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Bhill Aug 8
Those pesky flies will land on your glasses
And buzz your face till your insane

There always seems to be nothing but masses
It much too hard to maintain

What to do, oh what to do
How can you even relate

All you can do, to see this thing through
Is expect, that you are the fly bait...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 199
Who hasn't been buzzed by these pests?
Aaron LaLux Oct 2017
Into The Night

Lost in a pattern of thoughts,
as these experiences continue to shape our realities,
fell in love gave my heart away,
and watched it disappear with her into the night,

too much heartbreak,
too much more,
too much greed and lust,
too much wanting too much more,

is that even correct English,
does it even matter,
it seems I’m frozen in a moment,
but the words just continue faster and faster,

fck you,
fck me,
I mean,
that in the most loving way,

we’re all fckt up,
the plan is no more,
we’re lost in a position of indecision,
where there is no either or,

lost in a pattern of thoughts,
as these experiences continue to shape our realities,
fell in love gave my heart away,
and watched it disappear with her into the night…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Caitlin Dec 2015
I still hope for the best for you even though there is no future for us.
Not anymore, you made your choice, and I made mine.
Still miss you sometimes though- there are a lot of memories here.
Someone will crack an old joke from years ago, or comment on how long my hair has gotten,
(I haven’t cut it since that time you said you liked my short hair)
Here’s to hoping we both find our missing puzzle piece someday soon,
the longer it takes, the more I start to think it’s still you.
it's one of those days and the poison in my veins
Cayla frazier Sep 2014
Altering your mind to keep
Thoughts out, may alter
your heart from letting
Feelings in...
Frank Ruland Aug 2014
People, I really wanna tell ya
I'm not a man of violence
but I'm also not a wussy fella.
Did my time-- I know how to fight
Not saying I'm an Expendable
but my skills are dependable.
I'm only saying this because
too many times people don't believe it
Only 5'10; that might have to do with
why people like to get up in my face
I promise, though, I'm a special case
of, "don't judge a book by its cover."
Speaking of books, if you wanna
hear a story, I got one to tell ya.

Alright, so here's the setup:
I was chilling at a party
it's not where I shoulda been
but it'd been a pretty ****** week
My plan was to have a few beers
and maybe blow off a little steam
I was hanging with my buddy
when I saw my ex across the room
I knew I shoulda left but...
I was buzzed,
what was I supposed to do?
Anyhow, so sitting by her side
was this LeatherFace looking guy
He was pretty ****,
and I mean ****
he must'a fallen down the **** tree;
hit every branch on his way down
My ex's eyes and mine kinda met
I knew it was all over when
she whispered something in his ear.
He just kinda nodded
them made his way over here.
My buddy turned and said,
"Hey man, I really gotta go
You should probably go home."
I just raised my beer and shook it
He knew I just had to finish.
So he pulled a Superman--
went up, up and away.
Then I was sitting there by myself
while this guy walked to the couch
He stood there for a minute
then he opened his pie-hole,
"Hey, it seems we have a problem."
I said, "Oh, well, have another beer
that always seems to quell 'em."
He shook his head and gestured
for me to go ahead and stand
but I still had that beer in my hand
"Man, just go.
I know you're dating my ex
good luck with that, bro."
He just looked at me and said,
"She said that I had to kick your ***."
I laughed and just replied,
"Yeah, that's kinda why I left her
she couldn't go a day without
trying to bust my ***** together."
He got this ******* look
Then put his hand on my shoulder
I shook my head and groaned,
"Dude, you really don't wanna do this
Don't know who you're dealing with
Hate to say it, but she sent you
over here to get your *** kicked."

And then, I **** you not
he took his grimy hand and
spilled my beer all over
my brand new ******* boots.
If ever I'd been ******,
it was truly at this ****.

Before he could even move
I was on my feet--
he did not know what to do.
A jab, a hook, a knee to his gut
he was on the floor
and I was out the door.

So please, if anything
just listen to my plea:
for your own sake
never pick a fight with anyone
cuz you don't know who they are.
I only tell you this because
I really do care and truth told,
I don't want anyone to get hurt.
Sorry if the language here offends anyone! I just feel its appropriate for this piece
ED Jun 2014
this party will be a total rager.
a party full of mistakes with the highest of stakes.
everyone will be buzzed
and the few that decided
to remain in their natural
element are the sane.
the mess will be created by the insane.
so let's party hard.

Sarah Pitman May 2014
My mother used to hide *****
In the freezer,
In the back behind the peas and corn.
I decided to try it.
A sip and a burn
And my lips went numb.
That's what it felt like to kiss you.
A gulp, or two
Or three
Or seven, (who's counting?)
later I got a head rush and
that's what it felt like to kiss you;
The burn and the numbness.
The release of realizing
You were far more intoxicating.

— The End —