ME Jan 30
we said things we didn’t mean
in anger
in rage
we forgot how words can hurt
without bleeding
yet the wound it left
could never be

- anger
Mo May 26
That first night,
we were still just friends,
but I felt your eyes on me,
heavy with intensity.
It made me dizzy.

I shyly met your gaze,
and could feel you
luring me in;
I couldn't resist the bait.

When you called me
by your side
and we kissed,
it felt like time stood still.
Though it was hours later
when you released me,
I could still feel
your teeth
on my skin.

That first time,
I begged to feel you
inside me,
and we melted
into eachother.
A deep ache
that grew within,
I need you,
and I never knew.

That first whispering of love,
left me flushed;
I wanted to tell you
how you called my blood
to the surface with your smile,
but I was scared, still.

That first time
I had to make
the hardest decision of my life,
I knew
I could love you
forever because
you understood me
without judgement.

That first time
we fought, storm clouds
and lighting were brewing your eyes.
I felt angry
at you,
and myself,
certain we had lost
a measure of our love.
But, we fell
into each others arms
into forgivness.

That first time,
I hope,
is not the last time
that I feel this way
about you.
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