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Lost Soul Apr 2021
When you are a mother..

You talk but don't listen
You spew hate and but dislike haters
You want to be loved but don't love
You listen to sermons on compassion then you scream at your kid when they tell you they're depressed
....or is that just my mother?

My mother loves to cry but lacks empathy
She quotes this book of life and almost let me take mine.....

She mocks happy couples but is clinging to her broken marriage
She wants respect but doesn't respect others
She hates judgy people but calls women ******
She hates a messy house but is a hoarder
She thinks she's dying but is in perfect physical health
My mother......
Drives down a one way road and think everyone else is going the wrong way

One day her mental illness will run everyone away...
leaving her not be able to make excuses for her actions.
Lost Soul Apr 2020
I hope you know that I love you...
even when I'm a crying mess
even when my lungs start skipping breaths
you're the one I run too

I'm sorry that my mind plays games...
I don't want to be the broken one
I hate that PTSD crumbles me
I love that you always look at me the same

I hope you always see the person inside
I love you with all my heart
for once in a long time, I don't want to die

But there will always be a part of me that wonders when you'll leave
when all my quirks will turn to flaws
when I am just a burden
when you start to say "I" not we...
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