My greatest fear is that it will win.. it will completely  shatter the thought of who I was or wanted to be.
Cayla frazier Dec 2015
Sometimes I feel so hollow
just a shell of who I was or would have become
My internal war destroys what I think I want
making me feel doubt about it all
most days I stop trying to fight it
letting it consume what little happiness
I find..its greedy like that
always wanting more..
I know its selfish to allow others in
when darkness will surely win...
Cayla frazier Feb 2016
You are forever my Heart and Soul.
My love for you will never cease to grow.
You bring light and love to my day, I love you more
than words could ever say.
From this day on I know this is true,
I cannot wait to spend my life with you.
Cayla frazier Oct 2014
We sat and talked for hours
not caring about the time
No distractions to worry about
nothing occupying our minds.
Cayla frazier Aug 2014
Slowly they fall down my cheek,
Expressing the words I cannot speak.

Releasing the pain that builds up inside,
Nevermore for me to be able to hide.

Easing my hurt and my fears,
Those I cannot speak unto your ears.

Framing my mind around the worse,
About why I was given this horrible curse.
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
The World tells you that it doesn't exist,
that you will never find it...
Believing that you can find your happily ever
after, regardless of how people put it down.
I'm holding out for the out of the park home-run
feeling you get when that person walks in the room.
Never again will I fight against my heart, it alone
knows where im suppose to be and what I deserve.
Cayla frazier Nov 2014
Music was my escape
until you...
Now your in every song i ever loved..
reminding me your gone, and that
I wasnt good enough
Cayla frazier Jan 2015
My internal closet is full
Of everything I keep
Bottled up..
I hope it can hold it all
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
I love too openly.
Trust to openly.
Care to openly.
not anymore, I will guard against the hurt..
Of being made to feel like it was all my fault..
#hurt #never #fault #divorce
Cayla frazier Nov 2014
Are these tears I feel or Pieces of my soul??
Is there a difference..they both pour out of me.
They are all I have left of me...
My purpose I'm unable to find,
Do I hold on or let you go??
Can I let half of myself go??
how do i let go of my other half??
do i have the strength??
Cayla frazier Oct 2015
Who am I?
Who should I be?
Why cant I find my place in world full

I know that I'm everyone's cup of tea,
more like the tea bag just feeling used.

I pray for peace and self acceptance.
Knowing I need to love me before I can
find where I truly need to be.

Pulling in different directions
barely holding on, my strength depleting.

I'm weak and so tired,
just wanna fold into myself until
it all passes. but the darkness there
can be deafening too.

Cayla frazier Aug 2014
The music seems to flow over
and through me, pushing back
my pain..fears.. and problems.
I can feel myself sinking
deeper into my happy place and
forgetting how lost I really am.
With just a beat..I'm FREE
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
I am not just one thing.. there are many parts to my
puzzle I call life.
I have my mothers hands and strength.
My fathers humor and courage.
The heart God gave me allows me
to be who I am and help those I love.
You only see what you think
I am..
I am strong and weak
Brave and scared
confident and insecure..
But I am who I was always meant
to be..ME

Cayla frazier Apr 2016
I feel like I need a recharge..
need to plug back into myself for a while.
Maybe have the sun charge my soul,
melt away all the darkness.
But I cant find the sun.. cant find the warmth
to bring me back to life..
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
With a single choice,
my anxiety is gone..gone from my
mind and my heart.
Now that I am ease,
the world feels different..
as so do I
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
ahh the hung stud..
never have I had the pleasure..
to witness and feel all of there zeal..
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
music is part of my existence..
the kick drum keeps my heart in rhythm.

The rifts from the guitar help lead
my down these roads in my life.

With each lyric, I'm closer to being
saved from myself.

Giving me hope and motivation to get
through each day..
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