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Oct 2015
star, i feel so safe when i am here. the sand in between my toes feels like home and the whisper of the ocean crashing against my flesh is pulling me into a state of serenity.

star, i am no longer scared of the dark when you are here. your light shines bright enough to see as far as i need to see. i know you will protect me from the abyss of evil that haunts me.

star, i love how you listen to me when i tell you about the world. i love the way you still shine even after the darkest of thoughts creep into your shelter. i love how you still stay.


star, i found a boy who talks like the sun and walks like the moon. he has skylines in his eyes and constellations scattered upon his collarbones.

star, i feel like his fingerprint is the missing piece to the puzzle i've been writing my whole life. his touch feels like home to me.

star, i've travelled through cities upon cities trying to find a place to fit in but i've never felt as though i've belonged anywhere until he opened up his arms.

star, he told me that i do not need to see you anymore. he told me i shouldn't be near you. i have him to depend on now, please don't wait around for me.


star, i am so sorry. i thought he was going to hold my hand but he broke my wrist instead.

star, he told me that i'm not 'good' for him. i told him i've never been good for anything, but neither has he. i told him i loved him, he told me to leave.

star, until i met him i never knew what it was like to hold the sun in my hands. i guess the sun didn't need holding.

star, i saw him with the girl who lights cigarettes and starts fires in her backyard. i suppose he prefers the smoke of the flame rather than the crushing of the sea.

star, i haven't seen you in so long. you don't listen anymore.

star, please come out from the clouds.

star, i am so sorry.

Written by
m  Australia
     Sumina Thapaliya
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