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vera Jan 2022
I have left my soul unfed
I stare at 1's and 0's all alone
I live within my phone.

I have no words but empty ones.
I speak the same script as everyone.

Who sees me?
If I don't speak.
Who loves me?
If I am not here.

Everything is fine.
Is what I say all the time.

When cliff sides erode
it is nature changing, becoming new.
What will happen as I lose myself, bit by bit.
What is hiding behind my soul?
vera Sep 2020
What is fear?
When your feelings are gone,
And all that is left are thoughts.

What can it be?
But a burnt-out match.
When it is dark and you have lost your way.
vera Jan 2019
I wish you look into my eyes,
And hear me when I say:
Oh my love,
Tell me that you love me
Even if you don’t mean it.
Not my best but not my worst.
vera Nov 2018
Bashed in the pavement
Between the spidering cracks
Are the steps of millions.

Millions of sweet lovers
Soft whistles floating in the air.

Millions of ******* brothers
Crackling with little care.

Poor folk and rick alike,
Shoes a bit worse for wear
Heels on some.
While others go with feet bare.
vera Aug 2018
I saw you being swallowed
Your tiny black head turned up towards me.

And you saw me "free"
Against the yellow backdrop of our world.

Both waiting and waiting,
for the inevitable dirt-filled end.
vera Jul 2018
The taste of madness in my mouth,
The heat of it within my mind-
roaring still despite your absence.

Tempered in time
they tell me
Heavy phantoms may leave you still.

But I am still whirling for you,
And I  feel so twisted for it,







vera Apr 2018
My heart feels so full,
I can taste it on my tongue.

Like I could burst
Into a violent explosion.

My anxiety and dread
Released into the air.

Suspended pollens.
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