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I've got
no Roots -

They've been ripped
of me;

my Being,
a wandering Soul
sailing across
Seas of Desolation.
© 06/05/20
Ken Pepiton May 3
Nothing that could have killed you,
so far,

Thus this is the day,
this is the day that can **** you,
if you fail to live through it.
Pay attention, times a wastin'. Nay, say time is being invested in me, mind wandering.
Erian Rose Apr 30
she wandered the fields
curiosity in her eyes
honeysuckles blooming
welcoming springs arise

her feet skid gentle ground
stumbling over crumpled petals
leaving all but a sound
clouds waving to her surprise

treetops hang under concrete walls
love developing in simple tone
she built her home of bricks and sandy shores
Amid the hustle bustle of routine

I often get lost in some place in my mind

Where I have a little world of my own

Where I day-dream a story that has my fire grown.
M-27 Apr 16
I asked the mirror in front of me and said. "Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the bravest among them all?" The mirror replied, "The one who's asking me boldly despite being small."

Once again I asked the mirror in front of me and said. "Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the most coward of them all?" The mirror replied, "The one who doesn't even get to see himself in me after his fall."

Being not satisfied with the answers of the mirror, I decided to ask the mirror with the last question before this wonderful moment end. "Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the stronger one between the both of them when they brawl?"

The Mirror paused for a while and look straightly deep within my eyes and said. "It's the one who's brave enough to see his reflection and yet too coward to erased it's being. The one who doesn't lose himself nor forget who he is regardless of what this lovely mirror recall.

I chuckle and release a deep sigh in relief as I asked the mirror in front of me. Because after all, it's just me in this empty hall wandering through the night all day long.
My eyes always
from side to side,

Checking for a sign
that tells ‘em to hide

Under a screen
of pretended Lies -
To protect me from
the cruelty of Life.

But, to Lies I prefer
Poetry instead:
warming my heart
with Love once again.
© 04/04/2020
Timmy Shanti Apr 12
we came from space
to space we shall return
to join the void
and the stars that burn

our endless lust
for wand'ring the unknown
our utmost joy
when (safe and sound) we're home

our sense of wonder
taking baby steps
our first endeavours
in this world and the next

from space we came
to space shall we return
to cross the void
and watch new stars get born
12 iv 2020
ad astra per aspera
I thought one life out of millions
Was simply irrelevant to most
What significance does one life make?
In this case, only God knows

The sun shines over humanity
Another shadow with every person
With darkness only accumulating
It'd be brighter with one less human

But I realized that the world
Can be so cruel and horrid
That is why hope amongst the dark
Makes the smallest light important

If the world turned into eternal night
And every person became a star
Each person would make the world brighter
Including you just as you are
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