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maXiminima Feb 29
Mga salitang di kayang bitawan,
Sa mga labi ito'y mahirap mailarawan,
Kabog ng dibdib ang nangingibaw,
Sa sarili na puno ng alinlangan.

Sa bawat saknong ng tula,
Damdamin ay nailathala,
Mga salitang hirap bigkasin,
Sa taludtod ng tula nalang maihain.

Sa pagsapit ng dapit-hapon,
Kung di kayang maka-ahon,
Kahit sa hangin nalang maibulong,
Ang mga salita ng damdaming nakakulong.
maXiminima Feb 27
I really felt the coming of this season,
when warmness shifted to coldness.
When time is our constraint,
When space becomes the reason,
of this wilting care and concern.

I am drowning with loneliness,
Missing your voice,
every high pitch and low notes.
Blinded by darkness,
of having not seen you in a chance.

Maybe I'm not prepared for this,
to unfold this chapter of my fantasy.
I am slowly falling into pieces.
But still I want to give my best,
as I had promised you at first.
maXiminima Feb 27
I am a lone boat,
nothing inside,
just an empty void,
keeping myself afloat.

Navigating around,
just waiting someone,
to welcome aboard,
and travel the world.

Years of rough sailing,
can't still find a thing,
the happiest feeling,
that I've been praying.

Waves of loneliness,
wanting me to swallow,
whirlpools of  promises,
pulling me to sorrow.

Poseidon's kingdom waiting,
to see my boat drowning,
wrecked on seafloor unloved,
sunk on trench unappreciated.
maXiminima Feb 26
Every sunrise we receive is a chance,
to find the purpose of our existence,
the opportunity to stand amidst the burden,
and to give life a chance to strive once again.

You may be running low throughout these days,
because your past left you wounded and scarce,
history has taken you into blinding darkness,
and the atmosphere had brought you jaw-nagging coldness.

I will be with you in the walk to reconstruct yourself over,
to regain the pieces that you tore up in building up others,
to help see your worth and feel not empty,
and prepare you to bounce up after fall and  shatter no more.

You are never a fantasy nor a surreal poetry in my mind,
You might be invisible to my sight at times,
but never intangible to my heart and soul,
Please help yourself to stay strong.

— The End —