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Kira Feb 8
She woke me up
no kidding
I thought I was lost
not beating
My heart had failed me
not working
My brain had turned off
just empty

Then there she was
still smiling
I could feel something
inside me
My heart had restart
I could keep going
with her
beside me
Kira Sep 2018
She looks in the mirror and sees a mistake, a broken girl with no direction, a girl who does not deserve love or happiness, no way to cover the ugliness.
She hates her personality, she hates her face, she hates all the things that she cannot change. She wishes that everything she saw in the mirror would simply fade away.

I looked at her with only admiration for the beauty I saw in her soul. She was perfect in my eyes. She was everything I could never be. I loved her with everything that I am, but I was nothing compared to the truth in the mirror.
If only we could see ourselves through others eyes.
Kira Sep 2018
I'm worried that I'm forgetting your face.
I'm worried that I'm focusing too much on things that don't matter, and too little on the things that do.
I'm worried that you are fading away because I'm forgetting to let go and live.
I'm worried that I am losing memories because I'm too focused on the big picture.

I know that it doesn't really matter.

I know that people slip through the cracks when you are too lazy or too scared to hold on.
I want to remember your face.
I want to fight to experience the little things.
I don't want to let you fade away because I was too scared to let loose.
I want to make memories and paint the big picture.
Kira Aug 2018
I can’t keep denying these feelings
When my heart keeps screaming
I love you

I told myself that when I saw you again
I wouldn’t fall back
In love with you

It doesn’t make sense, the way that I feel
Our worlds are too separate for
Me to love you

Every time I walk away
I’d come back if
You told me you loved me.
Kira Jul 2018
I know you were never mine
I was too shy or too dumb or too weak
to ever seize the love of time

but god. Your smile,
When your eyes met mine

can only be considered a
war crime
Kira Jul 2018
She was my inspiration
The way she spoke so clearly
Her voice echoed with no hesitation
and her words were meant sincerely

I could tell she wrote with passion
Not afraid to tell her story
It was her call to action
Not about the glory

I wanted her to talk forever
and not stop at the end of the paper
We had a connection I didn't want to sever
Her thoughts I wanted to savor
I've always had a love of poetry, but it wasn't until a couple of months ago that I was really inspired to write my own. This girl read a poem to me that she wrote and it was so powerful that it gave me chills and made me want to cry and I loved that I could feel so many different emotions just by listening to her talk. I hope that someday I will write a piece that will make someone feel something so deeply that they have to sit back for a second and take a deep breath.
Kira Jul 2018
Your eyes
are a fire that lights up my skin
Your heat
is a force that ignites from within
Your hands
are so gentle, they make my head spin
Your lips
give me chills, I can't help when you grin
Your voice
has the beauty of a golden violin
Your body
invites, excites, entices sin
Your attention
is an ocean I get lost in
Your love
is a life that might have been
I second guess myself constantly. I don't know what I'm afraid of. I wish I had the courage to pursue love, instead of backing away and feeling regret.
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