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Judy Ponceby  Nov 2010
Judy Ponceby Nov 2010
What is a man's life worth?

A man who cares,

And yet, is unappreciated?

A man who stands
by his wife,
harsh realities?

And yet, remains unappreciated?

A man who is faithful,

And yet, remains unappreciated?

A man who loves wholly,
gives freely,
seeks only
love in return?

And yet, remains unappreciated?

For the one who sees,
the one who knows,
will find
that with appreciation,
his worth is

His value priceless.
Julie Watson Nov 2011
I’ll keep your secrets,
but you won’t keep me.
You’ll spend time with me,
and you’ll tell me promises
that aren’t quite lies, yet.
But I know they will be.
You'll only throw me out,
just leave me standing there.
The lash of words you say
will cut like daggers
straight through me.

But your secrets won’t leak out
and I won’t seek for revenge.
Instead, I let you go.
Knowing full well that you’ll regret
your actions and your crushing words.
I can’t say how long it will
take you to realize it, but you will.
And when you do, you’ll come back,
just like they all do.

You’ll start to express how sorry you are.
For all of the terrible things you said to me.
How I didn’t deserve any of it.
How you were so wrong.
How you hope I’ll forgive you.
And I’ll tell you what I tell the rest.
          It’s fine. It’s just life. I’m not one to hold
          a grudge and I haven’t. Thank you for
          your apology, I really appreciate it.

And we’ll talk for a while;
try to get back to old times.
But it won’t work.
You’ve already hurt me.
And from that I grew, and I learned.
But I didn’t learn enough
to not live the story again and again.

The thing is: I don’t have to be nice.
I could share your secrets with the world.
I could make your life hell,
just like you’ve made mine.
I don’t have to forgive you.
I could hate you.

But that’s not how I am.
And even though time and time again
I go on abandoned and unappreciated
I still swear to keep your secrets safe.
I still meant the statements that followed every “I promise”
And I still care about you.

But not in the same way I used to.
You were still wrong, and now I just wish you the best.
Jemma Jun 2016
I can’t do this. It’s not you it’s me. I think we need to put this on hold.
All things that girls say to him as their future relationships unfold
After being mistreated, abused, neglected, rejected and taken advantage of he just can’t take it anymore
Because these girls didn’t realize that for them, he would cross the seven seas, climb the highest mountain and so much more
He was the most dedicated person when it came to his relationships
Staying up all night, 5 am calls, thoughtful gifts and maybe even surprise trips
But even doing all of that, the girls didn’t realize how special he was until it was too late
He still didn’t let the hurt bother him because he knew that he would find his true love someday by fate
Until then, all of his relationships would end with goodbye
Because he was the unappreciated guy….
Dedicated to my best friend <3
Becca Calvillo Oct 2010
Rumpled sheets
Stacked dishes
Heaped clothes


Slipping shoes on
Arriving almost
Staying after


Did anyone ask you?
Skye Applebome Mar 2013
My walls are crumbling down
And I'm not stopping them this time.

Because nobody appreciates
how hard I try to keep them up...
Daan Feb 2014
When you think you are addicted to being liked,

when you feel like the unimportant ones don't
like you.

When you feel sorry for yourself, for being loved
by only those who matter.

When you think all you have is not enough.

You're wrong, go to sleep.
Get over it already
Jamie King Apr 2014
Over-dedicated,under-rated, emotions expressed but not felt.
Your feelings beyond invisibilty.
The eyes you seek for are blind to your words as though you were writing to bats.
You oversimplify complexity and complicate simplicity,confuse understanding as to understand confusion. Still you find yourself empathising and sympathising to your own words.
You maybe alone at lighthouse in your mind but at end of each day you enjoy the sunset of your lines.
#For the unrecognized but deserving
Maxwell Nov 2015
I see you're working
working very hard
not for yourself alone
but for your loved ones too.

It's a shame that they don't see it
Oh, I know how it feels
It feels like it's all for naught
But it feels so right once you see them smile

I'll tell you, never stop working hard
even if no one sees you and your heart
even if the lack of appreciation makes you cry at night
even if it takes everything of you to fight

Never stop working
They can't see it but you make them happy
That's what you wanted, right?
Never stop trying to make them happy.
This is for us.
liza Mar 2014
You see me through the pinkest shade of rose colored glasses and I'll never understand why you take them off to look in the mirror.
Brendan Thomas Mar 2014
Oh master of chemistry
What wonders you devise
Some make us happy
Some save our lives

Sterile lab coat
In a white sterile cell
You toil all hours
To create the newest pill

We never acknowledge
Your struggle and strife
For the chemical wonders
That are part of our life.
Isabel Sykes Nov 2013
The winter cold
Moves in on us all
Noses red and numb
Teeth chattering
And the author sits
Hunched over his typewriter
Frozen hands poised
Over the iced keys

When the harsh north wind
Rattles the window panes
Of his home
He does not bat
An eyelid

And even when the frost
And then the snow comes
Knocking at his door
He does not look up
From his work

He clutches his mug
With raw, trembling hands
And stares through watery eyes
At the page
Which remains
Resolutely blank

Through the window
His frosted garden stretches
Out into the distance
A vast expanse of white
Perfect and untrodden

A robin alights
On the bow of a
Willow tree
Glinting as if
It's bark
Is encrusted with diamonds

He observes the scene
With mild curiosity
And grunts, hoping
That maybe inspiration
Will come
In the spring
nosipho khanyile Jul 2018
I loved you
like I was never hurt before

You left me
like you'd never hoped for more

— The End —