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tia Aug 2020
falling in love with you
is like a wolf
looking above the sky
silently watching the eagle
freely fly during the night,

despite knowing that us,
as a pair,
as "you and i",
will never be.

albeit unmatched
and paralleled,
it happens still.

we just fall in love accidentally.
tia Jun 2020
i feel blue.

the empty void
managed to purloin
my color
only to scatter it
on the earth.

i feel blue, once again,
for i have forgotten
the flower’s color.

i feel blue,
sad and empty,

but i remember once more
a miracle
who came from heaven’s
sudden outburst of emotions:


a blossom
tinged with one hue at a time,
who swallowed
every shade
cascading down
from the rose clouds.

you are one color,
and then the next,
but you’re also a riot
of all the hues in the spectrum.

and i no longer feel blue,
but yellow.
of sunshine and daisies.
tia Jun 2020

i often think of you during the nights before i rest soothingly, while i listen to the music of the rain until i fall asleep—with you occupying my thoughts which keeps me at comfort despite the drizzling weather. i think of you when the morning sunlight kisses my skin and i wake. i think of you during the time between day and night, and the spaces between the seconds that pass by so quickly. and if someone asks me what love is, my mind will be filled with your name—because to me, you are what defines love.

if these sea of thoughts could swallow me whole, i would've drowned; if one was alone, but saved by grace and i am accompanied by you in this vessel of love to crusade against nightmares. you and i fill in the gaps of tied chains, but it somehow feels like we’re untangling the impossible. you’re too far to reach, yet you’re here. with me. now i love you even more, and think of you more.

there’s not much to say now, and i don’t expect you to, you know i wouldn’t love you any less. i’d think of you still. and when you’re ready to hear these thoughts, i’ll be home. i'll wait for you, only when you’re ready.

tia Jun 2020
sing to me,
saccharine child of the moon.
a song of a lullaby
as sweet as your voice.

sing to me,
of a melody that will take me
high up the empyrean,
through the illimitable
cotton candy clouds;
where i am welcomed by
a dancing show of comets.

and by the memory of your voice
lulling me to cloud nine,
i shall tell the clusters of stars
all about you;

about you
who cried to the sky.
tia Jun 2020
i hear the whisper
of his candid soul
that saunters in my dream

and it hums,

it hums gently
and fills the entire room
with wordless melodies.

his lips create
the softest of tunes
that drift away into
the bubble of fantasy,

and it hums,

it hums until i’m able
to coalesce into
the song he’s singing.
tia Jun 2020
these blushed florets
weave daydreams
and love poems;

but in truth,
these blossoms
can be anything
you want them to be;

the magic only appears
when the heavenly body
calls them out
to celebrate
joy, sorrow, and love.

it’s the beauty of reason
that we give them

that makes a flower
a flower,

and a human,
tia Jun 2020
you remind me of sunsets and hearths
that stretch on the line
where empyrean touches the earth.

the golden strokes with hints of red hues
blended with purples, crimsons, and daisies
reflect itself from the rhythmic
glowing collision of ocean waves
like sepia photographs.

as the last bright rays
fade into the night,
it rests a promise before it lifts
the blanket of velvet twilight.

from the horizon
you see the heaven articulating its thoughts,
“paradise is not where the sky meets the ocean,
it lies on your presence,”

i stay lost in you for a little longer.
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