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Aug 26
Say it to me, baby,

that you want me, still,
after all that I've done to you,
and only.
I hear you breathing out hot
- lying flattened on the cold floor -
even after the hard bruisin'

you've gone through - swell, it was.

And I wrecked such havoc on you
all because I care for you,
nothing more, nothing less.

I beat you up swell
to get you in a better shape
just like a sculptor

beating his stone
into the shape of David - bare naked.
I'm modern Michelangelo, so to say,

and I want you
to whisper to me
that you crave me,

    that you desire still
    such tyranny of mine
    even more. So just say it,

for your perfection
and a sheer thrill that follows
- all these, right at our hands - are so close.

    Wicked as it is,
    my whispering to you demands it.
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(C) Copyright: Saul Bae
Sungmoo Bae
Written by
Sungmoo Bae  27/M/Suwon, South Korea.
(27/M/Suwon, South Korea.)   
     Kristan, Colm and Eshwara Prasad
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