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drip... drip ..drip
feel the cold water
hit your empty stomach
just take little sips
stomach growls lull me to sleep
i don't like a full stomach
i don't care that it makes me weak
i don't see a cookie
i see 120 calories
22.8 g carbs, 14.4 g sugar
this is my daily life I'm not a rookie
water has zero grams
of sugar,carbs and calories
so I drink water
i have water for dinner
and for a snack
i avoid the scale
i don't weight myself anymore
cause it makes me feel more like
a beached whale
i don't eat breakfast
i eat one meal at 3pm
some people notice so
i just lie and say I'm fasting...
Every road
has its puddles.
Every person
has their troubles.
Every life
has its struggles.
No matter what you face
in your path,
you can still rise up
like an
Go on! You're strong! :)
 Nov 2017 Matthew Vargas
These emotions swirl around my mind
Like the glowing leaves outside
Yellow anxieties, orange excitements, and red passions
All intermingling to create something divine
For those who don't understand
It appears disorganized and unnatural
But as sure as leaves return to trees in the spring
My feelings will continue to bloom for someone
More than one
And that's beautiful
Words do not echo.
Words do not cry.
Words do not,

Scrambled and stirred,
Frozen and baked.
Pulled when needed,
Eaten to be fed.

Pieced together,
Black or white,
Laugh or fight,
Wrong or right.

A sound is bound by key,
A picture by color pigments,
Emotions chemically,
But words contain,
And absolutely,

The same word
Can be
Depending who, what, how
When it was read
Or written.

What if every word,
Was positive in meaning?
Could not
Destroy feelings.

Words have no senses.
Words have no bounds.
No touch, sight, taste, or smell.
Words have no sound.

Words have no sound.
Unless read aloud.
 Nov 2017 Matthew Vargas
I still hoped that we could be friends
But I guess I was the end
To anything more
And everything before
 Nov 2017 Matthew Vargas
You keep spewing out poems
Each so renewing and flowin'
Your words speak
Knowledge that reaches peaks
In every line
The meaning is so defined
Crafted so loving
Your writing far from beige
Reflecting how truly you are a poetic sage!
A poem for StarBG~! :)
sticky sweet molasses flowing down your smooth sensual body
but before i know it
it morphs into blood, the rick dark color turning to a thin red

and before i know it
you are gone

ten years later
i visit your grave
i place flowers on the headstone
i remember you
but do you remember me?
a deep and thoughtful write
please leave feedback and comments below :)
           *and light

                               emanating from your beautiful face
                                                     you shock me with your beauty
                          every moment i spend with you
          brings me joy and happiness

your features are like gleaming stones, polished with oil
          shining with the light gleaming out from you
                          just like your beauty shoots out in rays like the
                           shining sun

      oh darling, i'll never stop loving you.

*i can think of no better way to describe my love for you babe
short love peom showing my love for a special someone
this peom is the culmination of my thoughts for about a months. i've written draft after draft of this, and i think i finally got it perfect.
please leave feedback and comments below :)
 Oct 2017 Matthew Vargas
There was once a horrid alcoholic
At least that what someone said
But maybe they didn't care
Maybe drinking was the only thing keeping them going

Because it reminds them of someone
Or how smoothly someone came into their heart
Someone filled their mind and body with warmth
Happy thoughts and feels
Allowing their worries to soar free
Relieving them of pain
Keeping their mind away from harsh realities
Someone made their life a living fantasy
A surreal ecstasy
Love that would last for evermore

Only it didn't
It isn't there anymore
Someone left
The person is here
Drinking so that maybe... they can keep going
 Oct 2017 Matthew Vargas
I wish to seek for the perfect flower
To find a beauty as wonderful as you
An isolated yet bloom of joy
A tender and gentle lotus
Oh so fragile
I can see it glimmering
Sparkling an amusing sight
Oh so lovingly
But it is so far away...
Just like you
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