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Diana Feb 2015
I will yearn for you like the sun yearns for the moon everyday,
I will need you like the ocean needs the moon when the tide is low,
And if in this moment you all of you were to be lost like a light in the shadow,  I will have your memory...
It will not grow old bitter or cold,
It will not disinagrate or crumble,
If in fact you do leave me the memory of you will be plenty,
I will not replace you with another memory or even have you sold,
Your touch, the way you laugh the way you sang,
I will have you even if just a memory until the day I die,
It will glicen like the fall autum leaves in October and never will it change with the winter breez.
Diana Sep 2014
The air the wind to see you cry,
Hold on gold Cupid,
Don't be shy sit next to me with those blue eyes,
Hold on gold Cupid,
Don't be shy..
Diana Apr 2014
Where are we going,
"Just go to sleep, we are just driving"
They say I am sick,
They say I need help,
I didn't mean to say it,
I didn't mean to tell you how sad I would be,
Car ride, you hold me back,
You tell me to go to sleep.
Diana Apr 2014
What would you do if it ended,
I can't even picture that you would leave,
All the love you said you had you abandoned,
My lungs collapse I can't breath,
I can't stop crying,
I cavy stop trying,
What would you do if it ended.
Diana Dec 2013
It's silly to think that you loved me,
It's silly to think that you cared.
Cause' even when I swore I loved you,
You told me you were scared,
An ill still dream of you some times,
I'll even hear your voice say my name again...
Diana Dec 2013
The phone rings but no one answers,
I breath in deeply that the other end echoes,
The space is ripped of all the oxygen,...and I can't catch any air as my lungs collapse from the lack of my veins turning blue.
Diana Dec 2013
Illusion, that's all it will ever be
All is gone all is gone
How much longer,
Do I have to go;
To pretend,
You really
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