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Harshitha Girish Sep 2020
You've hurt me,
More than immortals do to beings.
I was hurt when I set you free,
But I learnt from my dad that it's good to have feelings.
Harshitha Girish Aug 2020

Listen. Listen to me.

It's okay to cry about someone you missed.
It's okay to cry about something you thought you healed from.
It's okay to stay up at night and wonder what they are up to.

But you know what?
There's a better morning, a better person out there, waiting for you.

Isn't that something?
Wipe those tears now.

Harshi <3
Harshitha Girish Jul 2020
Your smile was like a pandemic,
Your presence was like sunlight,
Your eyes were like the moon,
So pretty.

But your attitude, honey.
Your attitude was like a drug,
Harshitha Girish Jul 2020
When you left me
My love left you
I then realise
Without you
I was something too.
*** here after a long break. Hope you are safe loves!
Harshitha Girish Jun 2020
Today the clouds were grey and dark
So suiting my damp mood
But then came along a ray of sunshine
From far far away.

And this is how nature reminds me
Every single day
No matter how grey your days are
There's always a ray of sunshine to look forward to.
Don't lose hope, my friends!
Harshitha Girish Jun 2020
I was an open book

But he was illiterate.
Never could read between the lines.
Harshitha Girish Jun 2020
were the bee
which buzzed through
every flower in the field.

But honey,
I was the flower
who thought you would stay.
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