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Ashley Kuhl Aug 2017
There is always one star that shines more bright than the others, the first one you catch a glimpse of in the night sky. The one you cannot help but to stare at because it's beauty is more radiant than any other star in the sky. To you this one star shines more than the rest. You are drawn to this star because of its beauty. This star is does not shine as bright in other people's eyes but in yours, the star is perfect. In your world there would only be this one star, it would be the only star you would need. If you could stare at this one star the rest of your life you would be happy, because when you look at it, you know this star does in fact shine the brightest. You know this star is the best, you know this star is the one. To me, this star is her.
  Oct 2016 Ashley Kuhl
I can't draw
And I can't sing
I can't do a lot of things
I have to take breaks
When I run
Because I pollute
My sorry lungs
I cannot put words
To my feelings sometimes
So I talk in choppy sentences
And send you late night rhymes
I can't get that one strand of hair
To lie flat on my head
And sometimes I forget I'm alive
Convinced that I'm dead
I'm really not good
At getting out of bed
I can't do a lot of things
Other people can
  Oct 2016 Ashley Kuhl
Nicole Dawn
I may have held the gun
But I didn't pull the trigger

I may have tied the rope
But I didn't pull it tighter

I may have grasped the knife
But I didn't slice my flesh

I may have wanted to die
But it was you who did the killing
Does this make sense to anyone else?
  Aug 2015 Ashley Kuhl
Nicole Dawn
I have mass
Too much of it
No matter how little I eat

And I take up space
I don't mean to be a burden
But I am
And I'm sorry

And since the definition of matter is
Anything that has mass
And takes up space

**I suppose I "matter"
The result of too much chemistry homework
  Aug 2015 Ashley Kuhl
Marisa Lu Makil
God made me loving
So I would love everyone

God made me broken
So I could make sure I never break someone else

God made me hurt
So I could heal others

God made me anxious
So I could learn to trust

God made me motherly
For those who don't have one

God made me uncoordinated
So I would know that balance
Is not always physical

God made me compassionate
So I would know his love for us

God made me faithful
So I would know what it's like to be betrayed

God made me insecure
So I could tell others that no one is perfect

God made me human
And uncoordinated that I am

So He could prove to me
That He is stronger than my ups
Ashley Kuhl Aug 2015
I need you to save me from myself, I feel like I'm drowning in the night.
I'm struggling to reach the surface, I'm struggling to see the light as I sink further down in the depths of my own mind. My heart slows down as I reach the bottom, without you I am nothing. Just another body, numb and searching for a quick escape.
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