Francie Lynch Mar 2017

I'm not so sure about you,
As I am of me;
But I'm a Wikipedia Poet:
You don't need to believe what I write,
I just fabricate,
All of it.
No annotated bibliography,
No reliable footnotes,
No discerning endnotes,
With few promising references.
I don't expect believers,
Just read,
For what it's worth.
Take what you want,
Leave the rest.
Just give me a nod.
It could be true;
It's on the Internet.

Got Guanxi Jun 2015

She takes my breath away,
She reads my mind like telepathy,
I forget my lines.
Stage fright.
Held dearly in her own mind,
profound and wicked insight.

I was a deer in the headlights,
blinded by this one of kind.
She said,
don’t worry it’s fine.
And now i don't mind,
just my business,
 and my existence is clear.

She steered me through choppy seas,
laid down her policies with honesty
and showed me how to live properly.
guided me through dark times,
stuck to my side like a shadow,
told me i was deep even though I was shallow.

Still my pal now though,
and best friend too,
now i’m investing my nest egg with the best egg
and making omelettes out of our scrambled heads.

random one from this morning.
The Good Pussy Apr 2015

                                p    pe    p
                  ­            e       ri       e
                             r         ti         r
                            i           f            i
                           t         a   p          t
                          i         e      r          i
                          f         i       t          f
                          a        i       f          a
                           p        a    p          p
                           e         e   r          e
                            r           i             r
                              i          t           i
                                t        i          t
         ­                         i      f        i
                      ­              f    a     f

* Ouzo is an  anise-flavoured aperitif widely consumed in Greece.
The Good Pussy Mar 2015

                         E      E  D      E
                       D        P  E         D
                     P             D             P
                    E              P               E
                   D              E                 D
                   P            D   P              P
                    E           E    D            E
                     D          P   E            D
                       P         D  P           P
                         E        ED         E
                             D     P      D

The Good Pussy Mar 2015

                                  P     h  e     P
                               e        P  e         e
                             r             r             r
                            f              f                f
 ­                           e            e  c              e
     ­                       c            t    S             c
                            t             t   o             t
                             S            r m           S
                               t            T             t
                                o          h           o
                                   r        e         r
                                     m           m

Frank Ruland Dec 2014

Something old:
An ancient treasure
buried deep within
for two hearts to measure

Love; buried so deep below, forsaken by those it used to know. But now a better fate helps it to grow.

Something new:
A rising star
in the sky to guide
me to where you are

Hope; stitched seamlessly within my scars, now ascends to be with stars. And I don't care how long the journey--nothing shall keep these feelings away so far

Something borrowed:
It's of the essence,
but the feelings in my heart,
are not so evanescent

Time; is borrowed from each of us, but may we have eternities within each other. Every little glance, another forever between lovers

Something blue:
The sky above
could not contain
such breathless love

Your aura; its beauty transcends. Past the sky, the clouds, the stars, the cosmos... new wings to help you ascend

Inspired by the rhyme,

"Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe."
Freddy S Zalta Dec 2014

Then...a swirling tornado, a child crying...Silence.
A waterfall so loud it echoes across the land - infinite drops of water...
Falling, crashing, being born and thrust into a whirlpool - a community of water...
Silence so loud it can drive you mad...
Fast transportation - no patience for the journey.
Trying to catch up to the speed of time only to fall short.
Into a white lighted silence...
Love, overwhelming as the water falling into the river. Embracing, caressing...
Darkness - overwhelming as the feeling of drowning...

"Do you hear me? Do you see me? Can you ever understand who I spent my life trying to be?"

Happiness is elusive and unfamiliar when the lights are out, the silence screams and there is nothing anyone can say or do to help you.
Peace can be impossible when the voices are angry and the smiles are few.  
Can you understand how far one falls without being able to see the bottom?
Can you ever truly comprehend the madness in the silence, in the darkness, in the room with no walls only windows?
Silence so violent one can never be safe in the safety of her arms.
She cannot understand - she did no harm but she can do no good for you.  
In the dark...
A swirling wind, a tornado - the evening never ends and the cold wind never warms.  

"Do you hear me? Can you remember who I was? Can you ever understand that sometimes an ending is the only remedy for an endless drop, a free-fall, in the dark..."

Margar Nov 2014

Life is like Wikipedia.
You start your life on your own,
An idea established.
Then strangers,
People you never encountered before,
Come in,
And shape your life.
Some things are true,
While others, false.
The truth varies,
You are either true to yourself and others,
Either true to yourself but not others,
Not true yourself but true to others,
Or not true to yourself or others.
You choose who to fool.
You can believe that you're being truthful when you're not,
Or not when you're truthful.
Life is like Wikipedia.

Life is like Wikipedia.
Society shapes you,
Your choices,
Your thoughts,
What you like or
What you don't like.
Life is like Wikipedia.

Life is like Wikipedia.
When you believe something,
But you look deeper,
And realize it isn't true,
Or that you thought you believed something,
but had the wrong idea since the beginning.
Or you didn't believe something,
But you realize you do.
Life is life Wikipedia.

Life is like Wikipedia.
If you realize this.
This, and many more.

Life is like Wikipedia.

You add the story. Give me suggestions on what to add to this endless poem. :)
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