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                                  I ask myself,
Why can't i be good enough?
       I'm either too quiet or too loud,
too energetic or too dull, lifeless...
        I'm too nice or too mean,
too dramatic or too emotionless, numb...
       I feel everything or i don't feel enough...
     Am i never good enough?
   I love myself yet i despise my existence...
Is it that the only person who thinks I'm
    is the person who deserves the world,
                                                                     the world i can't provide...
  But maybe he can show me that for once,
                                                                            I am good enough...
I love him.
I love him so much.
And it hurts so bad.
I don't deserve him,
But I need him.
They say I give to much, and take too little.
I don’t see it that way.
I want love so I give love and yes expect it in return.
But no matter how hard I’ve tried, I’m
always left behind.
Chasing paper,plastic, and silicone.

I’ll still wait for love, even if it never comes.
I don’t deserve picture perfect.

I want your flaws and your struggles too.
To them your worthless, to me you want less, which means your worth it.
I’m not obsessed just lonely.
If you were born to do something then do it.
Written 22 December 2018
i'd do voodoo on you
old men and abusive parents
your time is now gone
25.11.18 / if only i could make them go away, you deserve all the best
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