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Harshit Nangia Nov 2021

It's the warm feeling you get when you think about her.

It's the burst of joy whenever you talk to her.

It's the journey from being cheesy,cringe and crazy for the world, And cute just for her.

It's the moment you don't see a future without her

It's the realisation that in your life's every possible story she's the happy ending
Your defination ?
Harshit Nangia Oct 2021
I am wating for one day
One day when my eyes won't open up in the morning
I am waiting for one day
When I will look up at the sky with my eyes shining
I am waiting for one day
When I end my connection with the world
I am waiting for one day
When I live indifferent to the world
I am waiting for one day
When I say "I made it"
I am waiting for one day
When I say "this is it"
I am waiting for one day
When my heart is smiling
I am waiting for one day
When I know this is the ending.
Either day works.
Harshit Nangia May 2020
It is the default setting to hide explicit writings ,
But i don't think they had anything wrong in their writings.

It's written that if you add explicit words in your poems, it will be hidden
And apparently there are too many poems which are explicit word-ridden.

Can anyone please tell me what makes a poem explicit writing
A poem is a description of people's feelings and fighting.

I am really confused for I don't know if this poem will be hidden or not
But I think I am gonna give it a shot .

This setting has hidden so many writes  from me
And when I asked the poets why ,
there was no answer found to be .

Now it is my humble request if anyone will answer my question
This thing already has all of my attention .
I have not been able to read a lot wonderful poet's work because of this setting. The problem is that this setting is default and hence I didn't know that I was missing out on so much . When I asked the poets about this , sadly I didn't get any answers . Anyone who has information regarding this and who can help me on this matter is more than welcome to share their advice.
Harshit Nangia May 2020
You lost the day you started doubting yourself.
~Harshit Nangia
Harshit Nangia May 2020
You are my perfect dream
You are my final wish .

We don't talk nowadays
You don't even look at me,
I am now out of ways
I don't know how to be

Hence I create you in my dreams
No we're not a couple by the streams
But you just talk to me, have forgiven me,
Just that makes my heart skip a beat .

The thought of you just standing beside me,
Means the world to me .

All of this is not the reality
That's why I see you in my dreams
That's why I don't wanna wake up from my sleep .
Ever happened that when you can't be with someone, you imagine yourself with them in your dreams . You make a whole life with them and never wanna wake up
Harshit Nangia May 2020
Aaj koi Anjaana jankaar ** gaya
Koi paraya apna ** gaya .

Bade dino baad aaj apne pan ka ehsaas hua hai
Shayad uske liye nahi, par mere liye kuchh khaas hua hai.

Iss zamaane se ladte ladte main logon par se bharosa kho chuka hoon,
Par na jaane kyun, tujh par aitbaar karne laga hoon.

Yeh sahi hai ya galat yeh main nahi jaanta
Main bass itna jaanta hoon ki khud ko tere hawale kar chuka hoon.
Written a long time ago when a stranger came into my life and lit it up.
Harshit Nangia May 2020
I received so much love ,
More than i was worthy of .

I recieved so much support,
More than i had expected of .

I received so much motivation,
More than i needed of .

I received so much inspiration
Exactly what i thrived for .

This platform is made by its members
Not by an app or digital numbers .

Some of the best have given me a ray
I will surely make my way
Remembering their kindness everyday.
To all the members who reminded me that positivity stil exists. This platform has shared so much love , its members have showed such kindness that i will forever be grateful for .
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