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Mar 2020 · 182
Lead The Way
Chris Mar 2020
The three of us
Or was it four?
I can't recall why
Or when.
But that's the past,
And this is now.
So where do we go?
Mar 2020 · 170
Do Not Weep For A Rainbow
Chris Mar 2020
A rainbows end
Should not be sad.

For its life
Was full of color.

The other side,
A new journey.

Glimmering gold
Is where it starts.

Shining beauty
Is where it parts.

Then the clouds leave.
As is the law.

Around the bend,
The last it saw.

Do not weep for a rainbow-
Even though it may be sad.

When you mourn for the rainbow-
You ruin what it once had.
I started this about 4 months ago but didn't know what to do with it. I finished it earlier today in class. I don't know how it makes you guys feel, but it makes me extremely emotional and I almost cry every time I read it.
Mar 2020 · 907
Mother Hen
Chris Mar 2020
Mother hen-
Lead the way
Tell me when-
And where to stay.

I need a guide-
Through my life
A place to hide-
No more strife

Mother hen-
I'm sorry I lied
Fault of men-
I just can't cry.
Well heck. This is one of only a few poems that got me  to feel a lot of emotions.

Chris Feb 2020
Take me away
Far from here

Let me rest
On the clouds

I need an escape
From what I fear

Put me under
6 feet down

I'll go asunder,
My eternal slumber.
Just not wanting to be alive anymore. But what's going on with you?
Chris Feb 2020
Cheating on you-
With myself.
Nothing to do.
Not with you.
Hey look! They're having a divorce!
Chris Feb 2020
Flying a plane?
How dare he.

He's in my lane,
I dare say.

That's unacceptable.
I refuse to believe.

Please don't harm me.
Just let me be.
Let me know what you think about poems that have no real connection to anything.
Chris Feb 2020
Stuck in a pit
Or stuck in a rut?
Irrelevant, it's all the same.
Feb 2020 · 202
Chris Feb 2020
A lonely day
One after love
One by itself

Not celebrated
Nor is it hated
Just average.
Oh hey! That's the day this poem was written! Whaddya know?
Feb 2020 · 94
Chris Feb 2020
In sincerity
Or so I'm told
I'm dripping
In regrets
Yet to unfold.
A hollow work
Feb 2020 · 164
Chris Feb 2020
Tuning my thoughts
To match my words

Tied into knots
Of broken lies

Defeating smile
The ten yard mark

Saw from a mile
All bite, no bark.

Bottled sadness
Soon to explode

Constant madness
A fading light

Dimming darkness,
That stole my fight

My will to live
My only right

It's been reversed
Flipped on its head

Reverse of what's not.
Wish I was dead.
Chris Feb 2020
I am a Hero
I am a Noble
I am a Knight
I am a God
I am a Liar
My name
Is Ferdinand Von Aegir.
Get it? He says it a lot. I am so funny and original, please give me your money and time.
Feb 2020 · 289
I'm In Trouble.
Chris Feb 2020
I'm sorry for your time
I'm sorry to make you work.
Didn't mean to cause a crime
Didn't want him to get hurt.

You were kind
And you were calm.
Now you'd find
My head in my palm.

I'm sorry to say
It ended this way
I wish you a good day
Sorry Mr. B
Feb 2020 · 257
A Good Friend
Chris Feb 2020
Talking to myself
Might seem crazy.
when in public.

But I didn't think
I was talking
to myself.

I thought
I was talking
to you.
Jan 2020 · 85
Chris Jan 2020
Sorry for the mistake
Of being born

Dear father
A name
You don't

Take me away
Open up my pain
Press the wrinkles
Inhale my failure

Smoke in the sky
A sure warning

Here comes another
One more mistake
To join us.
Jan 2020 · 159
Honey Covered Lips
Chris Jan 2020
Honey Covered Lies
Sweeter than the truth
Poison in my system
Botox in my veins.

Honey Covered Lips
The sweeter they taste
The stronger the dose.
The truth can hurt but it's necessary.
Jan 2020 · 140
Chris Jan 2020
Don't look down
Don't fall
Don't worry
Don't give in
Don't listen
Ignore them
Ignore the thoughts
Keep moving
Keep thinking
No don't
Don't think
You'll fall
They're frail
Don't falter
Push forward
Keep moving
Keep going
Keep moving
Don't think
Trust them
They don't lie

They snapped
Jan 2020 · 80
Chris Jan 2020
Think before you make up your mind
I don't seem to realize
I can't do this on my own
I'll need support

But if I fall
I'll miss you all.
Summer, Day Forty One.
Chris Jan 2020
Mass production
just turn the crank

Mass destruction
hide in the tank
I don't have the answer.
Jan 2020 · 467
Elves On The Mountainside
Chris Jan 2020
Upon the hill
I see the light glow
A place of happiness
That I'll never know
Jan 2020 · 81
Chris Jan 2020
Busting my back
Breaking my bones
Helping the pack
Holding their stones.

Workhorse will try
Workhorse won't budge
It's time's gone by
I'll be the judge
I just thought it sounded nice.
Dec 2019 · 63
Musical Theory.
Chris Dec 2019
A song should start on the root.
In the middle should be a 5.
And end on a jump to 8.

But I choose 7.
I read a short poem and this popped into my mind.
Let me know what you think.
Dec 2019 · 77
Cult Stuff
Chris Dec 2019
What happened to you?
Why are you broken?
Would you like some help?
Should I leave you be?

Are you shattered too?
Have you awoken?
Tell me how you felt.
Tell me what you see.

I am your family
So you can trust me
There's no need to leave

I'm your biggest fan
I'm what you're to be
My heart's on my sleeve.

At last, you've joined
Another day spent.

Now you're one of us.
It's where you must've went.

But now, you are gone

And now I'm content.
Thought I'd try a poem where it shrinks and shrinks.
Let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more.
Dec 2019 · 83
River Phoenix
Chris Dec 2019
Liquid courage slides down my gullet
To approach her from across the room.

Told myself that she was full of it
A habit spelling my certain doom.

One deep breath intakes the fun-to-be
Helps me push away my deepest fears.

I can feel the music about me
Finally fitting in with my peers.

Spinning my good friend, I find a match
Taller than I, but nothing like her.

Hot and heavy moving past her patch
Finish within the time I assure.

Up a level, the party begins
My first winter storm left me burning.

Now it's really boiling up within
Up my nostrils, I feel it churning.

The yellow cannonball firing far
At last, I can be with the great stars
Give me your feedback and what you think this is.
(this one would probably have been better titled Sancho's Party Foul)
Dec 2019 · 198
Voluntary Or Otherwise
Chris Dec 2019
To escape is to see.
To sea is to drown.
To drown is to end.
To end this long abuse.
If you wanna know the meaning behind this one dm me. Enjoy.
Nov 2019 · 332
DM's Poems
Chris Nov 2019
There's nothing left
You can't escape
There's only death
Accept your fate.
I'm writing poems and riddles for my D&D campaign.
Nov 2019 · 116
Sancho's Party Foul
Chris Nov 2019
A little too much to drink.
A little too much that day.

Yes I went a little too far
And I'm willing to work hard.

But he won't give me a chance
One strike and then you're out.

I didn't mean to hit him that hard
But now I've got to clean it up.
***** to be you Sancho.
Nov 2019 · 71
Hammer Time!
Chris Nov 2019
I don't practice self harm
I'm just an observer.
It has a certain charm
It just makes me wonder.
****** up thoughts.
Oct 2019 · 273
For a grater cause
Chris Oct 2019
It's full of holes.
I am a comedic genius.
Oct 2019 · 80
Chris Oct 2019
I'm for freedom of speech,
Only when it's applied to me

I protect animals
Unless they're food

I want your time
But won't pay it back.

I won't give you some help
Now cut me some slack.
Unsure of what this is.
Oct 2019 · 287
Not Even Once.
Chris Oct 2019
Ceaseless scratching
The sound of fingernails on skin
I need it more.
Oh god.
Oh ****.
I can feel the Need.
It's all over.
The sensation.
Not even here. Just a mirage.
Just a dream.
Just a fever.
What I want.
What I need.
When will it come?
How long have I waited?
Or only minutes?
Oh please go faster
A kettle
That's it!
If I don't think
Then it will speed up.
How to achieve that though?
I did it.
Just thought I'd type out whatever comes to my mind. I'm kind of tired of typing in a bunch of restrictive formats. I like them at times but I just wanted to try something new. Let me know what you think. I'm a **** for attention so I'll do whatever the public wants.
Thanks for reading.
Oct 2019 · 141
Been A While
Chris Oct 2019
First time in a while
I'm a bit rusty
I've struggled before
but you can trust me

You know I've been scraped
And how I've been bruised
But I've changed my shape
And managed my tune.

Guess it's time to work
Get back in the fray
Just another perk.
Lets live another day.
Btw a bomb went off at my school.
Chris Sep 2019
When you're on your own
You've got nowhere to go.
But don't worry my friend

My shoulder's for sale
It's only price
Is a warm smile.
Just warm up. Enjoy.
Chris Sep 2019
If I were to take a ****** of the whipper snappers stack
Would I be put with the snappers pudding pack?
But perhaps a putters prepping prepares the snapper
But too prepared and the snappers pudding’s pack goes whack!
The snapper quacks in the snappers shack but what the snapper lacks
Is a sniping snappers smirk with a snapping remark
The whippersnappers friend the smiling shark remarks
“I’m glad to take part in such a part in the remote part of the park!”
“That snort was short” yelled from across the court was the upset porg.
For his movie failed and his ship had sailed beyond the mail to the forgotten land where's he derailed.
This was really quickly and poorly made but thought I might as well share it with you guys. Enjoy.
Aug 2019 · 183
Tear Me Open
Chris Aug 2019
Have me get drawn and quartered
Tear my attention span shorter.
Go and tear me limb from limb
My weeping smile from cheek to cheek.

Mutilate my childish mind
Creativity left behind.
Beat me into submission
Misery; your only mission.

**** me and tell me I'm wrong
Hide and whine your pathetic song.
Father's your supposed name
He who ignores his growing shame.

Forgive him is what they say
Unaware of what's given way.
Tear me open for all to see
Dismember my will to be.
This is about my garbage family and ******* stepdad. Enjoy.
Aug 2019 · 241
The Reverse Of What's Not.
Chris Aug 2019
My brain is fried
Over easy
My brain cells died
Makes me queasy.

This nausea
Is giving me
New empty thoughts
Of hollow dreams.

Writing this now
I'm asking how
I've been endowed
With useless talent.
Aug 2019 · 229
Chris Aug 2019
Fight for what's left
Not for what's right
What's right's subjective
What's left's objective.

The future's built
On what we have
The future's lost
To what we want.
Don't ask me, I don't have the answer.
Aug 2019 · 206
Kept Alive
Chris Aug 2019
Tank of green
Liquid steam
Bubbles rise
Growing wise.

All this pain
That I feel
There's no gain
From this deal.

Wired tubes
Sticking out
Glowing cubes
Left no doubt.
Who else ready for this area 51 raid?
Jul 2019 · 202
The End
Chris Jul 2019
Fire raging
Forest fading
I'm Still waiting
Jul 2019 · 208
Strange Isn't It?
Chris Jul 2019
How can we
Connect to
Someone who
Has gone through
Something so

I've never
Been beaten
By someone
With a whip
But sill I
Can connect.

How funny.
Jul 2019 · 113
With Me
Chris Jul 2019
I've heard it for hours
Played it on end
Helped me when in need,
On it I depend

This verse still ringing in my head
The bittersweet memories attached
Motivated by its heartfelt words
But it feels like I need it detached.

"I want you to know: with everything, I won't let this go
These words are my heart and soul
I'll hold on to this moment, you know
'Cause I'd bleed my heart out to show that I won't let go"

I love you
I really do
But the year has passed
My need for falsity
is gone.
You will be missed.

Yours truly.
I used to listen to this song a lot about a year ago. I loved it and I still do. But I need to move on. Enjoy.
Jul 2019 · 209
The Eye Of The Beholder.
Chris Jul 2019
Empty eyes of sorrow and sadness
Stare into a constant void of madness

With her blonde colored hair
Upon hours I could stare
And hold no cares.
For a maiden so fair
My lifetime I would share
And be forever paired.

Some say it's quite drastic
But she's quite elastic
Who cares if she's spastic
When she's made of plastic
;P. Enjoy.
Jul 2019 · 216
The Blazing Blade
Chris Jul 2019
This blazing blade
Stuck in my chest
The starving flames
Licking my flesh.

The orange hue
Glowing so bright
Makes you ask who
Started this fight?

These pearl white sins
Melting away;
Charring my skin
No more to say.
Surprisingly enough, I don't really know what this is about. I was thinking of a game with the same title and I just kinda wrote this. I like it. Let me know what you think. Enjoy.
Jul 2019 · 248
Chris Jul 2019
The earworm
In my head
Had made it
To my brain
And eaten
What little's
Jun 2019 · 258
Colorful Prison Cell
Chris Jun 2019
Everyday someone enters.
Everyday someone leaves.
But not me.

I've been here for 12 years now.
The pain I feel gets better with time.

Or so I'm told.

Isn't it ironic?
Someone tells me what it's like
But then I experience it.
Tell them otherwise.
But I'm wrong.

As usual.
Jun 2019 · 141
Chris Jun 2019
The music is blaring
Like the drum of
My heart.

Isn't it strange?
To be surrounded
By people
Yet feel drowned
In loneliness?

I grab a
Swallow and
Feel the sting
That gets me drunk
The feeling of

A blurred
Calls for me.
It's slurred speech's
Making my
Nerves calm.

I grab it
And follow it home
To be seen
Jun 2019 · 544
The Mightiest Warrior
Chris Jun 2019
Sign me up
Send me in
Equip me
With a pen.

Hold it tight
Aim it right
Take your pick
Feel the kick

Peaceful notes
Left behind
Makes you want
To rewind
I'm joining the military soon. I'm not necessarily anti-war, nor pro-war, but this just came to me. Enjoy.
Jun 2019 · 191
Walking On Pain
Chris Jun 2019
Pins and needles
Of which I walk
The pain is comfort
For a lonely soul
Jun 2019 · 216
Dear Mountain
Chris Jun 2019
Mountain so high
Please tell me why
Why you continue to grow
The worlds falling don't ya know?
Up is where you belong
If only I were that strong
I'd follow you wherever you go
Jun 2019 · 174
Deceased and Disposed
Chris Jun 2019
Here I am
The shadow of a man
That never was.
Chris Jun 2019
More than one
Less than two
Who am I
Without you?
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