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When God made him,
he must've thrown away his blueprints,
for there was and will never be another him.
He loved me.
He loves me not.
I was once a flower,
But he let me rot.
A surprise is not a secret,
Well, it is,
But that's just fine,
It keeps you guessing so much,
So stay tuned for mine!
I've been working on something for weeks and well, it's finally here! Stay tuned folks, I have a surprise!
"Why I married your dad?"
sighed my mom.

"Well, I decided I wanted to annoy him for the rest of my life"
she added with a smile.

Though my dad had his back turned, I could swear I saw him smile too.
This is true love, I guess =)
He was a snack,
but she didn't have an appetite
for him.
We are so close
yet so far
is this pandemic a strong dose,
or just a lasting scar?
It's my first summer without my cousins, due to social distancing and though we talk occasionally, I miss our times together.
I've seen a thousand pages,
thousand letters,
thousand stars,
thousand tears,
thousand birds.

But I feel complete upon
seeing my first
thousand views.
***. A thousand people.  A THOUSAND!
My latest poem, "Chess" got a thousand views, and I didn't expect it at all.
Thank you so much, for everyone. You make my day, and it just keeps me going.
Love, harshi <3
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