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I feel like a monster
I broke your heart for what I am
And for what it's worth I hate myself for hurting you
I love you that won't change; its the itch I can't scratch
The urges I get when I think of my prey
I don't mean to hurt you or lead you astray
All I ever wanted is what I'm too scared to have
You're the man I hold in my sleep while I devour girls in my dreams please
Forgive me I'm so sorry
It's killing me too
It takes my breath away to see you so happy
With all my heart:                                
                          ­          x      x            x       x
                                 x                 x                  x
                                   x          I      Love       x
                                      x          You           x
                                          x        <3       x  
                                               x          x  
                                                  ­   x
Of old sat Freedom on the heights,
    The thunders breaking at her feet:
Above her shook the starry lights:
    She heard the torrents meet.

  There in her place she did rejoice,
    Self-gather'd in her prophet-mind,
But fragments of her mighty voice
    Came rolling on the wind.

  Then stept she down thro' town and field
    To mingle with the human race,
And part by part to men reveal'd
    The fulness of her face--

  Grave mother of majestic works,
    From her isle-altar gazing down,
Who, God-like, grasps the triple forks,
    And, King-like, wears the crown:

  Her open eyes desire the truth.
    The wisdom of a thousand years
Is in them. May perpetual youth
    Keep dry their light from tears;

  That her fair form may stand and shine,
    Make bright our days and light our dreams,
Turning to scorn with lips divine
    The falsehood of extremes!
You'll know me by the trail behind
Of the hearts I never meant to break
The poor souls I tried to nurture
Fell heavy in my wake
I thought I could keep them warm
While tearing pieces of myself apart
Yet again I was wrong and torn
For putting those pieces into other's hearts
I am so truly sorry for those who ever loved me
It's my fault, but I'm no ****
I was too kind, too beautiful, too much
For making myself everyone's crutch
Death's rose touches everyone's heart
But only once
Because the moment his petals caress your soul,
You're life
is over
Expand your mind when you enter a room
What do you see?
The 12 year old girl in the corner on her phone
Sexting three guys and a girl she's not alone
The guy on the dance floor won't take someone home
He's literally just there for a good time
The guys and girls getting high because they feel so low
The girl in that short skirt isn't a ***
The guy who can't hold his alcohol is too young to be there
The dog eating his ***** is too hungry to care
You try to fit in but really you won't
Because nobody is as they seem and no one will ever know
Little ember you were a love so bright
But I didn't tend to you
And you dimmed your light
I don't ask much but I plead with all my might
Be my warm, be mine tonight
Forget about me
Leave me to rot
I've already dug my grave
It's as comfortable as a baby's cot
My wish for death needs to be sated!
How do I approach this desire?
Each day brings me closer
I'm already walking on razor wire
This needs to stop
This needs to end
So goodbye for now
My dear old friend
Some battle with it, some turn a blind eye
Just try it once and you'll soon see why
Don't indulge too much, they like to say
But being out of my mind is the only way
I can't escape the hellish grasp
I can only wait for my cravings to pass
For some it's drugs, for some it's ***
I wonder what vice will catch on to me next?
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