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Autumn Joy Jun 2019
In my parents home
dark figures moved about
in empty hurt and pain
bodies of Light surround me now
replacing shadow with bright
they brought me change
Autumn Joy Aug 2018
The music that those hands can make..
Autumn Joy Mar 2018
in the wake of me
trying to be free
i set my own trap
and now i have to deal with my own crap

in the stirring of my soul
i pushed my limits to far
because now i don’t feel beautiful
but much more like a beat up car
i really need to take my own advice sometimes because i keep going way too far
Autumn Joy Mar 2018
our love is like a rope burning at both ends
it is short
it is dangerous
it is bound to disappear
Autumn Joy Jan 2018
i want to create a picture
not with my words
but how one normally
paints a ******* picture

it would be so cool
to be able to use a brush
or a pen or any tool actually
but i cannot ******* do it

so i will create a scene
with my writing to show
what i feel and how i see
because i may not be an artist

but i am poet
i feel so limited with what i can actually accomplish in the fine arts and that’s okay i guess i just have to keep going
Autumn Joy Jan 2018
he hurt her.
he hurt her deeply.
she can grow past this
she can repair nearly completely

but he hurt her too
the small one who
does not understand and still hurts
he will never be forgiven
Autumn Joy Aug 2017
we both know
that we both get anxious
so I text you
right when you text me

neither of us can sleep
worry is all we do
lack of sleep makes us delirious
but thoughts of you in my mind glow
y'all i'm really in love with my boyfriend we are dorks
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