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innocent sin Jan 2017
shadows linger like the stench of your presence
i hope you choke on the **** of life
the knowledge of your name disgusts me
i know you'll burn just like the rest
everyone's struggling so what makes you so different
the depths await and my bags are packed
perhaps you should get packing too.
innocent sin Jan 2017
who do you believe in when you have no faith in yourself?
who do you live for if you're comfortable by yourself?
who do you die for if you're going to die by yourself?

who do you look down upon if you look down upon yourself?
*the pedestrians. i hope they don't catch me.
time is ticking
innocent sin Sep 2016
chicken wings
innocent sin Jul 2016
My biggest fear
Not spiders, not the dark, not  any clown
But to see your body,fully gowned
Your makeup done with your hair down
You're with a guy who is into you but I'm not around
The thought of this just makes me frown
You with someone that isn't me, 404: Heart Not Found
I'll swim in alcohol and in my despair I'll drown
The music plays but my thoughts are the loudest sound
I hate this place and I hate this town
Leave me to be eaten by the hounds
innocent sin Jul 2016
"You have to make it", that's what they say
All of me wishes there was simply another way
I wish life was effortless, I wish living was easy
Every time I fix something, there's someone else who needs me
I'm dependent on myself, and what I choose to do
I wish I could start over and be somebody new
Do I dare make that move? Do I dare change my life?
Even if I do or don't my existence is filled with strife
I resort to intoxication which temporarily eases the pain
But without it, it's like being stuck in the rain
On a dark stormy night, no lights and no friends
Can't you see I'm standing on a ledge...

*is there where my life ends?
innocent sin Jul 2016
corruption and greed
it is money that we need
to satisfy our hunger
for food and drugs and plunder
we know what we want and will do what we can
to be nothing but the top dog, the man with the plan
rats get fat while brave men die
if you're not rich, isn't it easy to see why?
they live in luxury and security
the way they earn it is through impurity
innocent sin Jul 2016
You're going to have to pay
I will make you regret what you've done
You took away her innocence
I will take your life with this gun
You carry on like nothing's wrong
I see through that disguise
You work your muscles so you don't feel weak
I will make sure that pain subsides
You don't even know me
I am sure of that fact
You should really look out for me at night
I will put a knife in your back
I'm coming for you
Sleep with one eye open
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