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Monotone Feb 23
I know why I'm scared.
As much as I want to disappear,
I don't want to be forgotten.
I want you to hold me in your heart for eternity.
I want to remind you of small and big memories,
even in the little things.
I don't want to be lost to nothing.
I want to make a mark,
even if it's only on those close to me.
I want you to cherish the memories of us,
even after you find your forever love.

I'm scared because I know I won't make a difference.
Monotone Feb 18
A few words.
nothing much.

A few phrases,
really, irrelevant.

But, the moment you leave them out,
my whole world starts quaking.

I'm sobbing in the corner,
and you realize nothing.

"I love you," you so rarely say.
And everytime, I can't help but to think, "do you?"
Monotone Feb 18
I received your letter today,
but it was impersonal and cold.
There was no I love you, or 'babe,'
It feels as though you're pushing me out.
You're shoving me away,
pushing me into the deep, unkind sea.
It tears me apart, limb by limb,
and my soul simply breaks.

I wish you could see precisely what you're doing to me.
Monotone Feb 15
If I once again gave you my everything,
would you leave me behind silently screaming?
Monotone Feb 14
Happy Valentines Day to those who are alone,
wishing and wanting for someone to be there.

Happy Valentines Day to those who are happy,
even if I'm not, because I'm glad someone is.

Happy Valentines Day to those who hate me,
because, hey, at least you are sure of something.

Happy Valentines Day to those who have hurt me
given me bad memories, as well as some good ones along the way

Happy Valentines Day to all,
because I want everyone to have a Happy Valentines Day.
Monotone Feb 14
Valentines Day is just another day.
I'm still sad and depressed.
I'm still anxious and a mess.
I'm still questioning my love for you.
I'm still struggling to act 'correctly,' too.

It's just another day,
with the same worries and concerns.
Monotone Feb 14
One:  *******.
Two: I'm stupid.
Three: Can we end this?
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