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Amanda N Skaggs Apr 2020
Attempting capture.
Rising days and setting nights.
A subject too big.
Cox Jul 2019
Flowers seem to bloom ever so beautifully,
The colour stains to them like blood.

The water that filled their stalks gave them the most power weapon to live for,
Even if it were for a week, or even a month over time.

When the time came,
Slowly and peacefully the daisies petals shrivel and lose colour.

They fall...

Because he was her water that quenched her thirst,
And her sun that helped her grow.

He represented yellow.

Yellow represented many things love, the sun, happiness, and warmth.

But to her,
He was a daisy.
SerenaDuru Feb 2019
Even in the darkness of the night
I am still there
There is no escaping me
For without me
You cannot exist
Without the light
You do not exist
So be happy
To know that you have no choice
In dancing your life
In the light of my love
SerenaDuru Feb 2019
Your warmth helped me open my eyes
And realise that the stars in the sky
Were an illusion of you
Playing on the sky of my eyelids
SerenaDuru Dec 2018
Am I not
The most beautiful
You have ever
SerenaDuru Nov 2018
And then there was nothing
And then there was everything
SerenaDuru Nov 2018
For though night has fallen
The sun still exists
Despite the inabilty to see it
It lays awake and alive
Icarus Fray Aug 2018
the icarus you know
the icarus you knew
the icarus who has fallen
the one who is an icarus anew
has loved a star that is brighter than usual
but a star that shines just like every other star
nothing new

but a star can blind you when it gets too close
when YOU get too close
but icarus didnt mind
because you wouldnt know how blind you are
until the light's suddenly off

The star had fallen
Much like icarus himself
But he has fallen gracefully and at will
Unlike icarus who was ripped of his wings and had fallen ill
But together they stayed
And together they grew
Icarus and his star had started anew

But what icarus didn't know
Or rather, what he decided to ignore
Was that the sun was a star
And a star has to prioritize light over love

It happened once when his sun chose to shine, still
Even though it knew that it would melt off icarus's wings
And it happened again with his star
As his star starts to lose his light

"I have to go home and see to it that my light doesn't go off"
The star said as he prepares himself
"You're leaving me" icarus said
Blinded by his needs and his selfishness
"It's not like that my love. I would never want to lose you but I cannot lose myself for you" the star had said through his tears
He saw icarus was not hearing him
Was not understnding him
So he did what he swore not to do
He broke his own heart and left only with half of a whole

That was the last that icarus heard of his star
Now he wears his heart in his sleeves and his stars heart around his neck
And now the icarus you know
the icarus you knew
the icarus who has fallen
the one who is an icarus anew
has loved a star that is brighter than usual
And loves him still, but on a brighter point of view
Uta May 2018
Not many pay attention to the beauty of Sunlight.

Many do not look, many do not care and many are scared to become blind.

But just by giving a slight glance to show appreciation towards the Sunlight.

You may feel the warmth back in return.

You may feel a slight tingle down your spine.

You may feel the happiness that the Sunlight is giving.

But most importantly it will brighten up your world.
Comment down below and tell me your thoughts.
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