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Feb 2020 · 403
Mito Feb 2020
you deserve better,
love yguys
Feb 2020 · 131
Mito Feb 2020
break me
a thousand times
again and
if that’s what
it takes to
make you
i dont want to lose you. i cant risk losing you. i want you to stay, i really do. ily
Feb 2020 · 160
Mito Feb 2020
i’d choose her over
everything else
she chose sleep
over me.
she slept. i miss her already 🥺🥺💓💓
Feb 2020 · 355
Mito Feb 2020
Are you scared
of me?
Or is it just
you’re feeling?
You move
further away
when all i want
is for you to
come closer
to me.
idk if she just shy or nervous. I wish tht she’d just scoot a little closer to me. 😔😔😔
Feb 2020 · 110
what she’s like
Mito Feb 2020
Quiet cafés along
quiet streets,
blue roses paired with
baby’s breath.
She’s everything
i find calmness in and
I find calmness in
everything she is.
god i love her sm
Dec 2019 · 145
No longer
Mito Dec 2019
i will no longer wonder.
Wonder about your whereabouts,
wonder about what you’re doing.
i will no longer care as much,
i will no longer love as much.

I will no longer love you
who no longer loves me.
this will be the last i write about you.
Dec 2019 · 247
Never will
Mito Dec 2019
i will not
be reminded of you
no more.
i will not
cry over you, no.
not anymore.
im over her. i think so and i hope so
Dec 2019 · 1.2k
Mito Dec 2019
you left me
so i’ll
leave you
the same way.
Nov 2019 · 402
Mito Nov 2019
as delicate as
she was,
as curious
she became.
“How easy
will you break
by my hands?”
she thought.
it’s 2am and i’m still writing ✍️
Nov 2019 · 397
Mito Nov 2019
purple painted
beauty and
in one.

similarly you

brown coloured
warm gaze
a strong gale,
never thought i’d
find the one.
i loved that side of her. She was uncontrollable.
Nov 2019 · 963
Mito Nov 2019
I’ll never
promise you
was when
i was with
i guess a part of me still isn’t over her
Nov 2019 · 225
Mito Nov 2019
her eyes,
you’d mistake it
for the stars.
her lips,
they shine
as light dawns upon.
“will it melt
with a touch?”
I ask.
She turns away,
she laughs.
“will you fix me
if it does?”
Hoshi = Star

probably my personal favourite.
Nov 2019 · 2.1k
Mito Nov 2019
satisfying my
****** desires,
was all
I planned.
your lips,
your hands,
your hips,
your eyes,
you entice me,
you’re all i think about.
you made me fall for
well i guess one could guess it by now. But yeah, i used to have someone who was my friend(?) We agreed to be friends with benefits but, i caught feelings for her.
Nov 2019 · 250
Mito Nov 2019
and she left. the day i dreaded the most, the day i wished would never come, the day i prayed she’d never say those words.

“i’m tired of you”

was all she said and left.
it really did end up this way for me. i loved her a little too much until I became a burden to her.
Nov 2019 · 1.9k
start of a mess
Mito Nov 2019
with each other,
we played around,
****** around
as one would say
“never catch feelings”
our one and
only rule


a rebel at heart,
i was.
to break rules was a
part of myself.

“i think i’m in love.
with her.”
hellooo this is my first poem i’ve submitted here i guess. Hope people will like my work and continue to read it

— The End —