the sensuous curves of their shels

the clicking of their hands

the look in their eye's
more peoms inspired by my crab friends
a shower
is like
you rinse of
the dirt
and end up
with only
the cleen
hello guys :) sorry i haven't posted much, i have bean busy with my crab farm
Crandall Branch Nov 2018
Society says I am bad
they are all FOOLS

just because i have the coorage
to dryve at 300 miles pur hour on the freeway

I am smart like Jeesus
Yuo are just sad
Crandall Branch Nov 2018
I peered into the bin
I saw
Foul Creations

and at the top... One shining leaf of leetuce
I saw it for what it was: A Miracle of the Lord

I plucked the leetuce out of the bin
And handed it to an unsuspecting fellow

Little did he know he was about to be blessed with ***’s leetuce

He ate the leetuce
And ascended to Heaven
a thought on religion...
sorry i have been so inactive, this moment affected me so deeply and i needed some time to reflect
Crandall Branch Aug 2018
Your tender flesh careses my mouth
the tangey taste of your skin
which is also sticky.

I bite slowly and
See my tooth marks on yuor flesh

You are soft and deilicous
I am not Veegan
but you make me wish
I we're.
thes is about veegan pork
You keep a clean office desk
So it's easy to shove everything off of it
To gently put your ******* it
And make her feel like she's the real reason you do buisness
Because that's how I see it.
Crandall Branch Apr 2018
I Just Want TO Say

I Love All Of You

Even the ones who have hurt me
Because I have learned
And I will continue to learn
That sticks and stones can break your bones
But only rain can break your brean
Thanks guys! Please comment and like if you have a second! Love you -Carndall
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