Your tender flesh careses my mouth
the tangey taste of your skin
which is also sticky.

I bite slowly and
See my tooth marks on yuor flesh

You are soft and deilicous
I am not Veegan
but you make me wish
I we're.
thes is about veegan pork
You keep a clean office desk
So it's easy to shove everything off of it
To gently put your ******* it
And make her feel like she's the real reason you do buisness
Because that's how I see it.
I Just Want TO Say

I Love All Of You

Even the ones who have hurt me
Because I have learned
And I will continue to learn
That sticks and stones can break your bones
But only rain can break your brean
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To EVeryone that says they're just trying to be n9ce

To everyone that says they are just trying to give me construtive criticism

TO Everyone that says that I WILL NEVER GO PLACES
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words all have their roots
ped = foot
saurus = dinosaur
photo = light

just like my love for you has roots
or like a tree has roots

and all these things are infinite

the power of language
the power of nature
the power of love
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your love tastes like sweetness
your lips also taste like sweetness,

did you put a magic speel on me
because i am enchanted by you
and you're beauty

when you kissed me
your kiss was like a love potion

but i am worried that you will leave me
i am worried that your love
is poison.
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Birds fly over mountains
Like some feathers floating down
From the sky

I see a bald eagle
It reminds me of you becaause
it is so majestic

But it also reminds me
of freedom

I see the Statue of Liberty
She is green like you're eyes

I gaze over the ocean
You, my darling, are my American Dream
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