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Matt Shaw Jun 2017
void careless
rock-star dreams
hopeless probation
fuzzy American ethics
loom secret command star
surrounded by angers
told i'm sick -- growth on track!
rising up to an unknown home
craves attention
can't sleep
need money, poor family
turning 23
need to become a rock-star
void careless
Ash Aug 2018
Eyes a bitter shade of red
Breaths coming in quick and heavy
Throat pains because of our yelling
Emotions drained from this Fights

Logic crying out for someone to cool off
Though some things  shifted now
The staring contest has began
A **** match that involves eyes now

Eyes drifting lower
Foreplay with the touch of our eyes.
Angers metamorphosis to lust.
It begins with you moving towards me
Me pinned up against this wall
Our bodies talking loud
Taking us to a place
So intense it's beyond bliss
Where we don't come out of for a long time.

Now we lay here in these sheets
Cuddling,head on your chest
Repeating our mantra  
Our bodies share a language
This is how we loss pieces of our hearts to each other.

This is how we keep coming back for more.
One smart-*** mouth to the other,
Knowing this is a journey towards bliss
Ivy Haegan Apr 2018
I want to be mad
I want to be mad but I can’t be mad because it’s not your fault that your life is moving faster than mine
I want to be mad but I can’t because every time I almost get mad and I almost yell and I almost throw something
I’m sad
I’m sad and then it’s hard to move and it’s too hard to yell and it’s hard to do anything but cry
I’m sad because you’re beautiful and I love you and you love me but soon you won’t be mine to love anymore
And that hurts more than it angers me
I still feel like if I love you hard enough then you won’t leave
Even though it’s not true
And when I remember that you’re leaving anyways I try so **** hard to feel angry so that I don’t have to feel sad
I’m still sad
I’m still so sad
So sad that it’s hard to eat
So sad that if I laugh it makes me cry
So sad that it gets hard to breathe
And if only my ******* stove worked I could make some tea with honey and calm down
And if only I could close out my computer tabs so I wouldn’t have to look at the  birthday presents I can’t get you
And if only you weren’t leaving me I wouldn’t have to wish I was angry just so I don’t have to be so, so sad
Tya N'dom Jan 18
The tiny soldier

Scream and angers came into my life
Run as fast as you can to survive
Blurred vision and smoke in the sky
There is nothing I can do but cry

The promise of coming back will be broken in small piece
All the memories gone in a blank space
When my family will come to me and see Rest In Peace
I would not let them with disgrace

“Dale, straight line , they are approaching”
Keep a hushed tone while crawling
Trenches are falling and no more safe
henceforth I have no longer faith

Not a feeling, no more pain
Like a flower laying on the rain
Blood dropping without time spend
I will only see darkness before it ends
First poem written
Sarah Clark Aug 13
days ****** calamity,
jaw sticking out, riding
for his life alone. unrealized
heart mangled, beats
like sounds raged. came
as bark, then water,

in bars travelled-
emptied kings wrapped
a thousand bulging angers,
evil men, crate men rattling
cold drinking the mug
like an artery draining.

Silvanus in swamp fog
tongue, collar
              pressed to creatures
looking born, crossing sense,
damning the judges, panting-

        reinventing an unkempt time

        and our man snuffing
                               the last match to see by.
Kori Tullier Oct 2017
I love his arms wrapped around me.
I love her warm embrace surrounding.

The protection and security.
Feeling safe and reassuring, smiling at her beauty.

He loves trailing my body with kisses.
Tracing my fingers down her skin softly dreaming of forever as we kisses.

On occasion, bite marks too.
His touch electrifies everything in me.
Has me feeling found, has me feeling up high use to feel so down and out.

I wonder if he feels it too.
It angers him to see me hurt.
I wonder as I plunder through my thoughts if she sees I feel it to.
Angry I'll become if anyone dare makes her feel upset, it's true.

It pains me more.
When he thinks I can't help him.
Idk if she can help me, been so broken down by the owns that were so neglecting.

He thinks he can or will hurt me.
I don't want to hurt her.
I don't want to be another one to break her down and bruise her with another scar.

That his mind is too broken for me.
My minds lost, I'm so confused but I'm loving every moment.
She's says I sweep her off her feet but she held the broom.

I say let me in.
Maybe I can mend his broken soul.
Telling me to let her in so I'm slowly letting these walls fall and I'm scared.
She's so sweet but weren't they all?
These voices questioning my heart and mind are testing me, I'd close my eyes but its still her I'd see.
Am I awake or is this just another dream?
Pyrrha Nov 2018
Every poem of love that I write angers me because I don't have this incredible person that's in my writing. Yet from somewhere deep inside me these words escape, and all I want to do is bottle them up, store them away. But what am I supposed to say, "Stay away"?

I just hope you're happy, wherever you are. Not knowing that I am in such inner turmoil because of you. Not knowing this perfect storm I have been brewing for you. Not knowing that I lie awake thinking of you. Thinking of what I would say, of what I would do for you. What I would give up for you.

You don't even know how much you mean to me while you are probably somewhere out there in this world doing who knows what and thinking about who knows who. How am I supposed to tell you how much you bring to my life, if you haven't even entered it yet?

When will you listen to my heart's lament as it tells of the pain that searching brings? The lament a heart releases when its searched so long for its counterpart, it's soulmate, only to come up empty handed in the end?

Do you have any idea what you do to me?
sarah ann May 30
last night we went to see the tour Eiffel at night. i sat a ways away in the grass with uncle chas, & he was saying how lucky i was to be having this experience when i was young. & how he could not believe that he was sitting there, in paris, looking at the Eiffel tower & it made me cry.
when we were walking along the seine, there was a boat that said, its sometimes said that the stars are the roses of the sky in french but in the gardens behind the Eiffel tower you could count the stars on a clear night with your hands. im on the train now, we just pulled out of the station & i miss my dad & my uncles very much, living in the same place my whole life I've gotten very awful at saying goodbye. am not used to people coming in & out of my life & am certainly not familiar with the feeling of leaving. when i look at my uncles, i see familiar & loved faces i have known all my life, but i was looking at them trying to picture them if they were unknown to me, & for the first time really saw how old they've gotten. i'm so scared. i'm crying on the train. i'm nervous about the first impression madame will have of me. my heart longs for my mom, i never realized how much work it is until taking care of you & my dad, how shes been doing this for years. we've just gotten outside of paris & are surrounded by green countryside, I've been looking at the picture you sent of hiking & know there wouldn't be anywhere i would be happier than in a forest in a hammock & in your arms. there are lots of opportunities for meditation in paris away from the pace of the city life but it is a little difficult to take advantage of them while traveling & passing through so quickly. traveling for school & softball are really the only time i get to spend with my family anymore, and how my dad acts & speaks i hardly recognize, as if I've been away a long time. we passed a couple times a café de luna <3 i miss my baby. havent seen her in person with doggy backpack </3 if i were tripping i would be a mess, i'm scared & nervous & sad. i picture you sitting next to me tired of my freaking out & making me pull myself together. i'm not a master of the spirit world, i have so many attachments & feel so deeply that impermanence & loss are wreaking havoc on my inner peace constantly. i feel like i have an old soul, & am from another time, where travel didn't exist & villages lived together. my mom was so happy here but she moved around constantly. she was definitely one of those people that could say her goodbye's & move forward with confidence. i'm certain i would not be able to pass the myth of the guy trying to save his love from hades. he turned back & that is why he lost her forever. i know in my heart this time away is something i need to learn and grow but it just feels the bitter is imbalanced with the sweet right now. i'm not ready to let go of my home, i wish my parents would take better care of themselves so they could be around longer. i'm going to get to angers looking like a wreck.
sandra wyllie Jul 27
that’s when you know
where you stand. Never disagree
with them. They
can’t handle a different

opinion. No one cares about
originality. It angers people
to differ. Somehow it threatens their
existence. Good riddance then. I’ll never

be one to agree to hold it together
anymore. I’d rather have it splatter
all over the floor. You can wipe yourself
up in it while I go smoke a cigarette.
Let me taste the sweetness of your breath,
please don't hesitate,
there are no reasons left,
For you to hide from me,
so open up your chest
I mean no judgment of your dear,
to me you are at best.....
When your waking early mornings
when your laughing over loud
when your taking more than your portion
when your shoving in the croud
when your angers got the best of you,
how you raise your voice
how quickly grace can fall from you
as you lose all your poise.
Let me taste your breath  
feel no insecurity
please feel no unrest
Always in each passing moment
i see you at your best
my sweet husband
Why does seeing him still fill me with so much anger and hatred.
I've written about him a few times, just to get him out of my head.
But every time I see him, I get those memories back again.
I know that many of the memories are good and peaceful.
But I can't help but think they were nothing but a bunch of lies.
I mean, to read a text from someone saying they didn't mean it.
That they only said they love you to make you happy.
But they didn't really feel that way about you at all.
I meant it when I told him that I loved him, and I thought he did too.
I thought he meant it when he kissed me, and held me in his arms.
I thought his words were honest, but they were all lies.
He was only saying what he thought I wanted to hear.
He wasn't being honest with me, or with himself.
And that would make me spend so much time with him.
I spent countless times over at his house with him.
We would kiss, and I thought we meant something.
But apparently, I was the only one with any real feelings.
This makes me afraid to get close to another guy now.
Mainly, because I fear that when someone says they love me, it's a lie.
I'm afraid they'll say it just because they want me to be happy.
But that, they're lying when they say it to me.
Now, I haven't been with anyone since him.
And that's partly due to my anxiety that is very bad right now.
But when I'm ready to hang out with people, someone might come along.
And when that happens, I don't think I'll be able to help but be scared.
I just don't want to repeat what happened with that other guy again.
It happened three times, over a span of my last two years of High School, and my first year of being out of school.
So now, I think I have my mind cleared again.
At least, until the next time I happen to see him.
And the other thing is, if I talk to him, those feelings with come back.
I can tell, because if he talks to me, I'll remember how much I love him.
But that's bad, because it's one sided, and I don't know if he even cares.
He might've said he preferred me as a friend, but he's never messaged me since.
His final message was "Goodbye forever."
I mean, that's pretty cryptic, and it hurt for a bit.
But the next day, I realized it didn't hurt, because I was over it.
The second time we broke up, I really loved him, so I couldn't seem to get past it.
But this time, when we broke up last year, I couldn't care anymore.
I'm not sad, I don't mourn this break up, it just angers me.
Knowing that he never really loved me, that angers me.
I wanna ask him why he did that to me, but I doubt he remembers.
Alright, I'm done now.
I guess I just needed to rant for a while again.
Now that I've said this, I think I'll have peace for a while.
Getting over a break up is hard enough. But when you know it's finally, and you were the only one who was actually in love, that's when it can just turn to anger. That's where I'm at. I'm not sad, just angry with him, and that might never change. But once my anxiety is under control, I hope I meet someone who means it when they say they love me. Until then, I just hope that I can forgive this guy one day, and I do hope he has a good life, and meets someone who makes him happy. I just hope he treats he right, and is honest with her. Don't do what you did with me, don't lie. Okay, that's all.

— The End —