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laveni Apr 21
Don't hold a funeral service for me
Just cremate me directly
In that way, I burden you less even with my passing breath

and there is something more worthy of your sadness, when you hear about my death
I don't want you to waste a tear on me
Not a single one or a single ounce more of energy or effort
It won't be because you miss me anyway
laveni May 2021
my mind
lacks of rest
my heart enshrined
beneath my breast
when sudden tears,
it ensues from my eyes
laveni Mar 2021
is full of sorrow
a cold for the meaning of your life
is pointless and strife
you're told to be who you are yet
it seems you are nothing but beset
by endless despair and mourn
from the second you're born
from the goldest of spoons or the rustiest of all, later or now
it's this ****** fate that is enthralled
you begin to plow
never escaping your life of naught
laveni Apr 2020
I had a dream
that someday
my screams
will sway
the people’s choice
but not by the waves
of my voice
but of my turns of phrases
laveni Apr 2020
My aunt would turn on her phone
And play some songs
Air Supply
as lullabies
And others that would cradle me to sleep
I sought a mother’s comfort, and
music took place temporarily
Ever since, music always has a spot in my heart
because it helps me dream away
From reality
Like a bandage for the gap
In my heart
laveni Apr 2020
Why are our endings
So sporadic?
A minute we’re our universe.
A minute we
reach out and care
so seldom.
Inspired by a couple.
laveni Apr 2020
When I was a mere child
I would wake up as soon as the
Sun broke out in rays
A radio would be placed on a table in our little porch
And its songs always brought me joy
Oh, what nostalgia
The Carpenters would sing their
comforting music
Bread would sing their heartfelt songs
Whenever Perhaps Love would come, I would close my eyes and wander about my future life
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