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  Mar 2017 Sisilia
Ola Radka
Risk is everywhere.

To cry is to risk being sentimental.

To dream is to risk being disappointed.

To laugh is to risk being a fool.

To love is to risk not being loved in return.

But when we are not willing to risk,
We don’t grow in life.
Life loses its power.
We may be safe
We are lifeless.

*The greatest risk of all
To risk nothing.
  Dec 2016 Sisilia
I think,
most often,
a daughter's heart is first broken
by her father
Sisilia Nov 2016
We stood together in the dark
My arms around your neck
Your's at my waist,
Whispering sweet nothings to me
Now my heart was beating twice the average speed,
but it wasn't because of our breaths mingling together
or because your full pink lips were only inches from mine

It was because my heart knew the truth before my mind comprehended it
That behind the collar hide a different man
a man who plays with me only in the dark
but in the light of day preaches the word of god and points out the sins that i'm guilty of.
Never touching me the way you do in the dark,
in fear of others' judgement;
afraid that i will ruin your  ' i am a man of god' act

I should have known from the first time we embraced,
the way i hugged you with all my might never wanting to let you go
only to have felt your one arm ******* excuse of a hug in return.

'What are your goals in life'?- i asked you
You replied- 'To show you how much you mean to me and more'
Here you filled me with a sense of hope I've only ever dreamed of feeling
How naive of me to think that you've never said those exact words  to another women.
A women for example whom patiently awaits your arrival at home.
For behind that collar hides a man who still plays the game deceiving so many then kicks them to the curb.
Well you did teach me one thing and for this i am thankful

Love is a game, you either play the game or get played,
Or you can simply take a seat on the bench.

I've kept that bench warm far to long and yet i still got played even when i wasn't  playing.
But I've had enough of being the bench warmer and i'm ready to play the game.
Looks can be so deceiving. And i made the mistake of falling once, never will i fall again. (Did some minor changes)
Sisilia Oct 2016
October 31. Halloween
A Celebration celebrated worldwide for children and adults to dress as whatever they desire and are free of judgement... of condemnation.
A night where the freaks hidden inside every '
normal' person comes out to play either;
or a zombie,
a damsel in distress or
might i add a naughty little schoolgirl..

An open invitation to ask strangers for candy,
a game to see who can collect the most......
Halloween is just a game that is just full of surprises aren't they?
Oh! Halloween is a night everyone looks forward too.....
the dead included
We like games too.

We, the ones who linger between realms awaiting trial.
waiting to be stationed into our eternal home a pick between;
a forever scorching, fire blazing hellhole or
forever be glistened by the almighty light.

On Halloween night,
we the dead are free to wonder back into the world we begged to leave
whilst upon the stars the judge laughs upon his throne at us,
knowing all to well we despise this place.

Mockery is a well known game,
played by many, deceived so many.
Even mortals shamelessly mock the dead and tease us with life
irony is they live for this very night
to dress up and be someone/something they desire the most.....
the things they so often remind thy selves are;
an abomination..

For god so loved the world,
he gave his only son,
to prove that he can and could give and take life as he pleases
We 'freaks' learnt that the hard way..
Every Halloween the Gods are at play and so are the humans,
but never us.

We the ones the mortals fear
And the Gods personal entertainment.
These humans wonder off into the parade whilst we linger in the depths of the darkness
He told us as punishment we are to watch them parade about us
and celebrate the day of the dead,

He who looks down upon us cursed us.
To have a sirens call-
to lure them in,
sedating them with sweet nothings,

BUT only one rule applied to us all:
NO touching the one thing we freaks' all lacked; *SOULS

That's their sick,game
to tease us by gifting us to caress the mortals ever so slightly but nothing more....
'SADISM' is what we call the game in which Hades and the Gods play;
and us being the pawns.......

Well not anymore.
Not this time
No! tonight we will purge on whatever comes our way,
Sedating them with the curse of a sirens call.......
the one that the mighty gods has gifted us with,

Tonight we feast on what the humans are celebrating; DEATH.
No more hide and seek games, with the humans
No more cat and mouse games with the Judges
its our turn to give a good scare!
Tonight we play our own game,
We call it 'PEEK-A-BOO'!
'cause tonight we'll will give them one *HELL
of a Spooky night,
'cause we're coming for you!!!!!
Excuse the Halloween Puns :)
  Apr 2016 Sisilia
Shiyahumi Chouske
The purpose of life is not to live.
It is to find an interesting way to die.
When you ask why over and over, this is the answer you get.
  Apr 2016 Sisilia
They don't know how it feels

to awake every morning,
and all they can wonder is
why they had even awoken.

They don't know how it feels

to pick up all of their pieces,
and put them back together
but still feel like they're broken.

They don't know how it feels

to say all that they can say,
and still feel like there's more
but every word has been spoken.

They don't know how it feels

to go to sleep every night,
and the only hope they have
is that their eyes will not open.
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