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Harshit Nangia May 2020
I received so much love ,
More than i was worthy of .

I recieved so much support,
More than i had expected of .

I received so much motivation,
More than i needed of .

I received so much inspiration
Exactly what i thrived for .

This platform is made by its members
Not by an app or digital numbers .

Some of the best have given me a ray
I will surely make my way
Remembering their kindness everyday.
To all the members who reminded me that positivity stil exists. This platform has shared so much love , its members have showed such kindness that i will forever be grateful for .
Nat Lipstadt Feb 2016
T'is a curious thing,
these verbal peddlers,
these tribal members,
famously well known to no one,
perhaps at best,
a kindred few, fellow-travelers.

Each a troop,
in the army of orphans,
bloodied, purple hearted,
anonymous unto each other,
yet all bonded intimates,
in solitary struggle united,
yet sea-parted by the very nature
of the solitude of composition.

All poets are Cain scar-marked,
purposed for everyone to see,
a warning to the rabbled boors,
the imagination suppressors!


cherish these flawed ones,
gentle these frail but gritty,
the Lord has tasked them
to be prophets in one tongue untied,
undo the strife of Babel's division.


Be the harpooners
of the unexamined life,
with unfettered rhapsody,
comfort caress us,
exhort the loopy
to light their illusionary candles,
turn the sad eyed lowlanders
into crinkly eye-lined smilers.

With clinical observation,
dense and demanding,
make us laugh at
the comedy of our situation,
teach us our free-to-see peep show,
reveal, unseal us
with **** empathy!

For who's who in poetry
is all of us!
saviors and failures,
recorders and decoders,
night writers of the oohs and aahs
of dreams and nightmares.

When this poet cannot,
no longer, anymore,
taste his poems upon your lips,
keep your poems within his heart,
then he breathes no more,
becoming one who was, yet still is,
because of you,

because of poetry.
Gods1son Nov 2018
Each one of us is a member of ONE body
I could be the nose and you could be the liver
The body is whole if we individually play our part in harmony with others
The fingers doesn't have to compete with the toes
Competition instigates making foes
I respect your contribution
And you respect mine
That's how it ought to go
Problem arises when a part
Deliberately or indeliberately fails to accomplish its purpose or goals
Nevertheless, we have to live with the consciousness that
We are not many but ONE!
sunprincess Nov 2016
So last night, I stopped by Santa's workshop
And I met his team of eight tiny reindeer
His sweet little wife and all of his elves

AND do you know,  they whispered in my ear
some members of Hello Poetry are very naughty
So Santa's added their names to his list, my dear

AND Santa declared with a very saddened heart
they will be blessed with nothing this year

— The End —