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779 · Oct 2019
insane Oct 2019
I kept coming back to you
Now I realize that you weren’t sorry at all
714 · Nov 2019
insane Nov 2019
Silence is what I want.
It’s not the noise outside
It’s the chaos inside of me.
I want it to stop ;
710 · Oct 2019
insane Oct 2019
Even when I stayed
You didn’t realize ;
519 · Dec 2019
End up
insane Dec 2019
I don’t want to end up in trouble,
But I always end up with you;
444 · Nov 2019
About you
insane Nov 2019
All night I wonder if you’re thinking about me too ;
400 · Feb 2020
in her solemn mind
insane Feb 2020
she wanted
her sadness
to disappear

just like
her happiness did ;
326 · Dec 2019
And today
insane Dec 2019
I’ve always liked you a lot
I was clouded by your sweet and the good side
And today I can’t accept that you have an other side at all;
301 · Nov 2019
insane Nov 2019
and I needed you to fight my wild side;
283 · Mar 2020
watching sunsets
insane Mar 2020
i would spend my life
watching beautiful
sunsets with you ;
261 · Nov 2019
insane Nov 2019
I fought my eyes to stay awake
cause my dreams were turning into nightmares;
253 · Dec 2019
insane Dec 2019
It hurts so badly to know that you are not mine anymore;
248 · Dec 2019
Maybe in the morning
insane Dec 2019
Maybe I’ll feel better when I wake up in the morning;
247 · Nov 2019
Invisible cloud
insane Nov 2019
I feel like there is an invisible cloud over my head, where it is always raining and making me feel depressed;
235 · Nov 2019
Meant to be
insane Nov 2019
So this how we are meant to be darling;
218 · Oct 2019
insane Oct 2019
I couldn’t cry, not anymore. ;
212 · Nov 2019
Defining you
insane Nov 2019
We weren’t lovers
We weren’t haters
We weren’t friends either
But all we did was long to see each other ,just how the sun awaits the moon’s arrival;
207 · Jul 2020
songs at 3 am
insane Jul 2020
even listening to songs
at 3 am in the morning
doesn't help me forget you ;
194 · Nov 2019
insane Nov 2019
The fact that I’m quite and reserved doesn’t mean that I don’t notice things
193 · Feb 2020
a masterpiece
insane Feb 2020
I'm rare to find
but easy to lose

I'm hard to read
if I'm the one you choose ;
190 · Nov 2019
insane Nov 2019
Okay.I can react like the way you do
But I don’t want to end up like a fool;
177 · Oct 2019
I still do
insane Oct 2019
It’s impossible to have that friendship with someone,that I shared with you.

I hope at least in your heart you think of me as your friend,still.
172 · Nov 2019
Break the broken
insane Nov 2019
You don’t have to break the broken pieces;
167 · Nov 2019
insane Nov 2019
I guess there is no way out of the mess I’ve put myself into ;
157 · Nov 2019
I promise
insane Nov 2019
I promise
I’ll be there by your side
to listen to your story
even if it’s good or bad;
155 · Nov 2019
Lead to you
insane Nov 2019
I don’t know where this leads
But I want everything to lead to you;
140 · Mar 2020
my heart is just beating
insane Mar 2020
its surprising that my heart

is being be crushed,
torn and tortured
and burnt to ashes

and it still beats ;
139 · Mar 2020
can you ?
insane Mar 2020
I'm stuck in this dark abyss
can you pull me out
and show me where my
heart and light is ?
137 · Mar 2020
insane Mar 2020
let the pain and hurt
overtake everything
until you are left alone with
the numbness ;
136 · Dec 2019
insane Dec 2019
You are sad
and I’m too,
But I can’t find the right words to comfort you;
131 · Nov 2019
insane Nov 2019
I was in love with the way you understood me
Broken trust, now where could it be?
130 · Nov 2019
insane Nov 2019
All my thoughts die unsaid in the end;
123 · Mar 2020
him ;
insane Mar 2020
he had himself
etched in her

no matter what,
no time,
no hate
would erase
the part of him
that he left behind
in her mind ;
123 · Oct 2019
insane Oct 2019
How do I always end up on the bad and miserable side of everything ?
122 · Nov 2019
Bleed to death
insane Nov 2019
Time kills me.
Silence scares me.
And your words cut me.;
116 · Dec 2019
Bottled up feelings
insane Dec 2019
I’m quiet
It doesn’t mean I’m heartless
I have my own feelings bottled up
I’m just scared that you won’t be able to handle mine;
114 · Oct 2019
insane Oct 2019
Just don’t hurt yourself by holding onto the things that hurt you ;
113 · Mar 2020
in between
insane Mar 2020
my thoughts are
wandering between
my deadly dreams and
beautiful nightmares ;
112 · Dec 2019
insane Dec 2019
I never thought that this would turn out this way;
107 · Feb 2020
into shattered pieces
insane Feb 2020
breaking ;
106 · Nov 2019
Leave but stay
insane Nov 2019
I had no reason to stay
But I was not ready to leave;
104 · Nov 2019
insane Nov 2019
I just realised that it’s been a long time since I laughed.
Like a hearty, eye teary and a stomach aching laugh;
104 · Oct 2019
Finding me
insane Oct 2019
I found where I lost myself. It was within me
102 · Mar 2020
closer distance
insane Mar 2020
i think the distance
we have,still
keeps us together ;
99 · Nov 2019
Hardest goodbye
insane Nov 2019
I could never imagine how the days would be when I stop seeing you;
98 · Dec 2019
Dear friends
insane Dec 2019
Dear friends,
I’m simply glad for meeting each one of you;
97 · Nov 2019
Hidden behind the smile
insane Nov 2019
Behind my smile and tears
There is something hidden real;
96 · Dec 2019
insane Dec 2019
And now I’ll never know why;
95 · Nov 2019
insane Nov 2019
And I want you to love me even in the situation when you can’t;
92 · Nov 2019
insane Nov 2019
Trouble at heart
Peace of mind
Souls apart
Pieces left behind;
91 · Mar 2020
an unwritten letter
insane Mar 2020
to the old crinkled paper,

i wish i could pour out
all of the bottled up feelings,
my messed up emotions and
my sinful thoughts to you ;

the bleeding pen
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