g Sep 2014
a crack in her voice
a tremble in her words
a shiver from her body
a tremor from her words
her anger gave her palpitations
her anger brought tears to her eyes
she clenched her jaw
and fisted her fingers

the wall next to her
no longer seems like a wall
it was a punching bag
the blood trickles down her fist
but she doesn't feel the pain
not more than the anger
red hot burning anger
i was just so fucking angry i wanted to throttle someone
Jaimi M Oct 2014
Bite me;
show me your inner
Inflict on me
the power
of your emotions.
I want to feel
your pain,
take away
your sadness,
and live through
your pleasure.
MST May 2014
I have a sickness,
which is contagious,
spreading with quickness,
which is outrageous.
Every person I look upon,
is struck with the feelings of hate,
soon these feelings will be gone,
as someone else carries this weight.
Is there a cure for what I feel?
Must i react with such zeal?
Mark my words
Like you mark calendar,
With a bright red pen,
Because you'll be haunted by them
Like they are the date of your death.
Blank mind, cloudy vision
the satisfying crack of collision
from an elbow swung, or punch thrown
and in my ears, a buzzing drone

I breath deeply, and start to think
of how I was pushed, to the brink
I really do regret it now
I'd fix it but, I don't know how

But it feels so good, at the time
but the mind doing it, isn't mine
It's not the nice sweet child
with polite voice, and manners mild

But which am I and which is me?
Which one of those am I going to be?
The child, who's weak yet nice?
Or the monster, nobody crosses twice?
Trinity Key Mar 2015
I always answered with anger
But it was never the answer
So what is?
Kyle Dickey Feb 2015
Through all the anger and frustration there's a certain contemptness I feel knowing I'm alone. I will thrive beyond all else.
Karen Hamilton Jan 2016
Donald Trump what a Chump
The name makes my blood Boil
His views remind me of
Those poor Jews when Hitler
Caused such Immortal coil

Trump claims to be against
Extremism yet it
Leaks through his core all the
Way to his Brittle bones
Brainwashing vulnerable;
Led to his Blood stained Throne

No blood shed yet; He speaks
Hell don't be so naive
Trump contemplated by
So many minds in this
Day and age shouldn't be

Building walls make them tall
Then what Is this the way?
Segregation, Racism
Shuts his eyes, Cover's ears
He'll not hear what we say

It's Devastating such
Man claims chance to taint our
Minds with his Bitter taste
A Catastrophe,
Shows no Diplomacy
With 'Morals' formed into
Very Strange Scary shapes

Yes, I agree Something
Needs to change but Believe
Me 'Trump' is not that Thing
Sheds empty promises
Causing controversy
With 'Peace' as the end goal
Trumps No way to begin

His Immaturity
Is so apparent that
He will ruin the world
As we know it today
I think Trump needs some help
Some Mental help to drive
All those Devils living
Within him Far away!

© Karen L Hamilton, January 2016
How can anyone back someone with such a bad track record. Look at the facts, Trump is not a good businessman let alone president! He may be rich but money doesn't always come to honest, genuine people in honest genuine ways.
josin137 Apr 2015
Always her.
She's say what she doesn't do.
She do what she doesn't say.
She kills other's words,
with words she doesn't mean.
I'm pissed.
My anger welled up within,
But I cannot say it out.
I will one day, just wait.

I'm going to say it out to your face and make you know that you're wrong.
She pisses me off every tume
nina Sep 2014
pick the flower
when you find one
and rip its petals off
like i would
your throat
LN Apr 2014
Stop scarring your own skin
Tearing your thoughts apart
You are a masterpiece of wonders
Rebuild yourself and be whole again
Write out your demons
And tear the paper instead
Amitav Radiance Sep 2014
The mind toiled with vengeful thoughts
Seeds of arrogance were planted in furrows
From where regressive thoughts grew
Watered by the seething flow of rage
Draining the soul of all the positive juices
Now left with a parched soul, full of cracks
Control anger before it controls you...
maddi Apr 2014
My blood boils and my heart screams
to rip out your throat and watch you bleed
I control my urges but just for now
It’ll be worth the wait when you see how
I’ll burn you and beat you and slash up your wrists
I’ll do everything and seal it with a kiss
You may think heartless murder is just for the birds
but I won’t be convicted, for I’m using words.
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