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 Jun 2020 Chris
Adhara Sygnus
 Jun 2020 Chris
Adhara Sygnus
They say the sun,
was selfless to a fault,
he died everyday,
to let the moon get,
a glimpse of the world
 Jun 2020 Chris
The sun was gold
But nothing compared to your hair
The ink was black
But nothing compared to your eyes
The sky was blue
But nothing compared to your polo
That you always wore that I love to stare
The day was dark
But nothing compared to your favorite jeans that you always wore
And I love to stare
The tulips was pink
But nothing compared to your lips
The roses was red
Like the ones you always gave to me
Whenever I am sad
The water was plain
But nothing compared to the day
When you took one step inside the train
Everything was colorful
But nothing compared to the colors of our  love way back then.

 Jun 2020 Chris
The river dances in the rain,
veiled by white fog,
with ducks flocking
beneath the bushes.

A man stands nearby,
damning his life,
for the pavement serves
as a cemetery
for his wife's birthday cake.

What a bad day,
to be a beautiful sight.
 Jun 2020 Chris
Em MacKenzie
There is only so long
you can struggle to make a bed
before you realize,
that it's a futon.
An old note I wrote down months and months ago.
 Jun 2020 Chris
 Jun 2020 Chris
The next time
She lies

Is the lie
It tell
 Jun 2020 Chris
 Jun 2020 Chris
The depth of the love,
Is never as deep as the wounds,
The loved leave behind,
When they leave you;
 Jun 2020 Chris
Ellie Sutton
 Jun 2020 Chris
Ellie Sutton
Sleep is almost as elusive as you
 Jun 2020 Chris
Michael Stefan
soft and supple
together we laid
my head on your chest
soft heartbeat
quickens at my touch
my fingers trace
all in shapes of hearts
soft and supple
i could lay on you
as forever
floats away
There is something beautiful and magical about those moments of cuddling as the light gives way to the night.  Two bodies in sync.
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