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Xan Abyss Apr 2018
I am the Great Connector
I was born to unite The Horde
I am the Great Collector
Of souls felled by my Axensword
They all call me subhuman
And revile me as a beast
But they do the same to you and
For that they'll pay the price
(No Peace)

We are strong, We are brave
Though they wish to see us caged
We are wild and Untamed
And we will never live as slaves

Conquerors, We Are One!
Same blood in different skins
At last you'll see, when the victor is me
I am the Lord of our Kin
Wastelanders, Join the March
The World will burn as we sing
When the battle is won, I'll announce to everyone
"I am the Ogre King!"

I am the Great Divider
I was born to brew up storms
I am the Annihilator
My path was forged in war
My reign began in chaos
In Bloodshed, so it ends
All this Strife has nearly left me with
No Kingdom to Defend

We are Violent and Enraged
Now that we have been Betrayed
There are Consequences Grave
For Manipulated Faith

Revolution, it has come!
Same blood but different sins
The Empire Falls
And all Hear the Call
For A New Order to Begin
Decapitate the Tyrants
& Slaughter those who Resist
When the battle is won,
At the top of my lungs, I'll cry
"Long Live the Ogre King!"

I am the Great Destroyer
The Throne is mine to take
I will be king at any cost
Dead nations in my wake
I am the Great Conniver
With Sinister Designs
Never cared how much is Lost
So long as what is Left is Mine

We are rabid and insane
From lives of misery and pain
Now that the world's ablaze
We fall into our cages

These Horrors have just begun
Same gore from separate veins
What have we done,
To our daughters and sons?
A History Bloodstained!
We threw our lives into this war,
And lost more than we gave
When the killing is done,
I'll tell everyone,
"The Ogre King is slain!"

Now Our Planet is a Grave!

"The Ogre King is Slain,
Long Live the Ogre King,
I Am
The Ogre King!"
Lately I've been inspired by the goings-on in my tumultuous homeland to start writing Epic Fantasy lyrics that double as political protest songs.
Grace Jordan May 2015
He's sitting there, with that intense stare, forgetting about the world and daring to care. He's not prince charming, if anything he's Shrek, but the ogre stole my heart in the end. He's beautiful, I hope everyone can see, with his open brown eyes. He's a mess I must confess but what matters is inside.

When I fell in love with him, it wasn't a fairy tale. It was tears and laughter and lies and growth. Nothing kept me going except a solid maybe and an urging instinct to leap into his arms.

When I met him it was even worse, we were looking for benefits and nothing else. But instead we found each other and a possible forever. Who would have known a thief was in my midst? Who knew he could just be it? Not I. Even though before I was interested I felt comfortable and that our hearts just might share beats, I never imagined where he could take me.

Maybe years from now I will laugh at my young heart, but I pray I look back and smile and show our grandchildren this.

How daring am I in writing. I said that aloud in written form. I admitted it. Who have I become? Its crazy how crazy in love I am with him. He changed the romantically cynical and dead into a dreaming sap.

All because he was brave enough to steal my heart. He traversed Wonderland looking for a fabled girl named Grace, simply because I intrigued him, and found instead my heart. In a turn of events, he found it so precious that he decided to keep it. My heart turned an honest man into a thief, but I would have it no other way.

Well regardless, now I must speak straight to you, my ogre thief. I am madly mad over you and happy to be your partner in crime or your princess, whatever any given day suits us. I love you, and that's what matters to me.

So keep on looking off somewhere with that intense stare of concentration and determination, because that is the you I love most. Just you.
Xan Abyss Mar 2015
I was born under stars of misfortune
I was raised by the beasts of the wild
I dwell in the cave of the shaman
I am known as Lucifer's Child

At ten years old did I first taste blood
At 15 I burned down a village
At 21 I was on the run
And today I **** and pillage

I live up in the mountains
A monster out on the edge
My heart is scattered across eternity
Black is the color it bled
My soul was bathed in the blood of my birth rite
Glow of God's Love, I've never known
So I choose to wander, a vagabond
And I'll die the way I was born - as a rogue

I'm the Emperor of the Fire
That devoured the valley below
I'm the lord of the funeral pyre
I bring terror wherever I go
I'm the Ogre from beyond
That watches from the stars
As this **** world destroys itself
In a sea of blood and fire
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— The End —