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Sungmoo Bae Aug 2020
Say it to me, baby,

that you want me—still—
after all that I've done to you,
and only.
I hear you breathing out hot
—lying flattened on the cold floor—
even after the hard bruisin'

you've gone through—swell, sure it was.

And I wrecked such havoc on you
all because I care for you,
nothing more, nothing less.

I beat you up swell
to get you in a better shape
just like a sculptor

beating his stone
into the shape of David—bare naked.
I'm modern Michelangelo, so to say,

and I want you
to whisper to me
that you crave me,

    that you desire still
    such tyranny of mine
    even more. So just say it,

for your perfection
and a sheer thrill that follows
—all these right at our hands—are so close.

    Wicked as it is,
    my whispering to you demands it.
(C) Copyright: Saul Bae (Sungmoo Bae)

Last Revised: 21th of December, 2020.
Edward Jan 2019
Emotion is not us,
You said frustratedly, but I,
As I was to die,
You wanted to save my shell,
The human part of you was why
Natasha Feb 2015
by this my brain is constantly haunted
there's just too many if's, and's & but's to consider
I just feel like sometimes
I'm the only one on the line, I feel like he's standing above me holding me by the thread I hold tightly.
At any moment he could just choose to drop me
and I've always been scared of heights you see
I don't know why it's so hard for me to believe that someone
so sweet and smart and lovely
could ever truly want me
all the stupid ******* insecurities
open me up alive and spill my guts to the ground
until I am hollow and empty
heaving, gasping for air
gagging with no relief,
no ***** as physical evidence as to why
I'm still hurting underneath.
The ache in my lungs
the reason why all my joints creak.
I can't
I can't
I simply cannot tell you
why my soul is so weak
I can't find enough words to explain
I can't breathe
I can't speak
I can't live like this anymore
dragging around these fears like a dead horse.
I used to ride,
jump high and stay gold
the fear of never being wanted
has made my story
boring & old.
I just wish I could get it out of my head.
Kagey Sage Jan 2015
Aye, so I feel down
so  like any societally inept man throughout history
I resign to write self-assuring philosophy

Whole books of advice, not taken  
to scorn those who make my mistakes
I even quote my dead depressed brothers
to bestow a false valid weight

But more than anything at all,
I think Nietzsche was most right;
all us philosophers
who shrugged off all heaven or hope
retreat to our own arrogant plan
that we figured it all out
xyloolyx Sep 2014
high finance and terror
you had half a job
the commissioner made a huge mistake
where words just disappear
oh do help the rich and well-connected
they need you
careful that your boss does not see you
favoriting my tweets
unstar! unstar! panic! panic!

social media illiteracy
bio: follow or *******
**** the king of hearts
quadruple cheeseburger
acidic fruits
keep chugging
harm on y

a night of debauchery in the works
our minds refueled with petroleum
entropy hour with free *******
where truth gnaws at your legs
but you continue walking

human irrationality
gets beaten to a pulp
by bot rationality
how bland and discordant
getting them drawn and quartered
humanity can do without us

that **** poet saw the egg hatch into regrets
**** the only one who cares
manufacturing awkward silences
and making a killing
what the hell is anergy

miss world virginity 2012
what have we done
ghost eating humans or some **** like that
someone already thought of that
funny thing you wanted to say

your timeline can beat my timeline
mute only the users who make too much sense
the epitome of trying too hard
and then coronal mass ejection
all the over the place
you know this goes nowhere so you want out

no more outreach from this point on
shredded the flow chart
too much in the projects
exit stage down
not your mother's love poem
Don't Exist Apr 2014
Cry, cry all you want
I don’t want to see salty tears
burning through the mahogany table like droplet holes.
I don’t want your dry lips pressing against mines as they will crack,
your excuses for ripping my heart out with a silver spoon.
and definitely don’t want the necklace I gave you full of fleas.
I want you gone, gone from this castle!…………….
“Drip, drip, drip, drip”……
I stared hard out the window.
Is it my fault she had to be such a *.
Her dripping boots treading across
the moody landscape, a sign of failure.
Let her rot on the trenches of spears.
I died for you w
e, you stank w*e
I died, I died , I died for you!!!……
“Honey wake up”…
“oh my dear, I had a terrible nightmare”
” I saw you staring at the window and
thought you saw a ghost of some sort.
You were deathly pale"
Oh, was I?, It must have been my reflection……
Created by youth

— The End —