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i pear my eyes at the gloomy sky,
twitching with pleasure and pain.

where i hope rain will fall,
is only the acrid dust of the frenso desert.

where i hope corn will grow,
is only the weeds and seeds of earth.

i know i can not live for longer in this way. that i shall Soon Die without sistenace

all that is before my weery eyes are my Kin.
My family.
My friends.
And yes.
My livers.

The ***** themselves.
My trauma started to scream! My eyes flooded with tears from the depths of Hell Himself. Yet I know it must be done. I crunched into his shell with the fury of.l a thousand suns. It shattered beneath my choppers as I seasoned his flesh with my own salty tears. My tong registered the taste of crab flesh, that before I had only tasted in the most scandalous of contexts.

I felt his life drain, and my own restored. But at what cost?
this peom is inspiring by my Idol Justine Beeber. thank yuo all for the support i have greatley missed yuo all but was ocuppied tending too my ***** wich had fallen deathley ill
Crandall Branch Jun 2019
my sneses are in overdrive
like a car driving over a big sped bump

i look to the left
outlines of claking clikers await me

i look to the rite
there bulgig eyes dare me to make the fist move

i like to wisper sweet nothing's into they're ears
like "mr claker yuo are so powerful" or "scutle away with me to ******"

but then i had the truly terible reelisation
they doo not have ears...
hello this has bean a long time since i wrote on hear i was so busy with my crab s and then my love for them sparked the inspirateen for this peom please like comment and suscribe
Crandall Branch Jan 2019
the sensuous curves of their shels

the clicking of their hands

the look in their eye's
more peoms inspired by my crab friends
Crandall Branch Jan 2019
a shower
is like
you rinse of
the dirt
and end up
with only
the cleen
hello guys :) sorry i haven't posted much, i have bean busy with my crab farm
Crandall Branch Nov 2018
Society says I am bad
they are all FOOLS

just because i have the coorage
to dryve at 300 miles pur hour on the freeway

I am smart like Jeesus
Yuo are just sad
Crandall Branch Nov 2018
I peered into the bin
I saw
Foul Creations

and at the top... One shining leaf of leetuce
I saw it for what it was: A Miracle of the Lord

I plucked the leetuce out of the bin
And handed it to an unsuspecting fellow

Little did he know he was about to be blessed with God’s leetuce

He ate the leetuce
And ascended to Heaven
a thought on religion...
sorry i have been so inactive, this moment affected me so deeply and i needed some time to reflect
Crandall Branch Aug 2018
Your tender flesh careses my mouth
the tangey taste of your skin
which is also sticky.

I bite slowly and
See my tooth marks on yuor flesh

You are soft and deilicous
I am not Veegan
but you make me wish
I we're.
thes is about veegan pork
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