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God made me powerful and strong in my own right
God created me all along
God created me with such beauty and insight
He knows me well enough to know my strengths

God made me when he fills my heart with words of ingenuity
He lights a path for me to take when I first awake
God is a preacher and a teacher
He lets me know by using my body when I need a break

God made me to do good works
For his knowledge and words, I do thirst
God has made me to be able to use his book of instruction
He tells me to put him first

This is why I write this poem
I know God made me in a special way
May God bless the hearts of many
To remember the words I feel today
Being grateful for God's creation of me and humbling myself of what his path for me leads.
All about  emotion
They flow just like the ocean
Before you get the notion
It is like a deep devotion

There are emotions of different kinds
Wrong types of emotion can ruin minds
With emotion you get all the finds
It is like the tie that binds.

Emotions are from deep within
Some emotions can cause a great sin
Emotions can make your head spin
Negative emotions can be like type of hard tin

Emotions can be seen all over town
Emotions can sometimes let you down
It can have a sad face or a frown
But eventually will let you drown.
A beautiful boy named Ayden Brown lit my screen.
He is happy and yet so serene.
His pictures that his mommy posted makes him the perfect angel that God has created.
He made his mommy and daddy so happy and filled their life with love and laughter.

Until one day he got sick and mommy was wondering why?
Mommy took him to every doctor's appointment possible and did constant research.
She was being strong for Ayden, but on the inside, she was saying, "God don't let my son die."
She fought tooth and nail to get the help Ayden needed
So she reached out for help, she even begged and pleaded

Ayden held on the best he can
As her eyes filled with tears
Mommy held on to her little man
She never gave up and never gave in

Ayden Brown fought til the very end
His story reached and empowered all who saw it
And now is the time to celebrate the bravery of my dear little friend
Mommy will cry for a lifetime but will always treasure the beauty that has left

Rest now Ayden Brown
Mommy loves you  now more than ever
Raise your head mommy the battle isn't over it has just begun
Now get up and fight once more for your beautiful son.

Smile like you never smiled before
Laugh like you never laughed before
Celebrate Ayden like you never celebrated before
Because this poem is and always will honor Ayden always and forever.

Rest in Heaven little Ayden Brown.
Mommy loves now forever and always
November 4, 2017 is the day I will always remember your story and celebrate with my son the life of Ayden Brown.
The beautiful boy the lit my screen and whole world

Thank you for your brave fight for life little Ayden brown
Your moms courage, strength, and bravery reached my heart
Mommy had your back from beginning to end.
Rest little Ayden Brown rest and watch over mommy forever.  

-Arnesha Lanette Adams
A poem about Ayden Brown a little boy who touched many lives and story about his cancer that later claimed his life. This poem dedicated to him and Lindsey Licari and the family my heart is with you and that beautiful baby boy.
I have a ride or die, God

No matter the shape, or size of your ***

My God made you work of art

He even knows your heart

God is so cool and amazing

That negativity is phasing

So don't get mad or fuss

Cause God loves each and every one of us

God heals us when we are sick

When Gods words are written they stick

Don't you love God can do wonders

He knows when we make blunders

I am blessed to be made by him

It not matters if it's us, he, she, or them

With my God I don't have to ask why

For my God, I will ride or die.
To love God is loving yourself and all that's created.
To understand God is to know what's fated.
God's creation is a mark of beauty
We are Gods creation who are called to duty

We are bound by God to serve
Some of us slide and sometimes swerve
God is loving and Kind
He even gave us a day to unwind

God gives us what we can handle
But we turn it into a scandal
God gives us the tools to learn
It is something that we can earn
Emotions are like a storm rolling in, I prefer my mood to be like happy weather
When I say happy weather I mean a beautiful  sunny day
I look outside the glass window paneling and I see the birds chirping
And the trees lively and green

Not a cloud in sight but a lovely beam of sunlight piercing through the living room  of this glorious light
I noticed one of my dogs  as he lay, while the others frolic and play
And I enjoy the peace and quiet alone

I might want to enjoy this happy weather without a care
My heart is filled with this happy weather  mood
Life filled with complications
And happy celebrations
Life is fundamental for survival and peace
Fundamentals of life is loss, and gains

Life can be entertaining
Yourself and others around you
Life is a fundamental challenge of simplicity
Life can be easy and sometimes hard

A good life takes a good fight
A bad life makes a bad life
Fundamentals of life is living it well
Life can be a battlefield type hell

We as a people need to learn to live life to the fullest
If life was always fun wouldn't it be the coolest
Some of us don't know how to get a life
And some us takes life for granted

So the fundamentals of life is to appreciate it while you live
Live it up, live it strong, live it how you want to live it
Be careful in the life choices you make
Because it may be the last breath you take.

                           RIP Prince you will be missed.
I wrote this because even though life has so many fundamentals that we take for granted what we have, but never fully understand it till its to late. I also wrote this because I dedicate this poem to the legendary icon Prince. Your music touched us all and I am deeply saddened by the loss of this artist.
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