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1.6k · Feb 2022
my crooked wings
Lewis Feb 2022
my crooked wings cannot fly
wrapped in white linen
their ridges rise like mountains
their feathers are beautiful and soft like harp strings

i will write letters inked with your name
but these letters are for me
and the birds that watch me in pity from the sky

do you love me?
will you hurt me?

i have not been scared for a long time
do you need fear to feel love?

leave me lonely i cannot fly
but you must
1.5k · Nov 2021
well it must be love when
Lewis Nov 2021
well it must be love when

our bodies crash together
caramel pleasure rushing and swilling
hot and sweet bourbon
heavy breaths hold still
my snakecharming lover
when gravity bends

well it must be love when

in dark times we rage and seethe
dragon tongues with words like blades
phantom fists for pounding hearts
we crumble together
my siamese lover
when the world ends
905 · Mar 2021
we drive in your car
Lewis Mar 2021
we drive in your car, me in the passenger seat
talking about your new boyfriend and how kind he is
playing songs that i don't like
i can't drive but i watch the roads with you
your hand on the steering wheel
your hand so close i can feel a current run through us
different from before-not as warm or electric

in my dreams this was different

but it's nice to no longer be enamoured by you
to not think about the stupid things i would do
things that would leave me red faced
things that i would think about before i went to sleep
spinning in my head like an unwound tape
gruesome and divine

i know that i am over you
when i can feel the scabs from where cupid struck
no longer hurting but still there
i am healed but i still like you
you are kind and funny and everything else

but I am no longer drunk on the toxins of your love

we could be friends, i think
as you pull up outside my house
i get out and smile
this was nice
is love dead? will i ever love again?
my thoughts shift like sand
but i am just glad that this tape will never play again
and i will never hear the music
Lewis Oct 2020
save me this moment, o' sweet sunrise
let me taste the auburn essence of you
for I do not have many sunrises left
so I must savour this apricot view

save me this moment, o' sweet sunrise
for my time is coming to an end
the twilight tigress cares for no other
as she hurls her marmalade blend

save me this moment, o' sweet sunrise
for you have shown me light
and when I close my eyes for eternal darkness
I will think of your tangerine might

save me this moment, o' sweet sunrise
when my light is flickering weak
the final words taste sour on my lips
rest your golden kiss on my cheek
537 · May 25
Lewis May 25
Once again this, once again love.
A memoir so sublime, summered and peppered, folded in lustre and sheen of a blue lensed and buffering sky

Once again love
518 · Oct 2020
the finger of winter
Lewis Oct 2020
the finger of winter
leaves fire on my cheeks
soft clouds echo birdsong
ice laced to their beaks
a world drowned in hail
over skyscraping peaks
one day is everyday
as smoke curdles in streaks
370 · Jan 2021
last of the january wine
Lewis Jan 2021
spill, spill me
my intoxicating friend
your dark red lipstick
smooches on my tongue
take me to warm valleys
and flowing rivers
gush and pull me
my cheeks as red as wine
burn my throat and make me sing
acid in my cheeks
together we must dine
as we drink
the last of the january wine
311 · Sep 2020
Lewis Sep 2020
The gods they yearn for mortal malice
For the heartbreak and bittersweet
A god cannot win nor lose
pining for mortality like a child at the windowsill

While gods wage war with fire and stone
Undressed heroes embezzled in golden lights
They know that forever is an enchantment
For a memory holds no power in a life without death
Even stars flicker into darkness
Life cannot be sweet without the wrongdoings of time
Like the sourness of an unripe berry
And the death of a fallen chrysalis

Time electrifies love
Pricking it into existence through forbidden kisses and secret notes

that's where true beauty hides
One must lose to know it is love
311 · Sep 2020
A sestina for Venus
Lewis Sep 2020
I walk in beauty
As if Venus has bestowed her wings on my back.
Her frolicked hair in oil paint
perhaps I am her redemption?
To seek both answer and truth
In an age without stone cut statues?

But I do not resemble the sliced abdomen of statues
and I am not gilded in beauty
nor do I tell the perfect truth.
I tend to look back,
craving redemption
illustrated in paint

My fingers tremble in paint
frozen at the canvas like a statue.
There is no point in a redemption
when I cannot see beauty.
So I learn that I will not be back
until I have learnt the truth.

And when I have learnt this truth,
so stark as oil paint,
I must make the decision to come back.
Of course I will change, for I am not a statue,
but I will be shrouded in my own beauty
for Venus will get her redemption.
309 · Sep 2020
And I read your poetry
Lewis Sep 2020
And I read your poetry
And it's better than mine

Every word is like a suffocating tongue
both electric and breaking
holding a hostage heart
As you write of tears and stars and letters and carved words

I read them in daylight but in my head
I am under the covers by torchlight
neck crooked hearing for footsteps on the stairs

You curse freely and it makes me clench my teeth
how you could ever taint something so beautiful?
like an expensive vase on a fireplace wobbling and falling
crashing into pieces

Yet every piece is still beautiful and broken
And now I understand you
274 · Oct 2020
the man behind the curtain
Lewis Oct 2020
there comes an age where magic must die
when you realise that your heroes are flesh
you know Hollywood lies
and theres no face in the stars
when life has ripened from something so fresh

when life turns grey
and it rains throughout may
and the summer is just always too hot

when you put down those books
and care more about your looks
and if you can get a space in the parking lot

yet I try to find magic in every day
and I agree that life is a gift
I smile at small things like yellow cars, escaping balloons
or your coat getting caught in the lift

but as sure as the burning setting of the sun
someday that curtain must rise
to reveal the frail old man behind
sickly and dull with no light in his eyes

but I have to remember to conjure my own spells
with friends and family and more
travel the lands with stories to tell
of my adventures on a distant shore

but i'll always miss those summer days
with magic in the air and my heart
splashing colours, inspecting insects
running home for my favourite jam tarts
coming of age is bittersweet
Lewis Oct 2020
And in a few years when I see you I'll smile,
For I'll remember
Who I was with you

You'll be with a different man,
Brown hair and big hands
But your eyes will be the same shade of blue
74 · Dec 2020
Lewis Dec 2020
Because I am a man that wants the world
And you think it's simply too much
So hold my hand as we dive into strangers
Because this is the last time we touch
74 · Jun 2020
Lewis Jun 2020
there is nothing more bittersweet
than a Thursday morning in October
where the air is just as frozen as the time
68 · Dec 2020
Lewis Dec 2020
they say we are all made of stars
this explains the burning and exploding inside of me
and my studded loneliness in a stellar space
63 · Dec 2020
Lewis Dec 2020
december descends
and brings with it
a lonesome air in the night

in ink dripped mornings
and hasty afternoons
the moon rises in early daylight
52 · Dec 2020
Lewis Dec 2020
every rose has its thorns
and you could not wait to draw blood
51 · Oct 2020
Lewis Oct 2020
I miss the feeling of your red nails coiled around my neck
It would feel like cold lightning striking my spine
My face would flush
And I was electrified
51 · Nov 2020
Lewis Nov 2020
How will I move on when I’m stuck like glue
When every single thing leads me back to you
51 · Nov 2020
Lewis Nov 2020
We say goodbye
And my heart freezes from glass into stone
And I realise I’ll be here
Once again
47 · Jul 26
Raining in July
Lewis Jul 26
Ink powdered and illuminescent sparkling rain drops on concrete ground
Dashed and so divided
Drinking frizzante or other wine we can’t pronounce
Skyscrapers fuzzy in July rain and cloud
I need love, and show me her
Show me what I could be and what I am without, three ghosts of then, now and when
No chakra could prove this craving for sweetness on my lips
Do I miss July or do I need her?
41 · Oct 2020
starlight blue
Lewis Oct 2020
Im safer when I move, when I sprint when I dance
When i wade through waters clear blue

let go of my mind, you can keep my soul
but ill share my heart with you

in twilight hours my tongue becomes butter
and my words are no longer my friend

In starlight nothing is fake nor true
Nothing bitter about this bittersweet end

— The End —