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 Aug 2017 Autumn Joy
"but why me?"
i asked him.
"out of all the girls
who are the elegant roses
or bright sunflowers,
graceful tulips,
or lovely orchids,
why pick me,
a lone, little daisy?"

he laughed,
"well then:
oopsy daisy,
then you must be
the best mistake
i have ever made.
for through
your white petals
and cheery yellow center,
innocence and beauty
is portrayed."
p.s. daisies are my favorite flowers
Sun is like your smile
Many days it's there but some it's not
It illuminates all around
Like your smile when it's out
Exactly like your smile is the sun
Saying goodbye
To someone you love
Is like reading the final page
Of an amazing book.

As the last chapter ends
You begin to notice
Just how beautiful
And perfect
The plot always was.  

You appreciate the joy
And even the pain
As you read and thumb
Through every page.

Finally understanding
The moral of the story,
You realize you've reached
The end of this journey.

Although the last sentence  
Is the most difficult to read
Another great book awaits
Once you turn the final page.

Eventually you may stumble
Upon yet another great find.
Or maybe you'll return
To the book you left behind.

You may just discover
Once all is said and done
That this particular book  
Was your favorite story
All along.
For Ty & Des ❤️
 Jun 2017 Autumn Joy
The Writer
Tell me, Romeo, why did you love Juliet?
Was it her eyes made of shining sapphires
or the silken waves of her golden crown?

Or better yet, was she only an object you couldn't have?
A blooming rose, covered in poisoned thorns
Promising danger and death with one simple kiss

Why did you let her venom spread through your veins?
A forbidden, poisonous love bringing only destruction
Yet you smiled and watched as it consumed your soul

Was she worth all the pain and the lies?
The broken shards left behind in your foolish escapades
Abandoned for both families to piece back together once more in your wake

Where did it all begin?
Did you start at the beginning
Or were you in the middle before you even knew what was happening?

Your love was doomed from the start
And yet you loved her until your last dying breath
Tell me, Romeo, why did you love Juliet?
 Jun 2017 Autumn Joy
He* gave me in one look,

what a thousand sunsets

never could.

Hold my hand and let me see
Let me feel I am not alone
Let me know I have someone beside me
Let me realize sadness will soon be thrown

Hold my hand and dance with me
Let me play the music of our love
Let us sway and let us be
Like cotton clouds dancing up above

Hold my hand until forevermore
Hold my heart with love that I adore...
Not posting anything since last week...

Hello,  HP!
 Jun 2017 Autumn Joy
raine cooper
i can only write of you,
and you will live here with me
for as long as my hands can hold a pen
Your smile sets ripples
Across the calm waters
As my soul takes a plunge
Into the sea of feelings
Feeling the warmth
That embraces me
I can see myself in the reflection
of your heart
Scattering the colors of love
Your smile always
welcomes me
 Jun 2017 Autumn Joy
 Jun 2017 Autumn Joy
I know you love it,
I can feel your vibe.
you don't just see me,
you see my other side.

I saw you looking;
how you stared for a while,
noticing you smiling,
when I caught you,
for the second time.

must of been those stunning eyes
or that curious smile, you caught my eye
Wanted you closer as the seconds went by
instead of just flirting, I wanted to be by your side.
eyes feeling on each - locked out the world
left each other stuck inside.

I saw you notice me,
and I noticed for a while.
As I looked on, I noticed your style.
And now I'm feeling you, lovin your vibe.
noticed your eyes feeling, watching me move
like a movie --- we should roll, and chill
then take a ride

Close your eyes, and
let me climbs inside.
Touch your soul,
while I ease your mind,
rock your body,
sooth it with mine.
giving you the real me,
until you are addicted to that natural high.
Don't rush a think,
lets just take our time.

Relax, baby just enjoy the ride.
Coming into my world,  while I dip inside.
give me the best of you like its already mine.
Introduce your Highness to her new shrine.
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